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Hüseyin Tuna

in the boundary condition, Math. Nachr. 278, 7 - 8 (2005), 743 - 755. [4] B.P. Allahverdiev, Spectral analysis of dissipative Dirac operators with general boundary conditions, J. Math. Anal. Appl. 283 (2003), 287 - 303. [5] B.P. Allahverdiev, Dilation and Functional Model of Dissipative Operator Generated by an Infinite Jacobi Matrix, Math. and Comp. Modelling 38, 3 (2003), 989 - 1001. [6] M. Baro, H. Neidhardt Dissipative Schrodinger-type operators as a model for generation and recombination, J. Math. Phys. 44, 6

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Mohamed Khadir and John Ringwood

. Houpis C.H and Lamont G.B. (1992). Digital Control Systems , McGraw-Hill, New York. Khadir M.T. (2002). Modelling and predictive control of a milk pasteurisation plant , Ph.D. thesis, Department of Electronic Engineering, NUI, Maynooth, Ireland. Khadir M.T. and Ringwood J. (2003). Higher order predictive functional control, Internal report EE/JVR/01, Department of Electronic Engineering, NUI Maynooth. Królikowski A. and Jerzy D. (2001). Self tuning generalised predictive control with input

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Yun Chang, Jia Lee, Omar Rijal and Syed Bakar

References Battaglia, G. J. (1996). Mean square error, AMP Journal of Technology   5 (1): 31-36. Casey, R. G. (1970). Moment normalization of handprinted character, IBM Journal of Research and Development   14 (5): 548-557. Chang, Y. F., Rijal, O. M. and Abu Bakar, S. A. R. (2010). Multidimensional unreplicated linear functional relationship model with single slope and its coefficient of determination, WSEAS Transactions on Mathematics   9 (5): 295-C313

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Zb. Młynarek, J. Wierzbicki and W. Wołyński

divide the entire testing area into zones with varied rigidity levels. Such a division has a highly important practical advantage, as it facilitates the selection of the beat location for the planned wind farms. 6 Conclusions The proposed new clustering method for CPTU characteristics is a highly effective method to isolate homogeneous subsoil zones in the context of rigidity or strength. This paper presented the application of the functional data analysis method, combined with cluster analysis, in the construction of the subsoil rigidity model in a two

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Winfried Kurth, Ole Kniemeyer and Branislav Sloboda

:// (last access: January 19, 2012). GRIMM V., RAILSBACK S.F., 2005: Individual-based Modeling and Ecology. Princeton, N.J., Princeton University Press: 428 p. HEMMERLING R., KNIEMEYER O., LANWERT D., KURTH W., BUCK-SORLIN G., 2008: The rule-based language XL and the modelling environment GroIMP illustrated with simulated tree competition. Functional Plant Biology, 35 : 739-750. KNAUFT F.J., 2000: Entwicklung von Methoden zur GIS-gestutzten Visualisierung von Wald entwicklungsszenarien. Ph.D. thesis, University of Gottingen

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Michael Olsson

References ANAS, A. (1983): Discrete choice theory, information theory and the multinomial logit and gravity models. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 17(1): 13-23. ANDERSSON, M., EJERMO, O. (2005): How does accessibility to knowledge sources affect the innovativeness of corporations? - Evidence from Sweden. The Annals of Regional Science, 39(4): 741-765. ANDERSSON, M., GRÅSJÖ, U. (2009): Spatial dependence and the representation of space in empirical models. The Annals of Regional Science, 43

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Colleen Schinkel, Nadia Stavreva, Pavel Stavrev, Marco Carlone and B. Fallone

the limit of large heterogeneity. Med Phys 2006; 33 : 1634-42. Stavrev P, Stavreva N, Niemierko A, Goitein M. Generalization of a model of tissue response to radiation based on the idea of functional subunits and binomial statistics. Phys Med Biol 2001; 46 : 1501-18. Dale RG. Radiobiological assessment of permanent implants using tumor repopulation factors in the linear-quadratic model. Br J Radiol 1989; 62 : 241-4. Dale RG. Time-dependent tumour repopulation factors in linear

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Magdalena Kaup

, Vol.16, Polish Academy of Sciences — Branch in Gdańsk, Gdańsk 2005 Kaup M: Functional model of river-sea ships operating in European system of transport corridors. Part I. Methods used to elaborate functional models of river-sea ships operating in European system of transport corridors. Polish Maritime Research , 3/2008 (57), Vol. 15, Gdańsk, 2008, p. 3-11 Kreutzberger IE: Innovative networks and new-generation terminals for intermodal transport , 1999 Tarnowski W: CAD CAM computer

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Tadeusz Dąbrowski, Jerzy Chmiel and Adam Rosiński

2013. pp. 418-425. [5] Dyduch J., Paś J., Rosiński A.: The basis of the exploitation of transport electronic systems. Publisher Technical University of Radom, Radom 2011. [6] Epstein B., Weissman I.: Mathematical models for systems reliability. CRC Press / Taylor & Francis Group, 2008. [7] Kasprzyk Z., Siergiejczyk M.: Some Problems of Functional Analysis of Electronic Toll Collection System (ViaToll). In the monograph Activities of transport telematics, given as the monographic publishing series – „Communications in Computer and Information Science

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Qiaoling Chen, Zhidong Teng and Zengyun Hu

). Bifurcation and chaotic behavior of a discrete-time predator-prey system, Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications 12 (1): 403-417. Holling, C.S. (1965). The functional response of predators to prey density and its role in mimicry and population regulation, Memoirs of the Entomological Society of Canada 97 (45): 1-60. Hsu, S.B. (1978). The application of the Poincare-transform to the Lotka-Volterra model, Journal of Mathematical Biology 6 (1): 67-73. Hu, Z., Teng, Z. and Zhang, L. (2011). Stability and bifurcation