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Tree Species Composition and Forest Stratification along the Gradients in the Dry Deciduous Forests of Godavari Valley, Telangana, India

References Anonymous (2015) Telangana State of Forest Report, 2014. Telangana Forest Department, Government of Telangana, Hyderabad. pp. 128. Baraloto, C., Goldberg, D.E. (2005) Performance trade-off among tropical tree seedlings in contrasting microhabitats. Ecology, 86(9), 2461-2472. Baraloto, C., Molto, Q., Raband, S., Herault, B., Valencia, R., Blanc, L., Fine, P.V.A. & Thompson, J. (2013) Rapid simultaneous estimation of above ground biomass and tree diversity across Neotropical forest: a comparison of

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Forest stands volume estimation by using Finnish Multi-Source National Forest Inventory in Stołowe Mountains National Park

–327. Katila M., Heikkinen J., Tomppo E. 2000. Calibration of small-area estimates for map errors in multi-source forest inventory. Canadian Journal of Forest Research , 30, 1329–1339. Katila M., Tomppo E. 2001. Selecting estimation parameters for the Finnish multisource National Forest Inventory. Remote Sensing of Environment , 76 (1), 16–32. Katila M., Tomppo E. 2002. Stratification by ancillary data in multisource forest inventories employing k-nearest-neighbor estimation. Canadian Journal of Forest Research , 32 (9), 1548–1561. Koukal T., Suppon F

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Forest Management Plan in Domogt Sharyn Gol, Mongolia is Elaborated on Ecological and Sustainable Principles

R eferences Altrell, D. & Erdenebat, E. (2016). Mongolian Multipurpose National Forest Inventory 2014 – 2016 . 1 st edition. Ulaanbaatar, Ministry of Environment and Tourism, p. 171. Čermák, P., Mikita, T., Trnka, M., Štěpánek, P., Jurečka, F., Kusbach, A. and Šebesta, J. (2018). Changes of Climate Characteristics of Forest Altitudinal Zones within the Czech Republic and their Possible Consequences for Forest Species Composition. Baltic Forestry 24(2), pp. 234-248. Černý, M. (2004). Methodology of Forest Management Plan Elaboration Based on

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Growing stock assessment trough stratified sampling - accuracy of the method at strata and forest division level

. Forest Science , 38 (3): 525-538. Grochowski J. 1949. Rola współczynnika zmienności w pracy badawczej. Sylwan , 3-4: 12-18. Instrukcja urządzania lasu. Część 1. Instrukcja sporządzania planu urządzenia lasu dla nadleśnictwa. 2003a. Warszawa, CILP, ss. 177. Instrukcja urządzania lasu. Część 3. Zarządzenie i wytyczne dotyczące urządzania lasu. 2003b. Warszawa, CILP, ss. 160. Jabłoński M. 2010. Warstwowanie drzewostanów w statystycznej metodzie reprezentacyjnej pomiaru

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Water Temperature and its Diversity in the Deepest Lakes of the Tuchola Forest and the Kashubian and Brodnickie Lakelands


This study presents the results of monthly examinations of the vertical distribution of water thermal structure (2008-2011) carried out over a four-year period in the deepest lakes located in the Kashubian and Brodnickie Lakelands and the Tuchola Forest1. Three lakes were selected for examination (Raduńskie Górne, Zbiczno and Ostrowite). Their maximum depths slightly exceed 40 m, and their surface areas range from 121 to 362.5 ha. The results of the measurements show that, despite only minor differences in depth, water temperature varied significantly between the studied lakes. These differences were mainly apparent in the extent of the epilimnion, water thermal stratification, and in the water temperature in the bottom-most layers in summer and winter. The diversity in thermal stratification of the lakes is mainly determined by their morphometric properties, their location above sea level, and the dynamic influences of winds.

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A comparison of two growing stock assessments by stratified sampling– how does accuracy of inventory affect our interpretation of the results

., Przybylska K. 1972. Wstępne wyniki zastosowania statystyczno-matematycznego kontrolnego sposobu inwentaryzacji w rezerwacie Turbacz im. Wł. Orkana w Gorcach. Zeszyty Naukowe Akademii Rolniczej w Krakowie, Leśnictwo, 7: 45-69. Saborowski J., Marx A., Nagle J., Böckmann T. 2010. Double sampling for stratification in periodic inventories-Infinite population approach. Forest Ecology and Management, 260: 1886-1895 Schreuder H. T., Gregoire T.G., Wood G.B. 1993. Sampling methods for multiresource forest inventory. John Wiley and Sons, New York

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Factors affecting the accuracy of forest clear-cut area estimation on medium spatial resolution satellite winter images

References Cohen, W. B., Fiorella, M., Gray, J., Helmer, E., Anderson, K. 1998. An efficient and accurate method for mapping forest clearcuts in the Pacific Northwest using Landsat imagery. - Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing, 64(4), 293-300. Coppin, P., Jonckheere, I., Nackaerts, K., Muys, B., Lambin, E. 2004. Digital change detection methods in ecosystem monitoring: a review. - International Journal of Remote Sensing, 25(9), 1565-1596. Deer, P. J. 1995. Digital change

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The course, stratification and possibility of simulating relative air humidity in winter wheat stand

plantation: Forest disturbance drives changes in microclimate. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 201 , 187–195. He F., Ma CH., 2010: Modeling greenhouse air humidity by means of artificial neural network and principal component analysis. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 71 , 19–23. Hurtalová T., Matejka F., Janouš D., Rožnovský J., 2003: Influence of a spruce forest stand on the flowing and air temperature and moisture vertical stratification. In: Mikroklima porostů, Brno, 26. 3. 2003, 66–79. Klimešová J., Středová H., Středa T., 2013: Maize

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Response to Selfing in Seed Set, Seedling Establishment and Nursery Growth Based on Controlled Crosses of Abies nordmanniana Clones

References AXELROOD, P. E., D. NEUMANN, R. TROTTER, R. RADLEY, G. SHRIMPTON and J. DENNIS (1995): Seedborne Fusarium on Douglas-fir: Pathogenicity and seed stratification method to decrease Fusarium contamination. New For. 9: 35-51. BENFELDT, P. and N. S. BENTSEN (2005): Kulturstart i nordmannsgran med dækrods- og barrodsplanter. Extension service information sheet no. 4.9-9. Forest and Landscape, Denmark, 2 pp. (In Danish). DUCCI, F., R. PROIETTI and J. M. FAVRE (1999): Allozyme assessment of genetic diversity

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Complex Comparison of Bavarian and Bohemian Forest National Parks from Geographical Perspective: Is there More Similarity or Difference?

National Park as a regional economical factor]. Správa Národního parku Bayerischer Wald, Grafenau, 21 p. Metzger, M. J., (2005). A climatic stratification of the environment of Europe. Global Ecol Biogeogr 14, pp. 549–563. Mücher, C. A., (2003). A new landscape map as an integrative framework for landscape character assesment . Nováková, M. H. & Edwards-Jonášová, M., (2015). Restoration of Central-European mountain Norway spruce forest 15 years after natural and anthropogenic disturbance. Forest Ecology and Management , pp. 120-130. DOI:10.1016/j

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