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The Influence of Cognitive Image on Tourist Loyalty: A Study of Foreign Tourists Visiting Tirana City

), “Image formation process”, Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing , Vol. 2, no.2/3, pp.191-216. Gunn, C.A. (1972). Vacationsecape: Designing Tourist Regions, Taylor & Francis, Washington. Hunt, J. (1975). “Image as a Factor in Tourism Development”, Journal of Travel Research , Vol.13, No.4, pp.1–7. Hair, J.F., Black, W.C., Babin, B.J., and Anderson, R.E. (2010), Multivariate Data Analysis , 7 th ed., Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ. Hu, L.T. and Bentler, P.M. (1999), “Cutoffcriteria for fit indexes in covariance structural analysis

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Occupancy of the Slovak Accommodation Establishments by Foreign Tourists

-80-89090-80-8. Gúčik, M. (2012). Manažment cieľového miesta cestovného ruchu (Destination Management). Banská Bystrica: DALI-BB. ISBN 978-80-81410-25-3. Klímová, M. (2017). Interkulturní specifika a cestovní ruch (Intercultural specifics and tourism). Praha: Wolters Kluwer. Kozak, M. (2001). Comparative assessment of tourist satisfaction with destinations across two nationalities. Tourism Management , 22(4), 391–401. DOI: 10.1016/S0261-5177(00)00064-9. Křížek, F., & Neufus, J. (2014). Moderní hotelový management (Modern hotel management). Praha: Grada

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The Rise of Smaller Cities and Its Meaning in International Tourism to Japan

References Hokkoku shimbun , 2006a. Gaikokujinkyaku Taiwan hoboissyoku the Hokuriku no Onsenchi cyuryusou ooku shinnichiteki Chugoku kaimu ni hitoshii (Almost all foreign tourists at hot springs in the Hokuriku district come from Taiwan. Most of them belong to the middle class and also feel much sympathy for Japan. But there are almost no tourists from China) ( Hokkoku shimbun , 2006b. Toyama Kukouga nobiritsu zenkoku ichii sakunen no gaikokuzinkyaku raihou matome

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The Foreign Languages Factor in the Development of Tourism in Nigeria

References Achebe, C. (1975). “The African Writer and the English Language.” Morning yet on Creation day . Ed. C. Achebe. London – Ibadan – Nairobi: Heinemann, 55-62. Adegbija, E. (2004). “The Domestication of English in Nigeria.” The Domestication of English in Nigeria: A Festschrift in Honour of Abiodun Adetugbo . Eds. S. Awonusi, and E. A. Babalola. Lagos: University of Lagos Press. 20 – 44. Alisah, B. F. (2005). “What is a Foreign Language?” Nigeria and the Foreign Language Question: A Book of Readings . Ed. T. Ajiboye. Ibadan: Caltop

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Tourism in Poland following EU entry

Polski w 2010 roku (Foreign tourist arrivals in Poland in 2010 - in Polish), Warszawa: Instytut Turystyki. Batyk, I.M. and Smoczyński, S.S ., 2010: “Tourismcommon Cause”: Polish tourist products. In: Tourism Management , Vol . 31, pp. 553-555. Butowski, L ., 2010: Tourism in the EU economic and social cohesion policy in 1994-1999 and 2000-2006 budget programming periods. In: Tourism Review , Vol. 58, No. 2, pp. 145-159. Central Statistical Office website:, DoA: 18 December

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FDI-led tourism growth hypothesis: empirical evidence from Croatian tourism

References [1] Bezić, H., Nikšić Radić, M., & Kandžija, T. (2010). Foreign Direct Investments in the Tourism Sector of the Republic of Croatia. Valahian Journal of Economic Studies - an international review of theories and applied studies in performance management, 1(15), 21-28 [2] Central Bureau of Statistics. (2013). Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of Croatia. Zagreb: CBS [3] Chowdhury, A., & Mavrotas, G. (2006). FDI and Growth: What Causes What? World Economy, 29(1), 9-19 [4] Craigwell, R., & Moore, W. (2007). Foreign direct

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The image of Germany in Poland and its impact on development of Poles travelling tourism to Germany

References Dębski M., (2012) ‘Brands of tourist areas as an instrument for stimulating development of tourism in Poland’, Marketing i Rynek, , no. 5, pp. 28-35 ‘European Tourism 2013 - Trends and Prospects’ (2013), Quarterly Report European Travel Commision, Brussels, Q1; Fetscherin M. (2010), ‘The determinants and measurement of a country brand: The country brand strength index’, International Marketing Review, vol. 27, iss. 4; Hamzaoui-Essoussi L., Merinka D., Bartikowski B., (2011) ‘Brand

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Neighbouring countries – an important segment in inbound tourism An example of the European Union member states

References 82.6 million foreign tourists in France in 2016, Ministère de L’économie et des Finances, Paris 2017. Annual Trend, VisitFinland, Arrivals of visitors from abroad to Bulgaria by months and by country of origin, Bański, J. (2010). Granica w badaniach geograficznych - definicja i próba klasyfikacji, Przegląd Geograficzny

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Lifestyle Migration in South Sinai, Egypt: Nationalisation, Privileged Citizenship and Indigenous Rights

) ‘Privileged Mobility in an Age of Globality’. Societies, 2: 1-13. Deeb, M. (1978) ‘The Socioeconomic Role of the Local Foreign Minorities in Modern Egypt, 1805-1961’. International Journal of Middle East Studies, 9(1): 11-22. Gilbert, H. (2011) ‘‘This is not Our Life, it’s Just a Copy of Other People’s’: Bedu and the Price of ‘Development’ in South Sinai’. Nomadic Peoples, 15(2): 7-32. Hall, C and D. Muller (2004) Tourism, Mobility, and Second Homes: Between Elite Landscape and Common Ground . Clevedon, UK: Channel View Publications. Hazbun, W

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The index of tourist satisfaction with Lithuania

References [1] Al-Majali, M. M. (2012). International Tourists Satisfaction: Case of Jordan. International Business Research, 5(9), 210-216. [2] European Commission (2014). Tourism industry sub-sectors. Country report: Lithuania. Internet access: [Accessed October 8, 2014]. [3] Grigaliūnaitė, V., & Pilelienė, L. (2014). Rural Tourist Satisfaction Index: A Case of Lithuania

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