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Katarzyna Zak

References Bamberger I., Upitz A. (2007). De-Internationalisierung . „WiSt — WirtschaftswissenschaftlichesStudium”, nr 10. Bank of Latvia. [Accessed 6.04.2018]. Available from Internet: . Benito G., Welch L. (1997). De –Internationalization , “Management International Review”, 37(2). Boddewyn J. (1983). Foreign Direct Divestment Theory: Is It the Reverse of FDI Theory , „WeltwirtschaftlichesArchiv”, No 119. Bożyk P., Misala J., Puławski M. (2002). Międzynarodowe stosunki gospodarcze , Warszawa: PWE, p. 147

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Piotr Trąpczyński

, T. (2012). Strategische Unternehmensführung. Strategien, Systeme, Prozesse. München: Vahlen. Belderbos, R., & Zou, J. (2009). Real Options and Foreign Affiliate Divestments: A Portfolio Perspective. Journal of International Business Studies , vol. 40, pp. 600–620. Bell, J. (1995). The Internationalisation of Small Computer Software Firms – A Further Challenge to „Stage” Theories. European Journal of Marketing , vol. 29, no. 8, pp. 60–75. Benito, G.R.G., & Welch, L.S. (1994). Foreign market servicing: beyond choice of entry mode. Journal

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Martina Skalická, Marek Zinecker, Michał B. Pietrzak, Tomáš Meluzín and Mirko Dohnal

: empirical evidence from Polish IPOs. Equilibrium. Quarterly Journal of Economics and Economic Policy , 12 (4), 693-709. DOI: 10.24136/eq.v12i4.36. Sosnowski, T. (2018). Earnings Management in the Private Equity Divestment Process on Warsaw Stock Exchange. Equilibrium. Quarterly Journal of Economics and Economic Policy , 12(4). Ślusarczyk, B. (2018). Tax incentives as a main factor to attract foreign direct investments in Poland. Administratie si Management Public , 30, 67-81. DOI: 10.24818/amp/2018.30-05. You-Shyang Chen, Ching-Hsue Cheng. (2012). A

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Don Mayer and Adam Sulkowski

:// See also Jonathan O ’ Connell & Mary Jordan, For Foreign Diplomats, Trump Hotel Is Place to Be , Wash. Post Nov. 18, 2016. In being both a tenant and, as President, arguably chief executive of the entity that owns the old Post Office Building on Pennsylvania Avenue, there is a direct conflict of interest between the President’s private interests and compliance with the rule of law; as Judge Messitte notes in his March 2018

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Adam J MacLeod

-making. II The Need for Perfectionist Pluralism in Law A Law as Exclusionary Reasons for Action Law in its broadest sense consists of authoritative settlements of practical inquiries for the purpose of directing the actions of agents who respond to reasons. Law can direct the choice and action of an individual as a reason for her action as she brings her choices and actions into line with determinate laws, understood as sources of obligation. H. L. A. H ART , THE C ONCEPT OF L AW 89-90 (2d ed. 1994). Law can also act normatively upon the deliberations and

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Robert J. Bennett

environment influences adaptations. The Irish chambers are voluntary, private law bodies that receive no direct state support; if something goes wrong, they suffer losses and risk insolvency. This is a strong contrast to public law chamber systems such as those in France and Germany which, although legally obliged to balance budgets, are underpinned by the state and effectively pass risk to the tax payer. This difference will be particularly significant in a crisis. Comparisons of private and public law systems of trade associations ( van Waarden, 1991 ) and chambers

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Bruce M. Owen

on legislation except through elections or pushback from the other two branches. Regulation that is more direct tends to invade foundational rights that serve important general constitutional purposes. Systemic political corruption is costlier today than in 1788 because the substantive jurisdiction of the federal government is no longer limited. Washington now regulates nearly every form of human interaction, economic and social. This provides a virtually unlimited menu of opportunities for elite interests and political representatives to design mutually