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Ionuţ Ştefan Iorgu and Elena Iulia Iorgu

distribution European Journal of Entomology 104 73 79 PRICOP, E., B.–M. NEGREA, I.E. POPESCU, I.Ş. IORGU (2012) First record of Saga pedo (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae) in Suceava county with notes on its distribution in Eastern Romania. Advances in Environmental Sciences – International Journal of the Bioflux Society, 4 (3): 171–177. PRICOP E. NEGREA B.–M. POPESCU I.E. IORGU I.Ş. 2012 First record of Saga pedo (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae) in Suceava county with notes on its distribution in Eastern Romania Advances in Environmental

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Łukasz Kaczmarek, Bartłomiej Gołdyn, Michał Czyż and Łukasz Michalczyk

First records of Isohypsibius pushkini Tumanov, 2003 (Tardigrada, Eutardigrada, Hypsibiidae) from Poland

First records of Isohypsibius pushkini from small ponds in western Poland are described. So far, these are the only records of this species apart from its type locality in Russia. We present some remarks on the ecology of the species, as well. Moreover, we present the first ever microphotographs of I. pushkini.

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Ž. Laznik, T. Tóth, T. Lakatos, M. Vidrih and S. Trdan

., 113: 168–173 [19] Trdan S., Vidrih, M., Valič, N., Laznik, Ž. (2008): Impact of entomopathogenic nematodes on adults of Phyllotreta spp. (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) under laboratory conditions. Acta Agric. Scand., B Soil Plant. Sci., 58: 169–175 [20] Valadas, V., Boyle, S., Vieira, P., Kakouli-Duarte, T., Mota, M. (2007): First report of an entomopathogenic nematode from continental Portugal. Helminhologia, 44: 226–229 [21] White, G. F. (1929

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Tomasz Klejdysz, Agnieszka Zwolińska, Marcin Walczak and Michał Kobiałka

, with English summary) Lessio F., Picciau L., Gonella E., Mandrioli M., Tota F., Alma A. 2016. The mosaic leafhopper Orientus ishidae : host plants, spatial distribution, infectivity, and transmission of 16SrV phytoplasma to vines. Bulletin of Insectology 69 (2): 277–289. Lubiarz M., Musik K. 2015. First record in Poland of the Ligurian leafhopper, Eupteryx decemnotata Rey 1891 (Cicadomorpha, Cicadellidae) – an important pest of herbs. Journal of Plant Protection Research 55 (3): 324–326. DOI: 10.1515/jppr-2015-0030 Malenovsky I., Lauterer P. 2010

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Khaled Mahmoud Abdelsalam

), 42 (7-9): 119–128. G richanov I. 2007a. A checklist and keys to Dolichopodidae (Diptera) of the Caucasus and East Mediterranean.VIZR RAAS, St. Petersburg. G richanov I. 2007b. New records of Dolichopodidae (Diptera) from the Middle East. International Journal of Dipterological Research, 18 (3): 141–153. G richanov I. 2011. A brief synopsis of Palaearctic genera of the family Dolichopodidae (Diptera). Ukrainska Entomofaunistyka, 2 (2): 11–40. G richanov I. 2016a. Review of faunal investigation of predatory flies of the family

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Štefan Danko and Ervín Hrtan

muzeum Opava 1 5: 366 & 60 maps. [In Czech with German summary] Kovács G 2004: Kis héja Accipiter brevipes (Severtzov, 1 850) [The Levant sparrowhawk Accipiter brevipes (Severtzov, 1 850)], 21 2. In: Ecsedi Z (ed), A Hortobágy madárvilága [The birds of Hortobágy]. Hortobágy Természetvédelmi Egyesület, Winter Fair. Balmazújváros - Szeged, 588. [In Hungarian] Kunysz P 1 992: Pierwsze stwierdzenie krogulca krótkonogiego (Accipiter brevipes) na ziemiach Polskich [First record of a Levant sparrowhawk (Accipiter brevipes) in

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Lucian-Eugen Bolboacă, Emanuel Ştefan Baltag, Lucian Fasolă-Mătăsaru and Constantin Ion

. Norwegian records of Yellow - browed Warblers Phylloscopus inornatus. Fauna norv. Ser. C. Cinclus 15: 31-36. Fraser P. A., Rogers M. J. 2006. Report on scarce migrant birds in Britain in 2003. Part 2: Shorttoed Lark to Little Bunting. British Birds 99: 129-147. Frémont J.-Y., Le Chn 2005. Les oiseaux rares en France en 2003. Ornithos 12: 2-45. Milne P. 2004. Fifty-first Irish Bird Report, 2003. Irish Birds 7: 567. Mitchell D., Young S. 1997. Photographic handbook of the rare birds of Britain and Europe. New Holland. London. Paal U. 2011. Reports on

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Liviu Aurel Moscaliuc

References BUCHAR, J., J. DOLANSKÝ, 2011 - New records of wolf spiders (Araneae: Lycosidae) in the Mediterranean. Klapalekiana, 47: 5-11. CĂLINESCU, R., N. DONIȚĂ, 1969 - Caracterizarea generală a florei, a vegetației și faunei României, în raport cu poziția geografică a țării și cu condițiile ei fizico-geografice. Pp. 19-20. In : R. Călinescu (ed.), Biogeografia României. Edit. Științifică, București. (in Romanian) FETYKO, K., I. URÁK, 2004 - A new genus and new species in the Romanian

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Cosmin-Ovidiu Manci and Adrian Ruicănescu


Agrilus guerini Lacordaire is recorded for the first time in Romania, in Southern Transylvania. The occurrence of this species in Romania was expected, as it is present in neighbouring countries. A short description, some aspects of biology and ecology, and a distribution map of this species in Romania are given

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Dariusz Gwiazdowicz, Torstein Solhøy, Stephen Coulson, Natalia Lebedeva and Elena Melekhina

. 2009. First records of Zercon andrei Sellnick, 1958 and Zerconopsis muestairi (Schweizer, 1949) (Acari, Mesostigmata) from Bjørnøya. Norwegian Journal of Entomology 56: 117-119. Hisdal V. 1985. Geography of Svalbard. Norwegian Polar Institute, Oslo: 83 pp. Hyatt K. H. 1980. Mites of the subfamily Parasitinae (Mesostigmata: Parasitidae) in the British Isles. Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History), Zoology , 38: 237-378. Karg W. 1993. Acari (Acarina), Milben Parasitiformes