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Violet Pietrantonio

. FERRO, A. (2006). Da una Psiconalisi dei contenuti a una Psicoanalisi degli apparati per sognare, sentire, pensare: transfert, transfer, trasferimenti. Siena: XIII Congresso Nazionale S.P.I . FERRO, A. (2006). Mind Works. Routledge, London, 2008. FERRO, A. (2009). Transformations in dreaming and characters in the psychoanalytic field. Int J Psychoanal 90 :209-230. FERRO, A. (2013). The Oneiric Model of the mind, in Contemporary Bionian Roma : Theory and Technique in Psychoanalysis. Routledge, London, 2017. FERRO, A. (2013). Container

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Ondrej Kaščák and Branislav Pupala

References André, G., & Hilgers, M. (2015). Collective agents in the school field: Positions, dispositions and position taking in educational and vocational guidance. In M. Hilgers, E. Mangez (Eds.), Bourdieu’s Theory of Social Fields. Concepts and applications (pp. 121-140). New York: Routledge. Bourdieu, P. (1985). The social space and the genesis of groups. Theory and Society, 14 (6), 723-744. Bourdieu, P. (1993). The field of cultural production. New York: Columbia University Press. Buchholz

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L’ubomír Šumichrast

’. : Unified Approach to the Impulse Response and Green Function in the Circuit and Field Theory. I. One-dimensional case, J. Electrical Eng. 63 No. 5. [6] STRATTON, J. A. : Electromagnetic Theory, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1941.

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L’Ubomír Šumichrast

’. : Unified Approach to the Impulse Response and Green Function in the Circuit and Field Theory. Part II. Multi-dimensional case, J. Electrical Engineering, to appear.

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Higini Arau-Puchades and Umberto Berardi

Time in a Room with Irreg- ular Shape or Absorption Distribution, Acta Acustica united with Acustica, 92, 797-806. 16. Hodgson M., York N., Yang W., Bliss M. (2008), Comparison of Predicted, Measured and Auralized Sound Fields with Respect to Speech Intelligibility in Classrooms Using CATT-Acoustic and ODEON, Acta Acustica united with Acustica, 94, 6, 883-890. 17. Jetzt J.J. (1979), Critical distance measurement of rooms from the sound energy spectral response, J. Acoust. Soc. Am.,65, 5, 1204-1211. 18. Kuttruff H. (1991

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Mariann Bardocz-Bencsik and Tamas Doczi

:// Schnitzer, M., Stephenson Jr., M., Zanotti, L., & Stivachtis, Y. (2013). Theorizing the role of sport for development and peacebuilding. Sport in Society: Cultures, Commerce, Media, Politics, 16(5), 595–610. Schulenkorf, N., Sherry, E., & Rowe, K. (2016). Sport for development: An integrated literature review. Journal of Sport Management , 30(1), 22–39. Skille, E.Å. (2016). The Norwegian sporting field reconsidered – the application of Bourdieu’s field theory on a pluralistic and blurred world. European Journal for Sport and Society, 4(2), 103

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Caroline Dufour

»History is a powerful means for breaking with the obviousness of the established order.« PIERRE BOURDIEU, INTERVIEW WITH L. J. D. WACQUANT Loïc J. D. Wacquant, »From Ruling Class to Field of Power: An Interview with Pierre Bourdieu on La Noblesse ďÉtat«, in: Theory, Culture & Society 10/3 (1993), p. 19–44, at p.41. When public administration is studied from a historical perspective, the inquiry often focuses on the analyses of its formal structures, its functions, and the characteristics of its employees. Focusing on these dimensions, classics as well as

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Steffen Kaiser and Gisela C. Schulze

References Alber, J. (2014). Partnerschaften nach Schlaganfall: Untersuchung zu Förderfaktoren und Barrieren im Rehabilitationsprozess . Oldenburg: BIS Verlag. Alber, J., & Schulze, G. C. (2015). Counselling of rehabilitants after stroke and their partners. Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, 51 (32), 32–33. Burnes, B., & Cooke, B. (2013). Kurt Lewin’s field theory: A review and re-evaluation. International Journal of Management Reviews, 15 (4), 408–425. Cronshaw, S. F., & McCulloch, A. N. (2008). Reinstating the Lewinian vision: From

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Wenlong Liu and Yucheng Liu

References Aki, K., 1972. Earthquake mechanism. Tectonophysics 13, 421-466. Aki, K. & Richards, P.G., 1980. Quantitative Seismology: Theory and Methods . W.H. Freeman, San Francisco, 557 and 993 pp. Ben-Menahem, A., 1961. Radiation of seismic surfacewaves from finite moving sources. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 51, 401-435. Brune, J.N., 1970. Tectonic stress and the spectra of seismic shear waves from earthquakes. Journal of Geophysical Research 75, 4997

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Irena Bagińska, Marek Kawa and Wojciech Janecki

REFERENCES [1] B uczko U., G erke H.H., H üttl R.F., Spatial distributions of lignite mine spoil properties for simulating 2-D variably saturated flow and transport , Ecological Engineering, 2001, 17(2), 103–114. [2] D mitruk S., S uchnicka H., Geotechniczne zabezpieczenie wydobycia , 1976. [3] F enton G.A., G riffiths D.V., Bearing-capacity prediction of spatially random c φ soils , Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 2003, 40(1), 54–65. [4] F enton G.A., V anmarcke E.H., Simulation of random fields via local average subdivision