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Bartosz Molik, James J Laskin, Andrzej Kosmol, Jolanta Marszałek, Natalia Morgulec-Adamowicz and Tim Frick

Y.C., Daly D.J., Theisen D.M., Field test evaluation of aerobic, anaerobic, and wheelchair basketball skill performances. Int J Sports Med, 1999, 20 (8), 548-554, doi: 10.1055/s-1999-9465. 13. Molik B., Kosmol A., Yilla A.B., Wilson J.R., Review of the physical fitness tests in wheelchair basketball [in Polish]. Postępy Rehab, 2008, 1, 21-30. 14. De Groot S., Balvers I.J.M., Kouwenhoven S.M., Janssen T.W.J., Validity and reliability of tests determining performance-related components of wheelchair basketball. J Sports Sci, 2012, 30

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Hyun-Soo Kim, Chun-Ju Lee, Kyung-Sik Choi and Moon-Chan Kim

References Bomford, 4th edition, 1984. GEODESY, Oxford : Clarendon Press, ISBN : 019851946X. Choi, K. Lee, C.J. Rim, C.W. and Kim, H.S., 2011. Strength Characteristics of Arctic Sea Ice from Ice Field Tests of the Icebreaking Research Vessel ARAON (to appear in Korean). Transactions of the Society of Naval Architects of Korea, 48(3), pp.254-259. Kim, H.S. Park, G.I. and Ha, M.K., 2001. Computerized Measurement System of Ship Speed and Maneuvering Performance in Sea Trial, Journal of the society of naval

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Michał Starczewski, Piotr Żmijewski, Katarzyna Witek and Andrzej Klusiewicz

other; this includes roller skiing tests performed under field and laboratory conditions (on a treadmill), as well as arm ergometer tests. Many studies ( Fabre et al., 2010 ; LaRoche et al., 2010 ; Stöggl et al., 2006 ) have found relationships between different types of tests and physical capacity in particular cross-country skiing techniques. Previously conducted research has assessed physical capacity variables during simulated cross-country skiing sprinting, roller skiing or skiing using the double poling technique (DP). It has been confirmed that there is a

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Przemysław Busse

-6942. Busse P. 1995. New technique of a field study of directional preferences of night migrants . Ring 17, 1-2: 97-116. Busse P. 2006. Bird migration models as a theoretical basis for field cage tests . Journ. Of Ornithology 147,5, Suppl. 1: 119. Busse P., Trociñska A. 1999. Evaluation of orientation experiment data using circular statistics – doubts and pitfals in assumptions . Ring 21, 2: 107-130. Emlen S.T., Emlen J.T. 1966. A technique of recording migratory orientation of captive birds . Auk 83: 361-367. Formella M., Busse P. 2002

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Nikola M. Stojanović, Pavle J. Randjelović and Niko S. Radulović

psychotropic agents in rodents: I-antianxiety agents. Indian J Exp Biol 1997; 35: 565-75. 5. Lamprea MR, Cardenas FP, Setem J, Morato S. Thigmotactic responses in an open-field. Braz J Med Biol Res 2008; 41: 135-40. 6. Walsh RN, Cummins RA. The open-field test: A critical review. Psychol Bull 1976; 83:482-504. 7. Stanford SC. The Open Field Test: reinventing the wheel. J Psychopharmacol 2007; 21: 34-135. 8. Radulović

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Trevoho I.S. and Tsyupak I.M.

, I. S., Tsyupak, I. M., & Hager, W., (2011a). The standard of the geodesic basis: analysis of results and new the certification (in Ukraine). Тревого І.С., Цюпак І.М., Геґер В. Еталонний геодезичний базис: аналіз результатів і нова атестація. Сучасні досягнення геодезичної науки та виробництва, 1(21), 65-68. Львів: Видавництво НУ «Львівська політехніка».- 2011.- Вип. І (21).- С. 65-68. DOI: 10.1007/ISO 3297/ISSN 1819-1339. Trevoho, I.S. & Tsyupak, I.M., (2011b). Geodetic test field for certification of geodetic devices. Reports on Geodesy , No. 1

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Jolanta Marszalek, Bartosz Molik, Miguel Angel Gomez, Kęstutis Skučas, Judit Lencse-Mucha, Witold Rekowski, Vaida Pokvytyte, Izabela Rutkowska and Kalina Kaźmierska-Kowalewska

. Fizjoter , 2008; 16, 4: 68-75 Molik B, Laskin JJ, Kosmol A, Marszałek J, Morgulec-Adamowicz N, Frick T. Relationships between anaerobic performance, field tests, and functional level of elite female wheelchair basketball athletes. Hum Mov , 2013; 14(4): 366–371 Molik B, Laskin JJ, Kosmol A, Skucas K, Bida U. Relationship between Functional Classification Levels and Anaerobic Performance of Wheelchair Basketball Athletes. Res Q Exercise Sport , 2010; 81(1): 69-73 Molik B, Morgulec-Adamowicz N, Kosmol A, Yilla AB, Filipkowska A, Lewandowski M

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Chang-Yi Xie, Y.-B. Fu and A. D. Yanchuk

. D. YANCHUK, G. NAMKOONG and G. P. Y. CLARKE (1999c): Incomplete block designs for genetic testing: some practical considerations. Can. J. For. Res. 29: 1871-1878. LINDGREN, D. and T. J. MULLIN (1997): Balancing gain and relatedness in selection. Silvae Genet. 46: 124-129. LIBBY, W. J. and C. C. COCKERHAM (1980): Random noncontiguous plots in interlocking field layouts. Silvae Genet. 29: 183-190. SAS INSTITUTE INC. (1995): SAS User Guide. Version 6.03 ed. Cary, NC. SOKAL, R. R. and F. J. ROHLF (1981

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Adam Krasiński and Mateusz Wiszniewski

rasiński A., K usio T., Pile model tests using strain gauge technology , Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica, 2015, 37(3), 49–52. [16] L iu B., Z hang D., X i P., Mechanical behaviors of SD and CFA piles using BOTDA-based fiber optic sensor system: A comparative field test study , Measurement, July 2017, Vol. 104, 253–262. DOI: 10.1016/j.measurement.2017.03.038. [17] S ahajda , K., Discussion to the paper of A. Krasiński: “The results of field tests on screw piles and columns” , Inżynieria Morska i Geotechnika, 2012, Vol. 33, No. 2, 114–118 (in Polish

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Susana María Gil, Javier Yanci, Montserrat Otero, Jurgi Olasagasti, Aduna Badiola, Iraia Bidaurrazaga-Letona, Aitor Iturricastillo and Cristina Granados

wheelchair basketball. J Sports Sci , 2012; 30: 879-887 De Lira CA, Vancini RL, Minozzo FC, Sousa BS, Dubas JP, Andrade MS, Steinberg LL, Da Silva AC. Relationship between aerobic and anaerobic parameters and functional classification in wheelchair basketball players. Scand J Med Sci Sports , 2010; 20: 638-643 Gonaus C, Müller E. Using physiological data to predict future career progression in 14- to 17-year-old Austrian soccer academy players. J Sports Sci , 2012; 30: 1673-1682 Goosey-Tolfrey VL, Leicht CA. Field-based physiological testing of