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Marek Idzik

Autoleveller”. Fibres & Textiles 2000 No. 4. [5] Idzik M. – „Assumptions for Constructing an Autoleveller with a New Algorithm of Operation”. Fibres & Textiles in Eastern Europe 2006, No. 1, vol. 14. [6] Idzik M. – „Analysis of Work of a Card Autoleveller with a New Algorithm of Operation”. Fibres & Textiles 2006 No. 2, vol. 14. [7] Baumann M., Heitmann U., Planck H. – „Reduzierung der Faserbeanspruchung und Kardierkräfte beim Hochleistungskardieren”. Melliand Textilberichte 2008 No. 1-2. [8] Qu Jian Zeng – „Effect Analysis of the Autoleveller in

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G. Soboń and K.M. Abramski

References [1] J.Ye, S.T. Cundiff, Femtosecond Optical Frequency Comb:Principle, Operation, and Applications , Springer, Boston, 2005. [2] J.-C. Diels, and W. Rudolph, Ultrashort Laser Pulse Phenomena:Fundamentals, echniques, and Applications on a FemtosecondTimescale , Academic Press, San Diego, 1996. [3] J. Chen, D. Jia, C. Wang, J. Wang, Z. Wang, T. Yang, “High energy passively mode-locked Erbium-doped fiber laser at tens of kHz repetition rate”, Proc. SPIE 8307, 83071Z (2011). [4

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Ibrahim Soliman and Amany Hamza

Evaluation of Some Herbicides Against Flax Dodder (Cuscuta Epilinum Weihe) In Fibre Flax (Linum Ustatissimum L.) Cultivation

Two field experiments were carried out in Sakha Experimental Station during two seasons to evaluate the efficacy of different treatments (hand combing, butralin, tribenuron-methyl, metosulam and fluazifop-p-butyl) in controlling dodder weed (Cuscuta epilinum Weihe) in Fibre flax. Moreover, the effect of these treatments on some growth characters of flax yield and its components was also determined. All tested herbicide treatments decreased the dodder infestation in flax for up to 49 days. All tested herbicide treatments increased all flax growth characters, (straw yield and seed yield). Butralin herbicide gave the best control of dodder, followed by metosulam, tribenuron-methyl and fluazifop-p-butyl. Also, the data revealed that most herbicidal treatments slightly decreased protein content of flax plants and did not adversely affect the oil content of its seeds. This study suggests that, under heavy infestation of dodder weed, the use of the tested herbicides, especially butralin, is highly recommended.

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Tanveer Hussain, Farooq Ahmed Arain and Zulfiqar Ali Malik

Salhotra, K. R.: Analysis of spinning process using the Taguchi method. Part III: Effect of spinning process variables on migration parameters of ring, rotor and air-jet yarn, Journal of Textile Institute, V. 97, p. 377, 2006. [17] Su, T. L. Chen, H. W. Ma, C. M and Lu, C. F.: Improving the Quality of Combed Yarn Spun by OE Rotor Spinning Using the Grey-Taguchi Method, Fibers & Textiles in Eastern Europe., V. 19, P. 23, (2011). [18] H. Hasani, S. A. Tabatabaei, and G. Amiri.: Grey Relational Analysis to Determine the Optimum Process Parameters for Open

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Hamed Saghaei and Ashkan Ghanbari

References [1] A. Bjarklev, A. S. Bjarklev and J. Broeng, Photonic crystal fibres, Springer Science & Business Media, 2003. [2] M. Ebnali-Heidari, F. Dehghan, H. Saghaei, F. Koohi-Kamali and M. Moravvej-Farshi, ”Dispersion engineering of photonic crystal fibers by means of fluidic infiltration”, Journal of Modern Optics, vol. 59, no.16, pp. 1384-1390, 2012. [3] H. Saghaei, V. Heidari, M. Ebnali-Heidari and M. R. Yazdani, ”A systematic study of linear nonlinear properties of photonic crystal fibers”, Optik

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Małgorzata Matusiak

. [11] Knowlton J. L. Improving Cotton Colour Classification. . [12] Matusiak M., Walawska A., Measurement of Colour of Cotton Fibres by Means of Spectrophotometer, 6 th International Conference TEXSCIE’2007, Liberec 2007. [13] Matusiak M., Walawska A., Important Aspects of Cotton Colour Measurement, Fibres & Textiles in Eastern Europe 2010, Vol. 18, No. 3 (80), pp. 17 – 23. [14] Mor U., Multifunction Fiber Quality Testers (FQT) the New Generation & Technology for More

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J. Żmojda, D. Dorosz, M. Kochanowicz and J. Dorosz

References [1] B. Richards, S. Shen, A. Jha, Y. Tsang, and D. Binks, “Infrared emission and energy transfer in Tm3, Tm 3+ -Ho 3+ and Tm 3+ -Yb 3+ -doped tellurite fibre”, Optics Express 15 (11), 6546 (2007). [2] J.S. Wang, E.M. Vogel, and E. Snitzer, “Tellurite glass: a new candidate for fiber devices”, Opt. Mater. 3, 187 (1994). [3] K. Barczak, “Optical fibre current sensor for electrical power engineering”, Bull. Pol. Ac.: Tech. 59 (4), 409*-414 (2011). [4] L. Feng, Q. Tang, L. Liang, J

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Elżbieta Patkowska and Mirosław Konopiński

.W., HOŁUBOWICZ R., SZOPIŃSKA D., 2004. Effect of chemical scarification on germination and state of health of carrot ( Daucus carota L.) seeds. Folia Hort. 16/1: 39-45. CHAUX CL., FOUTY CL., 1994. Scorsonere ou salsifi noir. Productions legumieres, Technique et Documentation - Lavoisier, Paris 2: 443-451. DOLOTA A., DĄBROWSKA B., 2004a. The nutritive value of the leaves of several scorzonera ( Scorzonera hispanica L.) cultivars. Folia Univ. Agric. Stetin., Agricult. 239(95): 63-68. DOLOTA A., DĄBROWSKA B., 2004b. Raw fibre and

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Yadlovskyi O., Bukhtiarova T., Bobkova L., Tatianchenko I. and Monchak I.

. 1950;1: 77-83. [7] Metzler DE, Metzler CM. Biochemistry: The chemical reactions of living cells, San Diego, CA [etc.]: Harcourt/Academic Press; 2001. [8] Masubuchi Y, Ose A, Horie T. Diclofenac-induced inactivation of CYP3A4 and its stimulation by quinidine. Drug Metab and Disp. 2002;30(10):1143-1187. [9] Mroszczak EJ, Lee FW, Combs D. Ketorolac tromethamine absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, and pharmacokinetics in animals and humans.Drug Metab Dispos. 1987;15:618-626. [10] Pegram BL. The

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J. Hrabina, O. Acef, F. du Burck, N. Chiodo, Y. Candela, M. Sarbort, M. Hola and J. Lazar

. Measurement Science Review, 13 (2), 63-69. [20] Rerucha, S., Buchta, Z., Sarbort, M., Lazar, J., Cip, O. (2012). Detection of interference phase by digital computation of quadrature signals in homodyne laser interferometry. Sensors, 12 (10), 14095-14112. [21] Smid, R., Cip, O., Lazar, J. (2008). Precise length etalon controlled by stabilized frequency comb. Measurement Science Review, 8 (5), 114-117. [22] Hodges, J.T., Layer, H.P., Miller, W.W., Scace, G.E. (2004). Frequency-stabilized single-mode cavity ringdown apparatus for