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Ł. Dziekan, M. Witczak and J. Korbicz

References M. Blanke, M. Kinnaert, J. Lunze, and M. Staroswiecki, Diagnosis and Fault-Tolerant Control , Springer-Verlag, New York, 2003. J. Korbicz, J. Kościelny, Z. Kowalczuk, and W. Cholewa, Fault Diagnosis. Models, Artificial Intelligence, Applications , Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2004. M. Witczak, Modelling and Estimation Strategies for Fault Diagnosis of Non-linear Systems , Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2007. F. Delebecque, R. Nikoukah, and H. Rubio

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Moussa Boukhnifer

References BOUKHNIFER, M.—CHAIBET, A.: Fault Tolerant Control of Piezoelectric Traveling Wave Ultrasonic Motor, IEEE CCA-Conference on Control Applications, Saint Petersburg, Russia., July 8-10, 2009. SHERRIT, S. et al : Resonance Analysis of High Temperature Piezoelectric Materials for Actuation and Sensing, SPIE Smart Structures Conference, vol. 5387-58, 2004. MORITA, T. et al : Rotational Feedthrough using an Ultrasonic Motor and its Performance in Ultra High Vacuum Conditions

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Christopher Edwards, Halim Alwi and Chee Tan

References Alwi, H. and Edwards, C. (2008a). Fault detection and fault-tolerant control of a civil aircraft using a sliding-mode-based scheme, IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology   16 (3): 499-510. Alwi, H. and Edwards, C. (2008b). Fault tolerant control using sliding modes with on-line control allocation, Automatica   44 (7): 1859-1866. Alwi, H., Edwards, C., Stroosma, O. and Mulder, J. A. (2008). Fault tolerant sliding mode control design with piloted simulator

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Hongbin LI, Qing Zhao and Zhenyu Yang

References Balas G., Packard A., Renfrow J., Mullaney C., and M'Closkey R. (1998): Control of the F-14 aircraft lateral-directional axis during powered approach . Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics , Vol. 21, No. 6, pp. 899-908. Blanke M. (1996): Consistent design of dependable control systems . Control Engineering Practice , Vol. 4, No. 9, pp. 1305-1312. Blanke M., Staroswiecki M. and Wu N.E. (2001): Concepts and methods in fault-tolerant control . Proceedings of

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Zhaohui Cen, Hassan Noura and Younes Al Younes

References Berbra, C., Lesecq, S. and Martinez, J. (2008). A multi-observer switching strategy for fault-tolerant control of a quadrotor helicopter, 16th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, 2008, Ajaccio, France, pp. 1094-1099. Bouadi, H., Bouchoucha, M. and Tadjine, M. (2007). Sliding mode control based on backstepping approach for an UAV type-quadrotor, International Journal of Mechanical, Aerospace, Industrial and Mechatronics Engineering 1(2): 22-27. Boussaid, B., Aubrun, C., Abdelkrim, M

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Ahmed Khelassi, Didier Theilliol and Philippe Weber

References Blanke, M., Kinnaert, M., Lunze, J. and Staroswiecki, M. (2006). Diagnosis and Fault Tolerant Control , Control Systems, Vol. 2, Springer-Verlag, London. Blanke, M., Staroswiecki, M. and Wu, E. (2001). Concepts and method in fault-tolerant control, Proceedings of the American Control Conference, ACC 2001 Arlington, VA, USA , Vol. 4, pp. 2606-2620. Cox, D. (1972). Regression models and life tables, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society 34(2): 187

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Xiaoke Yang and Jan M. Maciejowski

Gaussian Processes, KIT Scientific Publishing, Karlsruhe. Deisenroth, M. and Rasmussen, C. (2011). PILCO: A model based and data-efficient approach to policy search, Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Machine Learning, Bellevue, WA, pp. 465-472. Edwards, C., Lombaerts, T. and Smaili, H. (2010). Fault Tolerant Flight Control, Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, Vol. 399, Springer-Verlag, Berlin/Heidelberg. Hall, J. (2013). Machine Learning for Control: Incorporating Prior Knowledge, Ph

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Hao Yang, Bin Jiang, Vincent Cocquempot and Lingli Lu

References Akyildiz, I. F., Su, W., Sankarasubramaniam, Y. and Cayirci, E. (2002). Wireless sensor networks: A survey, Computer Networks   38 (4): 393-422. Blanke, M., Kinnaert, M., Lunze, J. and Staroswiecki, M. (2006). Diagnosis and Fault-Tolerant Control , 2nd Edn., Springer-Verlag, Berlin/Heidelberg. Giulietti, F., Pollini, L. and Innocenti, M. (2000). Autonomous formation flight, IEEE Control Systems Magazine   20 (6): 34-44. Jiang, B., Yang, H. and

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Marcin Pazera, Mariusz Buciakowski and Marcin Witczak

Control Theory & Applications 8(14): 1328-1336. Isermann, R. (2011). Fault-Diagnosis Applications. Model- Based Condition Monitoring: Actuators, Drives, Machinery, Plants, Sensors, and Fault-Tolerant Systems, Springer, Berlin/Heidelberg. Khalil, H. and Praly, L. (2014). High-gain observers in nonlinear feedback control, International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control 24(6): 993-1015. Li, H. and Fu, M. (1997). A linear matrix inequality approach to robust H∞ filtering, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 45

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Didier Theilliol, Cédric Join and Youmin Zhang

References Blanke M., Kinnaert M., Lunze J. and Staroswiecki M. (2003). Diagnosis and Fault-Tolerant Control , Springer-Verlag, Berlin. D'Azzo J. and Houpis C. H. (1995). Linear Control System Analysis and Design: Conventional and Modern, 4-th Revised Edition , McGraw-Hill, New York, NY. Finkelstein M. S. (1999). A note on some aging properties of the accelerated life model, Reliability Engineering and System Safety 71(1): 109-112. Fliess M., Lévine J