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Bogdan Dziadak, Łukasz Makowski and Andrzej Michalski

, D. (2009). Energy Harvesting Technologies. New York: Springer 2009. [10] Mitcheson, P., Yeatman, E., Kondala Rao, G., Holms, A., Green, T. (2008). Energy harvesting from human and machine motion for wireless electronic devices. Proc. of the IEEE, 96(9), 1457-1486. [11] Lee, C., Lim, Y.M., Yang, B., at el. (2009). Theoretical comparison of the energy harvesting capability among various electrostatic mechanisms from structure aspect. Sensors and Actuators A Physical, 156(1), 208-216. [12] Loreto, M., Moll, F. (2015

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Alexander Dudin, Moon Ho Lee and Sergey Dudin

, Journal of Applied Mathematics and Stochastic Analysis 9(2): 185-204. Dudina, O., Kim, C. and Dudin, S. (2013). Retrial queuing system with Markovian arrival flow and phase-type service time distribution, Computers & Industrial Engineering 66(2): 360-373. Gelenbe, E. (2015). Synchronising energy harvesting and data packets in a wireless sensor, Energies 8(1): 356-369. Kim, C., Dudin, A., Dudin, S. and Dudina, O. (2014). Analysis of an MMAP/PH1, PH2/N/∞ queueing system operating in a random environment, International

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Andrzej Koszewnik and Krzysztof Wernio

REFERENCES 1. Anton S.R., Sodano H.A. (2007), A review of power harvesting using piezoelectric materials, Smart Materials and Structures , 16, 1-21. 2. Arnold D . (2007), Review of microscale magnetic power generation , IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 43, 3940-3951. 3. Bai Y., Havranek P., Tofel P., Button T.W. (2015) Nonlinear piezoelectric devices for broadband air-flow energy harvesting, The European Physical Journal Special Topics , 224, 2675-2685. 4. Borowiec M. (2015), Energy harvesting of cantilever beam system with linear

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Qun Li and Ding Xu

power control for energy-harvesting cognitive radio system,” in IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference Fall , 2013, pp. 1–5. [15] V. Rakovic, D. Denkovski, Z. Hadzi-Velkov, and L. Gavrilovska, “Optimal time sharing in underlay cognitive radio systems with RF energy harvesting,” in IEEE International Conference on Communications , 2015, pp. 7689–7694. [16] D. T. Hoang, D. Niyato, P. Wang, and D. I. Kim, “Opportunistic channel access and RF energy harvesting in cognitive radio networks,” IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications , vol. 32, no. 11, pp

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Bogdan Sapiński and Marcin Węgrzynowski

References 1. An J., Kwon D. S. (2003), Modeling of a Magnetorheological Actuator Including Magnetic Hysteresis, 2. Li Z., Zhuo L., Luhrs G., Lin L., Qin Y. (2013), Electromagnetic Energy-Harvesting Shock Absorbers: Design, Modeling and Road Tests. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, Vol. 62, no.3, 1065−1074. 3. Młot A. (2007), Structural pulsation dampening methods of the electromechanical torque in a brushless DC motor

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Romeo Di Leo, Massimo Viscardi, Francesco Paolo Tuccinardi and Michele Visone

References [1] Annual Energy Outlook 2013 . Report, Energy Information Administration, Washington, DC, USA, 2013. [2] B.S. Lee, J.J. He, W.J. Wu, and W.P. Shih. MEMS generator of power harvesting by vibrations using piezoelectric cantilever beam with digitate electrode. In Proceedings SPIE, Smart Structures and Materials 2006: Damping and Isolation , volume 6169, page 61690B, March, 15 2006. doi: 10.1117/12.658584. [3] C.S. Lee, J. Joo, S. Han, J.H. Lee, and S.K. Koh. Poly (vinylidene fluoride) transducers with highly conducting poly (3, 4

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Vladislav Nový

. Työtehoseuran julkaisuja, 381, Helsinky, 68 p. Wästerlund, I., 1989: Strenght components in the forest floor restricting maximum tolerable machina forces. Journal of Teramechanics, 26:177–182. Yoshioka, T. et al., 2002: Cost, energy and carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) effectiveness of a harvesting and transporting system for residual forest biomass. Journal of Forest Research, 7:157–163.

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Krzysztof Kęcik

REFERENCES 1. Bedekar V., Oliver J., Priya S. (2009), Pen harvester for powering a pulse rate sensor, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics , 42(10), 105105. 2. Beeby S., Tudor M., White N. (2006), Energy harvesting vibration sources for microsystems applications, Measurement Science and Technology , 17(12), 175-195. 3. Beeby S.P., Torah R.N. Tudor M.J. (2008), Kinetic energy harvesting. ACT Workshop on Innovative Concepts. ESA-ESTEC , 17, 1-10. 4. Doedel E., Oldeman B. (2012), Auto-07p: Continuation and bifurcation software for

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Łukasz Jastrzębski and Bogdan Sapiński

REFERENCES 1. Ahamed R., Ferdaus Md. M., Li Y . (2016), Advancement in energy harvesting magneto-rheological fluid damper: A review, Korea-Australia Rheology Journal , 28(4), 355−379. 2. Chen C. , Liao W.H. (2012), A self-sensing magnetorheological damper with power generation, Smart Materials and Structures , 21, 025014. 3. Choi K.M., Jung H. J., Lee H. J, Cho S.W. (2007), Feasibility study of smart passive control system equipped with electromagnetic induction device, Smart Materials and Structures , 16, 2323-2329. 4. Choi Y

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P. Jankowski-Mihułowicz, M. Węglarski, G. Pitera, D. Kawalec and W. Lichoń

. Vullers and M. Tartagni, Energy Autonomous Systems: Future Trends in Devices, Technology, and Systems , CATRENE, 2009. [21] R. J. M. Vullers, R. van Schaijk, I. Doms, C. Van Hoof and R. Mertens, “Micropower energy harvesting”, Solid-State Electronics 53 (7), 684–693 (2009). [22] P. Jankowski-Mihułowicz, W. Lichoń, G. Pitera and M. Węglarski, “Determination of the material relative permittivity in the UHF band by using T and modified ring resonators”, International Journal of Electronics and Telecommunications , 62 (2), 129–134 (2016). [23] V