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Olga Nicoara

. Ronan (ed.) Entrepreneurship , Lexington, MA: Lexington Books, pp. 271–280. Denzau, A. T. & North, D. C. (1994), ‘Shared mental models: Ideologies and institutions,’ Kyklos , vol. 47, no. 1 (February 1), pp. 3–31. . DiMaggio, P. (1988), ‘Interest and agency in institutional theory,’ in L. Zucker (ed.) Institutional Patterns and Culture , Cambridge, MA: Ballinger Publishing Company, pp. 3–22. Djankov, S.; Glaeser, E.; La Porta, R.; Lopez-de-Silanes, F. & Shleifer, A. (2003), The New

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Fatigue of Aircraft Structures

The Journal of Institute of Aviation

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Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

The Journal of Wrocław University of Science and Technology and AGH University of Science and Technology

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Sharleen Forbes and Alan Keegan


Both the production and the use of official statistics are important in the business of government. In New Zealand, concern persists about many government advisors’ low level of statistical capability. One programme designed specifically to enhance capability is New Zealand’s National Certificate of Official Statistics, first introduced in 2007 and originally targeted at government policy analysts and advisors. It now includes participants from many agencies, including the National Statistics Office. The competency-based 40-credit certificate comprises four taught units that aim to give students skills in basic official statistics and in critically evaluating statistical, research, policy, or media publications for their quality (of data, survey design, analysis, and conclusions) and appropriateness for some policy issue (e.g., how to reduce problem gambling), together with an ‘umbrella’ workplace-based statistics project. Case studies are used to embed the statistics learning into the real-world context of these students. Several surveys of students and their managers were undertaken to evaluate the effectiveness of the certificate in terms of enhancing skill levels and meeting organisational needs and also to examine barriers to completion of the certificate. The results were used to both modify the programme and extend its international applicability.

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Tom Burns, Ewa Roszkowska and Nora Machado des Johansson

Collective Action Problems. Behavioral Science , Vol. 19, 277–297. Burns, T.R. (1990). Models of Social and Market Exchange: Toward a Sociological Theory of Games and Social Behavior . In: C. Calhoun, M. W. Meyer, and W. R. Scott (Eds.) Structures of Power and Constraints: Papers in Honor of Peter Blau . Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. Burns, T.R. (1994). Two Conceptions of Human Agency: Rational Choice Theory and the Social Theory of Action . In: P. Sztompka (Ed), Human Agency and the Reorientation of Social Theory . Amsterdam: Gordon and Breach. Burns

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Jon Horgen Friberg

Introduction The two eastward enlargements of the EU in 2004 and 2007, which gradually opened the labour markets of western Europe to migrant workers from former socialist countries in central and Eastern Europe, triggered west-bound migratory flows of unprecedented scale, as millions of workers moved west in search of employment and higher wages. In the following decade, temporary staffing agencies – defined by the tripartite employment relationship between workers, agencies, and client firms – came to play an important role in facilitating the

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Anna Bilska

international activities, because many cities have similar problems. For example Rotterdam belongs to Delta Cities, which includes cities which have faced problems such as more intense storms and a rising frequency of flooding. Consequently, simple sharing of experience and actions undertaken may be inspiring. Rotterdam shares its experience with projects such as water squares and floating buildings. Finally, relations inside the city network are crucial because when all city actors are conscious and involved in the process of embedding resilience, then visible effects are

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Gregory Dempster and Jesse Kluver

6. References Anderson, T. and Hill, P. (1975). The evolution of property rights: A study of the American West. Journal of Law & Economics , Vol. 18, no. 1, pp. 163-179. Appreciative Inquiry Commons (2012). . Last accessed on December 6, 2012. Battilana, J. and D’Aunno, T. (2009). Institutional work and the paradox of embedded agency. In T. Lawrence, R. Suddaby and B. Leca (Eds.), Institutional Work: Actors and Agency in Institutional Studies of Organizations , pp. 31-58. Cambridge, U

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Mohammad Arkani, Hossein Khalafi, Naser Vosoughi and Samad Khakshournia

–221. [12] Arkani, M. (2015). A high performance digital time interval spectrometer: an embedded, FPGA-based system with reduced dead time behaviour. Metrol. Meas. Syst. , 22(4), 601–619. [13] Arkani, M. (2015). Measurement of Tehran and Esfahan Research Reactors Kinetic Parameters Using Reactor Noise Diagnostic Methods . Amirkabir University of Technology (formerly called the Tehran Polytechnic), Nuclear Physics Department, Ph.D. Thesis. [14] Arkani, M., Khalafi, H., Vosoughi, N. (2014). Development of an embedded FPGA-based data acquisition system

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Rolle Alho and Mika Helander

that the economy of the picking business is deeply embedded in structures of social relations, which is in line with Granovetter’s (1985) theory. Disinformation Disinformation is prevalent in the institution of seasonal picking work. First of all workers are often given false promises by Russian private recruitment agencies regarding working and living conditions and pay. Pickers traveling first time to Finnish farms cannot always be certain of where exactly they are going, how much they are going to earn, what are the conditions and how long they are going