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Education, Innovation and Economic Development

5. References Herciu M., Ogrean C., Wealth, Competitiveness, and Intellectual Capital – Sources for Economic Development, Procedia Economics and Finance 27 (2015), 556 – 566 Shaffer D.F., Wright D.J., (2010), A New Paradigm for Economic Development - How Higher Education Institutions Are Working to Revitalize Their Regional and State Economies, The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government, University of Albany, State University of New York World Economic Forum, (2009), The Global Competitiveness Report 2008–2009: Full Data Edition

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An Attempt to Assess the Quantitative Impact of Institutions on Economic Growth and Economic Development

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Influence of the A2 motorway on the economic development at local level

References Bank Danych Lokalnych (Local Data Bank) GUS:, DoA: 30 March 2014. Bryan, J., Hill, S., Munday, M. and Roberts, A., 1997: Road infrastructure and economic de-velopment in the periphery: the case of A55 improvements in North Wales. In: Journal of Transport Geography, Volume 5, Number 4, Elsevier Science Ltd., pp. 227-237. DOI: 10.1016/S0966-6923(97)00020-3 Brzozowska, K., 2005: Finansowanie inwestycji infrastrukturalnych przez kapitał prywatny na zasadach Project Finance

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Reframing place-based economic development in South Africa: the example of local economic development

References Abrahams, D., 2003: Local Economic Development in South Africa: A Useful Tool for Sustainable Development. In: Urban Forum, Vol. 14 (2/3), pp. 185-200. Akudugu, J.A., 2013: Organising and Implementing Local Economic Development Initiatives at the District Level in Ghana, unpublished PhD dissertation Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms Universitat, Bonn. Akudugu, J.A. and Laube, W., 2013: Implementing Local Economic Development in Ghana: Multiple Actors and Rationalities, Bonn: ZEF Working Paper Series, No

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Income Redistribution and Socio-economic Development

). „Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation“. Batoche Books, Kitchener (2000). Retrieved August 28, 2013, from BROWN, C. V., JACKSON, P. M. (1990). Public Sector Economics. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing. COSTANTINI, V., MONNI, S. (2008). Environment, human development and economic growth. Ecological Economics. 4(64), pp. 867-880. CULLIS, J., JONES, P. (1992). Public Finance and Public Choice. London: McGraw - Hill Book Company. CULLIS, J

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Economic Development Path of Poland: Innovation and Competitiveness in Light of the Situation of Southern European Countries

-818 Matkowski Z., Rapacki R. and Próchniak M. (2012), Comparative Economic Performance in 2011, in: “Poland. Competitiveness Report 2012”, edited by Weresa M., World Economy Research Institute, Warsaw McKinsey & Company (2012), Greece 10 years ahead. Def ning Greece's new growth model and strategy Metcalfe J. (1995), The economic foundations of technology policy: equilibrium and evolutionary perspectives, in: Stoneman P. (ed.), Handbook of economics of innovation and technology change, Oxford Blackwell Ministry of Regional Development of Poland (2007), Polska, Narodowe

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Local economic development agencies and place-based development: Evidence from South Africa

References Barca, F., McCann, P. and Rodríguez-Pose, A. (2012). The Case for Regional Development Intervention: Place based versus neutral approaches. Journal of Regional Science , 52, 134–152. DOI: . Bateman, M. ( 2012). Local Economic Development in Latin America: A Study of the Role of the UNDP-Supported LEDAs in Promoting Sustainable Local Economic and Social Development. Rome: International Links and Services for Local Economic Development. Bateman M. (2014). The Zombie

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Economic and Social Sustainability of Real Estate Market and Problems of Economic Development – a Historical Overview

References Active Anglo Chinese Communications. (2016). Retrieved from Aizsilnieks, A. (1968). Latvian farm history, 1914-1945 (5th ed.). Latvijas saimniecības vēsture, 1914-1945 (5. sējums). Stockholm: Daugava. Akaev, A. (2010). Ciklicheskie kolebanija v ekonomike i upravlenie dinamikoj ekonomicheskogo razvitija s pomoshhju tehnologicheskih sdvigov. [Cyclical fluctuations in the economy and management of the dynamics of economic development

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.pdf (accessed 12 December 2012). Arrow K., 1962. The economic implications of learning by doing. Review of Economic School Studies 29: 155-173. Bacon F., 1620 (Polish edition 1995). Novum Organum. PWN, Warszawa. Baldacci E., Clements B., Gupta S., Cui Q., 2008. Social spending, human capital, and growth in developing countries. World Development 36: 1317-1341. Bański J., 2003. Pozarolniczy rozwój gospodarczy na obszarach wiejskich w Polsce (Non-agricultural economic development in the rural areas of Poland

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Innovation and Regional Socio-Economic Development - Evidence from the Finnish Local Administrative Units (1)

innovations are patented: empirical estimates for European firms. In: Research Policy , 27, pp. 127-141. DOI: 10.1016/S0048-7333 (98)00033-X Bairoch, P. 1988: Cities and Economic Development: from the Dawn of History to the Present, Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Barkley, D., Henry, M. and Nair, S. 2006: Regional innovation systems: implications for nonmetropolitan areas and workers in the south. In: Growth and Change , 37, pp. 278-306. DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-2257.2006.00318.x Bettencourt

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