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Island tourism during the global economic crisis

-known. An analysis of the situation in specific countries and dependent territories during the period of the global economic crisis (2008‑2010) showed that their situations varied. Some of these, despite the recession in the tourism market, obtained better results in the tourism sector than other areas which saw tourism-conditioned development. Developmental potential during the global economic crisis was fully applied in certain countries and dependent territories, while in others it was partially wasted. A detailed analysis will be conducted of selected countries and

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Economic Crisis and the Nature of Entrepreneurial and Management Activities

: Evolution . The MIT Press. Audretsch, D. B., & Mahmood, T. (1994). Firm selection and industry evolution: the post-entry performance of new firms. Journal of Evolutionary Economics , 4(3), 243-260. Baldwin, J. R., & Gellatly, G. (2003). Innovation strategies and performance in small firms . Edward Elgar Publishing. Bartlett, D. (2008) Fallout of the Global Financial Crisis. World Economic Forum, 2008. Network of Global Agenda Councils. Summit on the Global Agenda, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 7-9 November 2008. Baumol, W.J. (2003.) On Austrian

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Chosen aspects of economic profitability in agricultural companies in the context of global economic crisis

References Fan, S., Rosegrant M. W. (2008) Investing in Agriculture to Overcome the World Food Crisis and Reduce Poverty and Hunger, International Food Policy Research Institute, Policy Brief 3 Global Financial Stability Report - GFSR Market Update 2008, p. 10 Mitręga-Niestrój, K. (2012) Problem zarażania kryz ysem finansowym oraz kanały jego transmisji do strefy realnej w aspekcie globalnego kryz ysu finansowego i gospodarczego - studium teoretycznoempiryczne, Oddziaływanie globalnego kryz ysu finansowego

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The Controversies of Modern Macroeconomic Theory in the Context of the Global Economic Crisis

. 5. Brunner, K., Meltzer, A. H. (1968). What Did We Learn from the Monetary Experience of the United States in the Great Depression? The Canadian Journal of Economics , 1 (2), 334-348. 6. Cahill, D. (2011). Beyond Neoliberalism? Crisis and the Prospects for Progressive Alternatives. New Political Science , 33 (4), 479-492. 7. Congdon, T. (2011). Milton Friedman on the Ineffectiveness of Fiscal Policy. Economic Affairs , Oxford: Blackwell Publishing, 62−65. 8. Custers, P. (2010). The Tasks of Keynesianism Today: Green New Deal As Transition

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The Impact Of The Global Financial And Economic Crisis Convergence Process In OECD Countries

References Archibugi D., Filipetti A. (2011), Is the Economic Crisis Impairing Convergence in Innovation Performance across Europe? ‘Journal of Common Market Studies’. Bakker, B. B. and Gulde A-M. (2010), The Credit Boom in the EU New Member States: Bad Luck orf Bad Policies? , IMF Working Paper, WP/10/130. Barro, R.J. (1991), Economic Growth in a Cross Section of Countries, ‘Quarterly Journal of Economics’, No 106. Barro, R.J., Sala-i-Martin X. (1991), Convergence across States and Regions, ‘Brookings Papers on Economic Activity

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Exclusion from Healthcare Services and the Emergence of New Stakeholders and Vulnerable Groups in Times of Economic Crisis: A Civil Society's Perspective in Greece

the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Church of Greece”. Press release, 15.10.2009. Available at (accessed: November 22, 2014) [in Greek]. Economou, Charalampos, Daphne Kaitelidou, Dimitris Katsikas, Olga Siskou, and Maria Zafiropoulou. 2014. “Impacts of the economic crisis on access to healthcare services in Greece with a focus on the vulnerable groups of the population.” Social Cohesion and Development 9(2): 99-115. ELSTAT. 2014. Living

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The impact of economic crisis on regional disparities and the allocation of economic branches in Greek regions

1 Introduction The spatial impact of economic crisis has been one of the core issues for regional economic analysis in recent years, both in theory and in political practice. Several factors affect the magnitude of external upheaval in regions, such as the sectoral composition of the economy, the level of urbanisation, the skills of the workforce, the innovation rate and the institutional arrangements within regions ( Fingleton et al., 2012 ; Balland et al., 2015 ; Boschma, 2015 ; Brakman et al., 2015 ; Voulgaris et al., 2015 ). Especially in the case

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Finnish Highly Skilled Migrants and the European Economic Crisis

.; Meuleman, B. & De Witte, H. (2014), ‘The relationship between ethnic threat and economic insecurity in times of economic crisis: Analysis of European Social Survey data,’ Migration Studies , vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 135–161. Braun, M. & Arsene, C. (2009), ‘The demographics of movers and stayers in the European Union,’ in E. Recchi & A. Favell (eds.) Pioneers of European Integration. Citizenship and Mobility in the EU , Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, pp. 26–51. European Commission

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Commodity Price Volatility during and after the Economic Crisis – Implications for Romania

ARCH/GARCH approach, Agrekon, 46(3): 306-322. Lipsky, J.P. 2008. Commodity prices and global inflation, Council on Foreign Relations, New York (May 8). Nelson, D.B. 1991. Conditional Heteroskedasticity in Asset Returns: A New Approach, Econometrica, 59(2): 347-370. Pop, L.N. 2011. Key Factors Influencing Commodity Prices: The Impact of the Recent Global Economic and Financial Crisis, Virgil Madgearu Review of Economic Studies and Research, 4(1): 97-110. Pop, L.N. and Ban, I.M. 2011. Comparative Approach

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Response of Central European Civil Security Systems to the Economic Crisis

Ecology to the Political Economy of Crisis Adaptation. Security Dialogue, 42(2), 143-160.. Zexian, Y., & Xuhui, Y. (2010). A revolution in the field of systems thinking-a review of Checkland’s system thinking. Systems Research and Behavioral Science, 27(2), 140-155. ANVIL - Analysis of the civil security systems in Europe (2014): Database on civil security in 22 European countries. Online. Available from: (accessed 25. 6. 2014) International Monetary Fund (April 2014): World Economic

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