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Alexandru-Ionuţ Petrişor and Liliana Elza Petrişor

: case study Ceahlău National Park, Romania , Procedia Environmental Science 14, 267-278, Elsevier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Cojocariu Luminiţa, Horablaga M. N., Marian F., Bostan C., Mazăre V., Stroia M. S. (2010), Implementation of the ecological European network “Natura 2000” in the area of grasslands and hayfields , Research Journal of Agricultural Science, 42, 1, 398-404, Agroprint, Timişoara, Romania. Gellrich M., Zimmermann N. (2007), Investigating the regional-scale pattern of agricultural land abandonment in the Swiss mountains: a spatial

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Jaime Serra-Olivares, Juan C. Pastor-Vicedo, Sixto González-Víllora and Israel Teoldo da Costa

practice ( Newell and Rosenbloom, 1981 ). However, in terms of the interaction between performance-influencing factors (i.e., biological, psychological and social domains), it is not yet clear what form this investment in development should take in order to reach the elite level ( Abbot and Collins, 2007 ; Ericsson et al., 1993 ; Matos et al., 2011 ). In terms of ecological dynamics, it has been argued that sports performance involves an intentional adaptation to the constraints imposed by a specific context in performing a specific task ( Araújo and Davids, 2009

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Andrzej Bobiec

. Goździewska. Nasz Dziennik 39.,puszcza-nie-przetrwa-bez-czlowieka.html [17.02.2016]. Brzeziecki B., Pommerening A., Miścicki S., Drozdowski S., Żybura H. 2016. A common lack of demographic equilibrium among tree species in Białowieża National Park (NE Poland): evidence from long-term plots. Journal of Vegetation Science 27: 460-469 Faliński J.B. 1986. Vegetation dynamics in temperate lowland primeval forests, ecological studies in Białowieża Forest. Dr W. Junk Publishers, Dordrecht - Lancaster

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Bożena Jaworska and Bogusław Zdanowski

Anabaena circinalis, J. Plank. Res. 21: 327-341. Burchardt L., 1993, Bioindication in the assessment of lake ecosystem, [in:] Burchardt L. (eds), Theory and practices in ecosystems research, Idee Ekol. 3(2): 39-44. Burchardt L., Łastowski K., 1999, The problem of using common species in bioindication: Basis term, Acta Hydrobiol. 41(3/4): 231-234. Burchardt L., Łastowski K., Szmajda P., 1994, Różnorodność ekologiczna a bioindykacja (Ecological diversity and bioindication), [in:] Burchardt L

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Vibrant Architecture

Matter as a CoDesigner of Living Structures

Rachel Armstrong

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Tomasz Załuski

the Beskid Niski Mountains during 30 years. In: J. Holeksa, B. Babczyńska-Sendek, S. Wika (eds), The role of geobotany in biodiversity conservation. University of Silesia, Katowice, pp. 141-148. Ejankowski, W., Kunz, M. 2006. Reconstruction of vegetation dynamics in "Linje" peat-bog (N Poland) using remote sensing method. Biodiv. Res. Conserv. 1-2: 111-113. Falińska, K. 2004. Ekologia roślin. Wyd. 3. Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warszawa. Grynia, M., Kryszak, A., Kryszak, J. 2009

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Dennis V. Dayneko and Eric J. Gustafson

Grebenschikov, V 1998 ‘Associacii na proideniy temy’, Economicheskaya nauka sovremenoy Rossii, no.1, pp 44-50. Gustafson, EJ., Shvidenko, AZ, Sturtevant, BR & Scheller, RM 2010, ‘Predicting climate change effects on forest biomass and composition in south-central Siberia’, Ecological Applications, no. 20(3), pp. 700-715. Gutnik, V 1995, ‘Market institutions and transformation of the Russian economy’, Mirovaya Economica i Mezhdunarodnye Otnoshenia, no.7, pp. 50-64. Knight J, 1992, Institutions and Social Conflict, Cambridge

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Ivo Machar, Karel Kirchner, Vilém Pechanec, Jan Brus, Helena Kiliánová, Lubomír Šálek and Antonín Buček

řešení. Studie. Praha. JONES, J. B., MULHOLAND, P. J. [eds.] (2000): Streams and groundwaters. San Diego, Academic Press. JONGMAN, R. H. G. (1995): Nature conservation planning in Europe: developing ecological networks. Landscape and Urban Planning, 32: 169–183. KIRCHNER, K., IVAN, A. (1999): Anastomózní říční systém v CHKO Litovelské Pomoraví. Geologické výzkumy na Moravě a ve Slezsku VI: 19–20. KLIMO, E., HAGER, H. [eds.] (2001): The floodplain forests in Europe: current situation and perspectives. Leiden: European Forest Institute Research

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Sarah Bro Trasmundi and Sune Vork Steffensen

, H. & Di Paolo, E. (2007). Participatory sense-making. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences , 6 (4), 485–507. Enfield, N.P. (2014). Causal Frames for Understanding Language. In N.J. Enfield, P. Kockelman, & J. Sidnell (Eds.), Cambridge Handbook for Linguistic Anthropolog y. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Fowler, C.A., Richardson, M.J., Marsh, K.L., & Shockley, K.D. (2008). Language use, coordination, and the emergence of cooperative action. In A. Fuchs & V.K. Jirsa (Eds.), Coordination: Neural, Behavioral and Social Dynamics (pp. 261

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J. Abolins and J. Gravitis

:// 12. Abolins, J., and Gravitis, J. (2011). Potential of photosynthesis as a renewable source of energy and materials. Latv. J. Phys. Tec. Sci. 47 (5), 16–23. 13. Abolins, J., and Gravitis, J. (2011). A simple analytical model for remote assessment of the dynamics of biomass accumulation. Progress in Biomass and Bioenergy Production , ed. S. Shahid Shaukat (pp. 91–106). InTech Open Access Publishers. ISBN 978-953-307-491-7. Available at . 14. Zeide, B. (2004