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Bogumił Wrana

. [10] CRISTESCU N., Rock Rheology , Kluwer Academic Publ., 1986. [11] JOHNSON D.L., Recent Developments in the Acoustic Properties of Porous Media , [in:] D. Sette (ed.), Frontiers in Physical Acoustics, Proceedings of the International School of Physics “Enrico Fermi”, Course 93, 1986, 255–290. [12] KUBIK J., CIESZKO M., KACZMAREK M., Basic Dynamics of Saturated Porous Media , Biblioteka Mechaniki Stosowanej, Seria A. Monografie (in Polish), 2000. [13] LEWIS R.W., SCHREFLER B.A., The Finite Element Method in the Static and Dynamic Deformation and

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Perla Ravi Theja and S. K. Khadar Babu

References 1. Fraser, C. K., et al. Live Migration of Virtual Machines. - In: Proc. of 2nd USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation, Berkeley, CA, 2005, pp. 273-286. 2. Vogels, W. Beyond Server Consolidation. - ACM Queue, 2008, No 1, pp. 20-26. 3. Feller, E., C. Morin et al. A Case for Fully Decentralized Dynamic VM Consolidation in Clouds. - In: Proc. of 4th IEEE International Conference, Cloud Computing Technology and Science, Taipei, Taiwan, 2012, pp. 26-33. 4. Murtazaev

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Bogumił Wrana and Natalia Pietrzak

References [1] BIOT M., Theory of propagation of elastic waves in a fluid-saturated porous solid, J. Acoust. Soc. Amer., 28(4), 1956, 168-191. [2] ZIENKIEWICZ O.C., CHANG C.T., BETTESS P., Drained, undrained, consolidating and dynamic behaviour assumptions in soils, Geotechnique, 30, No.4, 1980, 385-395. [3] LEWIS R.W., SCHREFLER B.A., The Finite Element Method in the Static and Dynamic Deformation and Consolidation of Porous Media, John Wiley& Sons, 1998. [4] ZIENKIEWICZ O.C., CHAN A

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Constance Carr and Evan McDonough

along the periphery here resembled a “reconstitution of outer cities”, consistent with Soja’s (2011) conception of the Los Angeles model of dispersed urban-regional growth, as well as Fishman’s “technoburb” (1987) and Garreau’s “edge city” (1991) , as both emphasise concentrations of employment development (oriented around the technology and service sectors) outside of central cities. Many of these elements can still be viewed in the Glatt Valley, an area that is emerging as a dynamic, multi-faceted, and complex landscape of activity beyond the limits of, and

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Monika Bartlewska-Urban, Marek Zombroń and Tomasz Strzelecki

REFERENCES [1] G radkowski K., Load-bearing capacity of motor road pavements strengthened with geosynthetic materials , Warsaw University of Technology Publishing House, Warsaw, 2008, (in Polish). [2] B iot M.A., General theory of three-dimensional consolidation , J. Appl. Phys., 1941, No. 12, 155. [3] B iot M.A., General Solutions of the Equations of Elasticity and Consolidation of a Porous Material , J. Appl. Mech., 1956, 23. [4] B artlewska -U rban M., S trzelecki T., Effect of variation of temperature field on the process of

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Jian Li, Shanxiong Chen and Lingfa Jiang

References 4. Niki D. Beskou, Dimitrios D. Theodorakopoulos: Dynamic effects of moving loads on road pavements: A review, Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 2011(31): 547-567. 5. CHEN Shang-yong, SUN Hong-lin: Experimental Analysis of Long-term Stability of Soaking Subgrade for High Speed Railway, Journal of Railway Engineering Society, 2012(12): 40-44. 6. ZHOU Yuan-heng, WANG Yong-he, QING Qi-xiang, el at.: Experimental study of long-term stability of improved granitic residual soil subgrade for high

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Abdelaziz Lakehal and Fares Laouacheria

. Journal of Hydroinformatics. Vol. 6. Iss. 4 p. 281-294. SCUTARI M., DENIS J.B. 2014. Bayesian networks: With examples in R. Chapman and Hall/CRC. ISBN 1482225581 pp. 241. TSCHEIKNER-GRATL F., SITZENFREI R., RAUCH W., KLEIDORFER M. 2016. Enhancement of limited water supply network data for deterioration modelling and determination of rehabilitation rate. Structure and Infrastructure Engineering. Vol. 12. Iss. 3 p. 366-380. WEBER P., JOUFFE L. 2006. Complex system reliability modelling with Dynamic Object Oriented

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Agata Duczmal-Czernikiewicz, Adam Choiński, Mariusz Ptak and Andrzej Muszyński


The paper presents a mineralogical analysis of sediments of the biggest lake in the Morasko Meteorite Reserve (Poland). The lake is filled by phytogenic sediments at the top, while at the bottom there are Neogene clays. The main components are: clay minerals in fine fraction and quartz and feldspars in coarse sandy fractions. The presence of disturbed ferrous zones suggests the existence of a dynamic factor that caused deformations in the sediments. Cavities, crevices, cracks, and traces of parching or fragmentation of mineral material can be interpreted as deformations related to the impact of meteorite fragments in non-consolidated soft sediments in the Morasko meteorite nature reserve. Meteorite fragments that left numerous deformed structures were most probably consituted meteorite debris that originated from the fragmentation of the meteorite before its impact.

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Edyta E. Malinowska, Bartłomiej A. Bursa and Alojzy Szymański

References ABBASI N., RAHIMI H., JAVADI A.A., FAKHER A. 2007: Finite different approach for consolidation with variable compressibility and permeability. Computers and Geotechnics 34: 41-52. BARTHOLOMEEUSEN G., ZNIDARCIC D., HWANG CH., SILLS G.C. 2001: Seepage Inducted Consolidation Test. University of Colorado, Colorado, UK. BASAK P. 1979: Analytical solution for consolidation of semi-infi nite medium with variable permeability. Ind. Geotech. J. 9(3): 201-211. DAVIS E.H., RAYMOND C.P. 1965: A

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Wanil Byun, Min Ki Kim, Kook Jin Park, Seung Jo Kim, Minho Chung, Jin Yeon Cho and Sung-Han Park

References Ahn, S.S. Ruzzene, M., 2006. Optimal design of cylindrical shells for enhanced buckling stability:Application to supercavitating underwater vehicles. Finite Elements in Analysis and Design, 42, pp. 967-976. Bolotin, V.V., 1964. The dynamic stability of elastic systems. USA, Holden-Day, Inc. Eberhart, R.C. Kennedy, J., 1995. Particle swarm optimization. In Proceedings IEEE Conference on Neural Networks IV, Piscataway NJ, USA, pp. 1942-1948. Flugge, W., 1973. Stresses in Shells. Springer