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Andrzej Rutkowski, Sebastian A. Kaczmarek, Marcin Hejdysz and Dorota Jamroz

References Alonso R., Aguirre A., Marzo F. (2000). Effects of extrusion and traditional processing methods on antinutrients and in vitro digestibility of protein and starch in faba and kidney beans. Food Chem., 68: 159-165. AOAC (2007). Official Methods of Analysis of the Association Official Analytical Chemists. Arlington, USA. Erbaş M., Certel M., Uslu M.K. (2005). Some chemical properties of white lupin seeds (Lupinus albus L.). Food Chem., 89: 341-345. European Table of Energy Values for

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Marianna Flis, Wiesław Sobotka and Cezary Purwin

: 149-151. Brunsgaard G. (1998). Effects of cereal type and feed particle size on morphological characteristics, epithelial cell proliferation, and lectin binding patterns in the large intestine of pigs. J. Anim. Sci., 76: 2787-2798. CallanJ.J., GarryB.P., O ’ DohertyJ.V. (2007). The effect of expander processing and screen size on nutrient digestibility, growth performance, selected faecal microbial populations and faecal volatile fatty acid concentrations in grower-finisher pigs. Anim. Feed Sci. Technol., 134: 223

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Andrzej Gugołek, Janusz Strychalski, Małgorzata Konstantynowicz and Cezary Zwoliński

References Ahlstrøm Ø., Skrede A. (1998). Comparative nutrient digestibility in dogs, blue foxes, minks and rats. J. Nutr., 128: 2676-2677. Ahlstrøm Ø., Fuglei E., Mydland L. (2003). Comparative nutrient digestibility of arctic foxes (Alopex lagopus) on Svalbald and farm-raised fox (Alopex lagopus). Comp. Bioch. Physiol. Part A., 134: 63-68. AOAC (2003). Official Methods of Analysis of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists, Ed. 17, Arlington, p. 684. Asikainen J., Mustonen A

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Xin Jian Lei, Hyeok Min Yun, Yi Yang and In Ho Kim

., 41: 23-30. Bosscher D., Van Loo J., Franck A. (2006). Inulin and oligofructose as prebiotics in the prevention of intestinal infections and diseases. Nutr. Res. Rev., 19: 216-226. Cheng G., Hao H., Xie S., Wang X., Dai M., Huang L., Yuan Z. (2014). Antibiotic alternatives: the substitution of antibiotics in animal husbandry? Front. Microbiol., 5: 217. Cho J.H., Kim I.H. (2015). Effects of lactulose supplementation on growth performance, nutrient digestibility, blood profiles, faecal microbial shedding, faecal score

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Krzysztof Lipiński, Halina Skórko-Sajko, Cezary Purwin, Zofia Antoszkiewicz and Marek Werpachowski

References AOAC (1990). Association of Official Analytical Chemists. Official Methods of Analysis. 15th Ed., Arlington, VA, USA. Barrera M., Cervantes M., Sauer W.C., Araiza A.B., Torrentera N., Cervantes M. (2004). Ileal amino acid digestibility and performance of growing pigs fed wheat-based diets supplemented with xylanase. J. Anim. Sci., 82: 1997-2003. Diebold G., Mosenthin R., Piepho H.P., Sauer W.C. (2004). Effect of supplementation of xylanase and phospholipase to a wheat-based diet for weanling

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Marcel Skejovic Joehnke, Susanne Sørensen, Charlotte Bjergegaard, Keld Ejdrup Markedal and Jens Christian Sørensen

ABBREVIATIONS BV, biological value; DF, dietary fibre; DH, degree of hydrolysis; DM, dry matter; E:S ratio, enzyme to substrate ratio; IDF, insoluble dietary fibre; IVPD, in vitro protein digestibility; IVPD PT, overall protein digestibility; NSP, non-starch polysaccharides; PD, protein digestibility; RE, rapeseed embryo fibres; RH, rapeseed hulls; RP(2), rapeseed protein concentrate (2) rich in napin proteins; SDF, soluble dietary fibre; TD, true protein digestibility; TDF, total dietary fibre; TDF

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S. Mohana Devi, S.I. Lee and I.H. Kim

essential oils and oleoresins on pig performance and pork quality. Meat Sci 75: 350-355. Jamroz D, Orda I, Kamel C, Wiliczkiewicz A, Wertelecki T, Skorupinska J ( 2003 ) The influence of phytogenic extracts on performance, nutrient digestibility, carcass characteristics, and gut microbial status in broiler chickens. J Anim Feed Sci 12: 583-596. Jamroz D, Wertelecki T, Houszka M, Kamel C ( 2006 ) Influence of diet type on the inclusion of plant origin active substances on morphological and histochemical characteristics of the stomach and jejunum walls in

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Ayenew Almaz, Berhan Tamir and Solomon Melaku

D.C., Pond R. (1995): Basic Animal Nutrition and Feeding. 4th ed. John Wiley and Sons, New York, pp. 54-615. SAS (2007): Guide to Personal Computers, Version 7. Statistical Analysis System Institute, Cary, NC, USA. Seyoum B., Zinash S. (1998): The composition of Ethiopian feedstuffs. Research report No. 6. Institute of Agriculture Research (IAR), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 33 p. Subba Rao A., Ulhas H., Prabhu S.R., Sampath J., Schiere B. (1994): The effect of level of allowance on the intake and digestibility of finger

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Ewa Hanczakowska, Małgorzata Świątkiewicz and Imke Kühn

postileal energy and fiber fraction digestibility. J. Anim. Sci., 88: E-Suppl., 1, p. 371. Bartelt J., Jadamus A., Wiese F., Swiech E., Buraczewska L., Kimon O. (2002). Apparent precaecal digestibility of nutrients and level of endogenous nitrogen in digesta of the small intestine of growing pigs as affected by various digesta viscosities. Arch. Tierernähr., 56: 93-107. Choct M., Annison G. (1992). The inhibition of nutrient digestion by wheat pentosans. Br. J. Nutr., 67: 123-132. Diebold G., Mosenthin R., Piepho H

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J. Hakl, R. Loučka, J. Jirmanová and V. Jambor

References AOAC (2005): Official Methods of Analysis of AOAC International. 18th Ed. Association of Official Analytical Chemists, Gaithersburg. Barrière Y, Emile JC, Traineau R, Traineau R, Surault F, Briand M, Gallais A (2004): Genetic variation for organic matter and cell wall digestibility in silage maize. Lessons from a 34-year long experiment with sheep in digestibility crates. Maydica, 49, 115-126. Boon EJMC, Struik PC, Engels FM, Cone JW (2012): Stemcharacteristics of two forage maize (Zea mays L