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Sujit Vijay Sakpal, Suresh Kumar Agarwal, Hector Saucedo-Crespo, Christopher Auvenshine, Robert N. Santella, Steven Donahue and Jeffery Steers

-stage liver disease MDR, multi-drug resistant OLT, orthotopic liver transplant POCUS, point-of-care ultrasonography PPS, portopulmonary syndrome PVT, portal venous thrombosis RRT, renal replacement therapy SBP, spontaneous bacterial peritonitis SOT, solid-organ transplantation UTI, urinary tract infection VAE, ventilator-associated event R eferences 1. Niemann CU, Kramer DJ. Transplant critical care: standards for the intensive care of the patient with liver failure before and after transplantation. Liver Transpl. 2011

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Orsolya Benedek, Mihaly Veres and Minodora Dobreanu


Background: Trauma in its early stages leads to an acute inflammatory condition affecting all cellular lines. Neutrophil granulocytes make up the largest population of human white blood cells and are fundamental to the innate immune system. The objective of our pilot study was to evaluate neutrophil death and viability alterations in critically ill trauma patients in correlation with their clinical outcome.

Material and method: Critical ill trauma patients were enrolled in the study. In order to assess alterations in cellular death, blood samples were drawn using EDTA containing tubes and analyzed in the first twenty four hours after admission, then after forty eight and seventy two hours. Annexin V was used as a marker for apoptotic cells and propidium iodide for necrotic cells.

Results: The first two cases exhibited an increase in cellular viability by the second day as shown by a small increase in neutrophil apoptosis and a decrease in neutrophil necrosis. These patients progressed to a positive clinical outcome. The second two cases showed slight modifications in either physiological or pathological cellular death, and increasing levels of cellular necrosis. These patients progressed to a negative clinical outcome.

Conclusions: These cases suggest that neutrophil cell viability and death were associated with the patient’s clinical outcome.

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Michitaka Furuya

References [1] T. Burton and D.P. Sumner, Domination dot-critical graphs, Discrete Math. 306 (2006) 11-18. doi:10.1016/j.disc.2005.06.029 [2] X. Chen and W.C. Shiu, A note on the domination dot-critical graphs, Discrete Appl. Math. 157 (2009) 3743-3745. doi:10.1016/j.dam.2009.07.014 [3] R. Diestel, Graph Theory 4th Edition (Verlag, Heidelberg, Springer, 2010). [4] M. Furuya and M. Takatou, Upper bound on the diameter of a domination dot- critical graph, Graphs Combin. 29 (2013) 79-85. doi:10

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Judith Breen

Introduction Traditional, managerialist, and American models have been used to describe management education in more recent times. A managerialist management education is described as ‘treating management as a morally and politically neutral technical activity’ ( Grey and Mitev, 1995 : 74). These models have been criticised and alternative ones put forward. A critical approach to management education has been called for from various sources. Mintzberg (2004) in his book, ‘ Mangers not MBAs ’, questions how effective educational institutions are at

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Pascal Kingah, Nasser Alzubaidi, Jihane Zaza Dit Yafawi, Emad Shehada, Khaled Alshabani and Ayman O. Soubani

R eferences 1. Taccone FS, Artigas AA, Sprung CL, Moreno R, Sakr Y, Vincent JL. Characteristics and outcomes of cancer patients in European ICUs. Crit Care. 2009;13(1):R15. 2. Soares M, Salluh JIF, Torres VBL, Leal JVR, Spector N. Short- and long-term outcomes of critically ill patients with cancer and prolonged ICU length of stay. Chest. 2008;134(3):520-6. 3. Soubani AO. Critical Care Prognosis and Outcomes in Patients with Cancer. Clin Chest Med. 2017;38(2):333-53 4. Soares M, Caruso P, Silva E, et al. Characteristics and outcomes of

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Syed Omar Shah, Yu Kan Au, Fred Rincon and Matthew Vibbert

R eferences 1. Epstein SK. Predicting extubation failure: is it in (on) the cards?. Chest. 2001;120:1061-3. 2. MacIntyre NR. Evidence-based guidelines for weaning and discontinuing ventilatory support: a collective task force facilitated by the American College of Chest Physicians; the American Association for Respiratory Care; and the American College of Critical Care Medicine. Chest. 2001;120:375S-96S. 3. Ko R, Ramos L, Chalela JA. Conventional weaning parameters do not predict extubation failure in neurocritical care patients. Neurocrit Care

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Nawarat Ananchuen and Watcharaphong Ananchuen

References [1] N. Ananchuen and W. Ananchuen, A characterization of independent domination critical graphs with a cutvertex , J. Combin. Math. Combin. Comput. (to appear). [2] N. Ananchuen, W. Ananchuen and L. Caccetta, A characterization of connected 3-i-critical graphs of connectivity two, (2014) submitted. [3] S. Ao, Independent Domination Critical Graphs, Master Thesis (University of Victoria, 1994). [4] M. Dehmer, (Ed.), Structural Analysis of Complex Networks (Birkhauser, Bre- ingsville

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Ľubomír Dunaj

: Petrus. CHAN-FEJ-C´ (2011): Vol. 1, trans. L. Zádrapa. Praha: Academia. CHAN-FEJ-C´ (2013): Vol. 2, trans. L. Zádrapa. Praha: Academia. CHAN, J. (1999): A Confucian Perspective on Human Rights for Contemporary China. In: J. Bauer & D. A. Bell (eds.): The East Asian Challenge for Human Rights. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 212–237. DERANTY, J.-P. (2009): Beyond Communication: A Critical Study of Axel Honneth’s Social Philosophy. Leiden & Boston: Brill. FORST, R. (2014): The Right to Justification: Elements of a

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Adriana Alexandru, Victor Vevera and Ella Magdalena Ciupercă

] Toma, Virgil, Evoluția conceptului de infrastructurăcritică , available at , accesed 27.02.2019. [5] Alexandrescu, Grigore; Văduva, Gheorghe, Infrastructuri critice. Pericole, ameninţări la adresa acestora. Sisteme de protecţie , Editura Universităţii Naţionale de Apărare „Carol I”, Bucureşti, p. 8, 2006. [6] Gritzalis, Dimitris, Theocharidou, Marinthis&Stergiopoulos, George (eds.), Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience

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Jonelle Hook

References [1] L. Gerencsér and A. Gyárfás, On Ramsey-type problems, Ann. Univ. Sci. Budapest. Eötvös Sect. Math. 10 (1967) 167-170. [2] J. Hook, The classification of critical graphs and star-critical Ramsey numbers (Ph.D. Thesis, Lehigh University, 2010). [3] J. Hook and G. Isaak, Star-critical Ramsey numbers, Discrete Appl. Math. 159 (2011) 328-334. doi:10.1016/j.dam.2010.11.007 [4] R.J. Faudree, S.L. Lawrence, T.D. Parsons and R.H. Schelp, Path-cycle Ramsey numbers, Discrete Math. 10 (1974