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Measurement of Low Concentration of Nanosized Objects Suspended in a Liquid Medium

, Bulgaria, 91–92. 4. Vilitis, O., Merkulovs, D., & Kozlovs, V. (2017). Measurement of low concentration of nanosized objects in bioliquids by means of refractometric methods. In Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Medical Physics “Medical physics in the Baltic states” , Kaunas, Lithuania (pp. 132–136). 5. Vilitis, O., Merkulov, D., & Kozlov, V. (2003). Method and refractometer for measuring refractive index of liquids. Patent LV13294 B. 6. Vilitis, O., & Merkulov, D. (2006). Method for detecting optical image of the light beam in

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Gamma-ray-based measurement of concentration distribution in pipe flow of settling slurry: vertical profiles and tomographic maps

References Hampel, U., Bieberle, A., Hoppe, D., Kronenberg, J., Schleicher, E., Sühnel, T., Zimmermann, F., Zippe, C., 2007. High resolution gamma ray tomography scanner for flow measurement and non-destructive testing applications. Rev. Sci. Instrum., 78, 10, 103704-1 - 103704-9. Hampel, U., Wagner, M., 2011. A method for correct averaging in transmission radiometry. Meas. Sci. Technol., 22, 115701. Hjertaker, B.T., Johansen, G.A., 2008. High speed gamma-ray tomography for hydrocarbon flow applications. An

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Measurements of Low Concentrations of Carbonyl Sulfide


Three methods are described for measuring carbonyl sulfide at low concentration levels (1-120 ppm): mass spectrometry (MS), gas chromatography with an electron capture detector (GC/ECD) and measurements by a Beckman carbon monoxide infra-red analyser (B-CO). When the results obtained by mass spectrometry were used as reference values the two other methods gave linear responses. The practical applicability for gas chromatography with an electron capture detector for measurements of the carbonyl sulfide content of mainstream and sidestream cigarette smoke is demonstrated. The values obtained revealed an approximately eight times higher concentration of carbonyl sulfide in mainstream than in sidestream cigarette smoke.

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An Interval Estimator for Chlorine Monitoring in Drinking Water Distribution Systems Under Uncertain System Dynamics, Inputs and Chlorine Concentration Measurement Errors

parameters in quantity models of water supply and distribution systems, Automatisierungstechnik 43(2): 77-84. Brdys, M.A. and Chen, K. (1996). Joint estimation of states and parameters of integrated quantity and quality models of dynamic water supply and distribution systems, Proceedings of the 13th IFAC World Congress, San Francisco, CA, Vol. 1, pp. 759-762. Brdys, M.A. and Łangowski, R. (2008). Interval estimator for chlorine monitoring in drinking water distribution systems under uncertain system dynamics, inputs and state measurement

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Laboratory Measurements of Particulate Matter Concentrations from Asphalt Pavement Abrasion

(38), 2010, p. 4937 - 4943. [6] GUSTAFSSON, M. - BLOMQVIST, G. - GUDMUNDSSON, A. - DAHL, A. - JONSSON, P. - SWIETLICKI, E.: Factors influencing PM10 emissions from road pavement wear. In: Atmospheric Environment, 43(31), 2009, p. 4699 - 4702. [7] PIRJOLA, L. - KUPIAINEN, K. J. - PERHONIEMI, P. - TERVAHATTU, H. - VESALA, H. Nonexhaust emission measurement system of the mobile laboratory SNIFFER. In: Atmospheric Environment, 43(31), 2009, p. 4703 - 4713. [8] TERVAHATTU, H. - KUPIAINEN, K. J. - RÄISÄNEN, M. - MÄKELÄ, T. - HILLAMO, R.: Generation of urban

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Estimating Wine Yeast Concentration by Speckle Size Measurement

References 1. Bracewell R., The Autocorrelation Function, The Fourier Transform and Its Applications, 3rd ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1999, 40-45 2. Chicea D., A Study of Nanoparticle Aggregation by Coherent Light Scattering, Current Nanoscience, 2012, 8(6), 259-265. 3. Chicea D., Estimating Particle Concentration in Natural Water by Speckle Size Measurement, 11th WSEAS International Conference on Environment, Ecosystems and Development (EED '13), Brasov, Romania, June 1-3, 2013, accepted

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Reconstruction of Dynamics of SO2 Concentration in Troposphere Based on Results of Direct Measurements

-publhealth-032013-182356. [4] Sunyer J, Urban air pollution and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a review. European Respiratory J. 2001;17(5):1024-1033. . [5] Petelczyc M, Żebrowski JJ, Gac JM. Extraction of stochastic dynamics from time series. Phys Rev E. 2012;86:011114, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.86.011114. [6] Olszowski T. Seasonal values of the gaseous concentrations of air quality ratings in a background area. Ecol Chem Eng S. 2013;20(4):719-732. DOI: 10.2478/eces-2013-0050. [7] Hosseiniebalam F

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The results of integration measurements of indoor radon activity concentration in houses in Ružomberok town (Northern Slovakia)

References Barros-Dios J. M., Ruano-Ravina A., Gastelu-Iturri J., Figueiras A., 2007: Factors underlying residential radon concentration: Results from Galicia, Spain. Environmental Research, 103, 2, 185-190, doi: 10.1016/j.envres.2006.04.008. Borgoni R., De Francesco D., De Bartolo D., Tzavidis N., 2014: Hierarchical modeling of indoor radon concentration: how much do geology and building factors matter? Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 138, 227-237, doi: 10.1016/j.jenvrad.2014. 08.022. Chen J., Tokonami

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Analysis of simultaneous time series of indoor, outdoor and soil air radon concentrations, meteorological and seismic data

. Sato K. Abukawa J. Higuchi H. 2003 A nationwide survey of outdoor radon concentration in Japan J. Environ. Radioact. 65 2 203 213 10.1016/S0265-931X(02)00097-8 12. Sanada, T., Fujimoto, K., Miyano, K., Doi, M., Tokonami, S., Uesugi, M., & Takata, Y. (1999). Measurement of nationwide indoor Rn concentration in Japan. J. Environ. Radioact. , 45 (2), 129–137. 10.1016/S0265-931X(02)00097-8 . Sanada T. Fujimoto K. Miyano K. Doi M. Tokonami S. Uesugi M. Takata Y. 1999 Measurement of nationwide indoor Rn concentration

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