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D. Atanasov and T. Ruskov

References 1. Buyya, R., R. Ranjan et al. InterCloud: Utility-oriented Federation of Cloud Computing Environments for Scaling of Application Services. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing, Busan, South Korea, 2010, 328-336. 2. Calheiros, R., R. Ranjan, A. Beloglazov, C. A. F. De Rose, and R. Buyya. CloudSim: A Toolkit for Modeling and Simulation of Cloud Computing Environments and Evaluation of Resource Provisioning Algorithms. Software: Practice and Experience (SPE), 41, January 2011

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P. Ravi Kumar, P. Herbert Raj and P. Jelciana

References 1. Hogan, M., A. Sokol. NIST Cloud Computing Standards Roadmap. Version 2. NIST Cloud Computing Standards Roadmap Working Group. NIST Special Publications 500-291, NIST, Gaithersburg, MD, 2013, pp. 1-113. 2. Columbus, L. Roundup of Cloud Computing Forecasts and Market Estimates 2016. 13 March 2016. 3. Khalil, I. M., A. Khreishah, M. Azeem. Cloud Computing Security: A Survey

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Maksims Kornevs, Vineta Minkevica and Marcus Holm

References [1] D. Sitaram and G. Manjunath, “Moving To the Cloud: Developing Apps in the New World of Cloud Computing,” Elsevier, 2011, p. 468. [2] M.D. de Assuncao, A. di Costanzo and R. Buyya, “Evaluating the costbenefit of using cloud computing to extend the capacity of clusters,” Proceedings of the 18th ACM international symposium on High performance distributed computing, 2009, pp 141-150. [3] L. Mei, “A tale of clouds: Paradigm comparisons and some thoughts on research issues,” Asia

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Adrian-Mihai Zaharia-Rădulescu and Ioan Radu

References Chellappa, R.K. (1997), Intermediaries in Cloud-Computing: A New Computing Paradigm, INFORMS Annual Meeting. Destefani Neto, M. (2014), A brief history of cloud computing. Retrieved from . Draoli, M. (2014), D3.2 - Public Sector Study. FP7-610650 Cloud for Europe. Retrieved from . EAR Online, Position Paper. Doelarchitectuur Rijks

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Tomáš Mandičák, Peter Mesároš and Mária Kozlovská

References Bargas-Avila, J., Lotscher, J., Orsini, S., & Opwis, K. (2009). Intranet satisfaction questionnaire: Development and validation of a questionnaire to measure user satisfaction with the Intranet. Computer in Human Behaviour, 28, pp. 1241-1250. Calero, J., Konig, B., & Kirschnick, J. (2012). Cross-Layer Monitoring in Cloud Computing. Rashvand, Using Cross-Layer Techniques for Communication Systems. Premier reference source. IGI Global, Hershey, PA, p. 329. ISBN 978-1-4666-0961-7. Čarnicky, Š., & Mesaroš

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Henryk Krawczyk and Michał Nykiel

graph. J. of Algorithms , 17 (3), (1994), 424-446. [9] R. K emp , N. P almer , T. K ielmann and H. B al : Cuckoo: a computation offloading framework for smartphones. Mobile Computing, Applications, and Services. Springer, 2010, 59-79. [10] R.E. K orf and D.M. C hickering : Best-first minimax search. Artificial Intelligence , 84 (1), (1996), 299-337. [11] S. K osta , A. A ucinas , P. H ui , R. M ortier and X. Z hang : Unleashing the power of mobile cloud computing using thinkair. arXiv:1105.3232 [cs.DC], (2011). [12] H. K rawczyk , M. N

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Michał Wišniewski

Wydzialu Nawigacyjnego Akademii Morskiej w Gdyni, No. 22/2008. [5] Lagowski J. - Cloud Computing - Co to jest?, XVI Konferencja PLOUG, Košcielisko 2010. [6] Lapiňski K., Wyžnikiewicz B. - Cloud Computing wplyw na konkurencyjnošc przedsiebiorstw i gospodarkę Polski, Warszawa 2011. [7] Mateos A. Rosenberg J. - Chmura obliczeniowa rozwiazania dla biznesu. translated by Walkowska Justyna, Gliwice: Helion, 2011. [8] Raport: cloud computing: elastycznošč, efektywnošč, bezpieczeňstwo. Instytut Badaňnad GospodarkąRynkową 2011. [9] Stasiak A., Skowroňski Z

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Ji Yimu, Kuang Zizhuo, Pan Qiao Yu, Sun Yanpeng, Kang Jiangbang and Huang Wei

:// 5. Lawrence, C. E., S. E. Altschul, M. S. Boguskiet al. Detecting Subtle Sequence Signals: A Gibbs Sampling Strategy for Multiple Alignment. - Science, Vol. 262, 1993, 208-214. 6. Chen, K., W. M. Zheng. Cloud Computing: System Instances and Current Research. - Journal of Software, Vol. 20, 2009, No 5, 1337-1348 (in Chinese with English Abstract). [doi: 10.3724/SP.J.1001.2009.03493] 7. Dash, D., V. Kantere, A. Ailamaki. An Economic Model for Self-Tuned Cloud Caching. - In: Y. E. Ioannidis, D

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A. Bei Xi, B. Qiuli Qin and C. Lei Huang

References 1. Han, J. The Reviews of the Cloud Computing. - The Development of the Company Technology, Vol. 29 , 2012, No 15, 13-14. 2. Zhao, P. Advocate Medical Resources Sharing and Promote the Development of the Hospitals. - Health Economic Research, Vol. 30 , 2002, No 6, 40-41. 3. Lai, Y. C., Z. Song. The Importance of Business Process Reengineering for the Hospital Informatization Construction. - Chinese Journal of Hospital Management, Vol. 20 , 2004, No 15, 750-752. 4. Howard, S

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Nguyen Minh Nhut Pham, Van Son Le and Ha Huy Cuong Nguyen

Modeling and Simulation of Cloud Computing Environments and Evaluation of Resource Provisioning Algorithms. – Softw. Pract. Exper. Vol. 41 , 2011, No 1, pp. 23-50. 4. Cao, Z., S. Dong. Dynamic VM Consolidation for Energy-Aware and SLA Violation Reduction in Cloud Computing. – In: Proc. of 2012 IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing, 2012. PDCAT, IEEE, 2012, pp. 363-369. 5. Farahnakian, F., et al. Energy-Aware Dynamic VM Consolidation in Cloud Data Centers Using Ant Colony System. – In: Proc. of 2014 IEEE International Conference