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Ivan Atencia

). A discrete-time system queueing system with server breakdowns and changes in the repair times, Annals of Operations Research 235(1): 37-49. Atencia, I. and Moreno, P. (2004). The discrete-time Geo/Geo/1 queue with negative customers and disasters, Computers and Operations Research 31(9): 1537-1548. Atencia, I. and Moreno, P. (2005). A single-server G-queue in discrete-time with geometrical arrival and service process, Performance Evaluation 59(1): 85-97. Bocharov, P.P., D’Apice, C., Pechinkin, A.V. and Salerno, S

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Dan Wu, Man Zhu and Aihua Ran

sessions, search queries, information needs, and emotion changes as follows. A search session is the process in which participants submit one or more queries to meet a single information need. A search query is the text entered during a search session. An information need is a participant’s desire to obtain information to satisfy a need. An emotion change refers to a change in a participant’s mood upon completion of a mobile search. In this paper, we identify 450 mobile search sessions with definite information needs and emotion changes from the structured

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Juan Pedro Ruiz-Fernández, Javier Benlloch, Miguel A. López and Nelia Valverde-Gascueña

, among others. Regarding temporal limits, recall that in any productive process, it holds that time leads to noticeable changes concerning the qualities and types of production factors, the types and qualities of products as well as the productive process itself. Finally, regarding typological limits, notice that it becomes necessary, since the seasonal factors will influence differently the construction of tunnels, road surfaces, bridges or buildings. Several works support the above (Skitmore, 1992 [ 18 ]; Kaká & Price, 1993 [ 11 ]; Banki & Esmaeili, 2009 [ 2

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Maciej Henryk Jędrusik

instability which handicaps foreign investments, the difficulties to set up the necessary infrastructure, significant health threats, insecurity of visitors who are attacked in a few areas, especially in the South where ransacking rebels are rampant) and the lack of a solid development plan of tourism strategy, mean that tourist traffic has remained small. Tourist numbers fluctuate significantly, especially at times of political turbulence ( Fig. 1 ). Over all, it is growing, but remains modest considering the size of the country and its population. This is partly the

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“Now I know Norway from within”

Boundary Work and Belonging in Au Pairs’ Narratives

Olga Tkach

interviews with au pairs either as warm-up or completive talks. As a Russian speaker and newcomer in Norway, I was accepted amongst au pairs as a reliable person for them to verbalise and share their views on cultural distance and closeness between themselves and representatives of the hosting society and between their home and host countries. Their perceptions and feelings of belonging have been developing and changing across their stay in the country. Just as Daria This and other names of interviewees used in this article are pseudonyms. , a former Russian au pair, who

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Bruce M. Owen

.S. 137, 177 (1803). The Framers would also have taken as given the technologies of their times, which themselves limited the roles of central government in a vast and growing nation. Madison could hardly have foreseen or imagined the nineteenth century changes that eventually made unlimited central government inevitable, among them national markets, mass production, the limited liability corporation, and revolutions in communication and transportation. Most important, by the twentieth century, for many citizens government had become the natural panacea for all

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Robert G. Natelson

dissenting opinions were oddly drafted. They were indifferently researched, curiously disorganized, internally inconsistent, and occasionally incoherent. The dissent showed signs of being patched together at different times and under different circumstances. Some Montanans in a position to know believe that one justice on the five-man court changed his mind after initial drafts were prepared, thereby forcing hasty redrafting. Some claim the vote switch was the product of political pressure. Such a case cries out for scholarly review. But there has been almost none in the

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Aadne Aasland and Guri Tyldum

study and who combine their studies with part-time work: foreign students may work 20 hours per week and during vacation while in Norway on a student visa. Ethnic segmentation in the Oslo hotel industry Closer examination of the distribution of jobs in the Oslo hotel industry reveals major differences in the kind of work done by members of various immigrant groups (see Table 2 ). There are both Norwegian and immigrant hotel workers represented in all types of hotel jobs, but certain categories of immigrants are clearly over-represented in some job types