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Mary H. Mulry and Andrew D. Keller

5. References Cantwell, P.J., M. Ramos, and D. Kostanich. 2009. “Measuring Coverage in the 2010 U.S. Census.” In JSM Proceedings , Social Statistics Section, American Statistical Association, Washington, DC, August 1–6, 2009. Alexandria, VA: American Statistical Association. 43–54. Available at: (accessed January 2017). Chesnut, J. 2005. “Item Nonresponse Error for the 100 Percent Data Items on the Census 2000 Long Form Questionnaire.” In JSM Proceedings , Section on Survey

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Andrew Keller, Vincent T. Mule, Darcy Steeg Morris and Scott Konicki

6. References Alvey, W. and F. Scheuren. 1982. “Background for an Administrative Record Census.” in JSM Proceedings, Social Statistics Section, American Statistical Association, Cincinnati, OH, August 16–19, 1982. Washington, DC: American Statistical Association. 137–152. Bakker, B.F.M., P.G.M. van Heijden, and S. Scholtus. 2015. “ “Preface” to a Special Issue on Coverage Problems in Administrative Sources.” Journal of Official Statistics 31(3): 349–355. Doi: . Brackstone, G.J. 1987. “Issues in the Use

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Gina Walejko and James Wagner

8. References Biemer, P., P. Chen, and K. Wang. 2013. “Using Level-of-Effort Paradata in Non-Response Adjustments with Application to Field Surveys.” Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A 176(1): 147–168. Doi: . Blumerman, L., E. Moffett, M. Bentley, T. Boone, and M. Chapin. 2015. “2020 Census Operational Plan Overview and Operational Areas.” Presentation to the Census Bureau’s National Advisory Committee. October 8, 2015. Campanelli, P., P. Sturgis, and S. Purdon. 1997. “ Can You

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Carlos A. Dias, Anders Wallgren, Britt Wallgren and Pedro S. Coelho

References Andersen, E. and H. Utne. 2011. “Censuses in a Register-Based Statistical System: Norwegian Experiences.” Paper presented at the 58th World Statistics Congress ISI 2011, IP064.01, 21-26 August, Dublin, Ireland. Ballano, C. 2008. “A Census of Population Based on an Administrative Register.” Paper presented at the 24th International Methodology Symposium, Statistics Canada, 28-31 October, Ottawa, Canada. Berka, C., S. Humer, M. Lenk, M. Moser, H. Rechta, and E. Schwerer. 2010. “A Quality Framework for

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Richard A. Griffin

-1118. DOI: Chandrasekar, C. and Deming, W.E. (1949). On a Method of Estimating Birth & Death Rates and the Extent of Registration. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 44, 101-115. Chao, A. and Tsay, P.K. (1998). A Sample Coverage Approach to Multiple-System Estimation with Aoolication to Census Undercount. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 93, 283-293. Darroch, J., Fienberg, S., Glonek, G., and Junker, B. (1993). A Three-Sample Multiple

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Lucas Martínez-Bernabeu and José Manuel Casado-Díaz

-560. CHAKRABORTY, A., BEAMONTE, M. A., GELFAND, A. E., ALONSO, M. P., GARGALLO, P., SALVADOR, M. (2013): Spatial interaction models with individual-level data for explaining labor flows and developing local labor markets. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 58: 292-307. COCKINGS, S., HARBOOT, A., MARTIN, D., HORNBY, D. (2011): Maintaining existing zoning systems using automated zone-designed techniques: methods for creating the 2011 Census output geographies for England and Wales. Environment and Planning A, 43: 2399-2418. COOMBES, M

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Ewa Chećko

., Perzanowski K., Zieliński J. 1986. Red deer population census in mountains: testing of an alternative method. Acta Theriologica , 31: 423-431. Borkowski J., Palmer S. C. F., Borowski Z. 2011. Drive counts as a method of estimating ungulate density in forests: mission impossible? Acta Theriologica , DOI 10.1007/s13364-010-0023-8 Boulanger J., Kendall K. C., Stetz J. B., Roon D.A., Waits L. P., Paetkau D. 2008. Multiple data sources improve DNA-based mark-recapture population estimates of grizzly bears. Ecological

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O. Godlevska, M. Ghazali, V. Tyshchenko, M. Drebet and V. Martynjuk

Results of the Winter Bat Census in Two Sites of the Central Podolia (Ukraine)

In February 2009 a full bat census in GMN- and IVK-mines (Khmelnytsky Oblast) was done. In total, 4801 individuals of 10 species were counted: 2438 of 7 sp. in GMN-mines and 2364 of 9 sp. in IVK-mines. The carried work is the first experience of a full bat census in considerable by length underground systems (29 and 11 km correspondingly) in Ukraine. Examination of GMN-mines took 77,5 man-hours; IVK-mines, ca. 50 man-hours. The obtained results will be at a base of the further bat monitoring in these two sites.

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Bruce D. Spencer, Julian May, Steven Kenyon and Zachary Seeskin

References Alho, J.M. and B.D. Spencer. 2005. Statistical Demography and Forecasting. New York: Springer. Bakker, C. 2014. Valuing the Census. Wellington: Statistics New Zealand. Available at: Berger, J.O. 1985. Statistical Decision Theory and Bayesian Analysis. 2nd ed. New York: Springer. Bhutta, Z.A., J.K. Das, A. Rizvi, M.F. Gaff, N. Walker, S. Horton, P. Webb, A. Lartey, and R.E. Black. 2013. “Evidence-based Interventions for Improvement of Maternal and Child Nutrition

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Louisa Blackwell, Andrew Charlesworth and Nicola Jane Rogers

References Abbott, O. 2009. “2011 UK Census Coverage Assessment and Adjustment Strategy.” Population Trends 137: 25-32. Available at: (accessed 16 July, 2015). Cabinet Office December. 2008. “Helping to Shape Tomorrow- the 2011 Census of Population and Housing in England and Wales.” UK: The Stationary Office