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Researching Capitalism In Poland: Economic Interests As A Cultural Construction

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Women in Local Politics in Russia: Coping with Poverty and Strategies for Development

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Ownership Concentration and Firm Performance in Transition Economies: Evidence from Montenegro

Corporate Performance: Australian Evidence, Corporate Ownership and Control, Vol. 6, No. 2, pp. 114-131. 57. Friedman, M. (1962) Capitalism and Freedom, Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 58. Frydman, R. and Rapaczynski, A. (1991) Markets and Institutions in Large-Scale Privatization, in Corbo, V., Coricelli, F., and Bossak, J. (1991) Reforming Central and Eastern European Economies, World Bank. 59. Frydman, R., Phelps, E. S., Rapaczynski, A., and Shleifer, A. (1993) Needed Mechanisms of Corporate Governance and Finance

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Competency Management in Central Europe: A Comparison of Czech, Hungarian and Slovenian Competency Needs

. (1994). Management Standards: A Critical Approach. Competency , 2, (1), 28-31. Lieberman, I., (Ed.) (1997). Between State and Market: Mass Privatization in Transition Economies . Washington: The World Bank. Lohr, K. (2003). Management und Managementprozesse in Ostdeutschland - Befundeund Perspektiven aus managementsoziologischer Sicht. Journal for East European Management Studies , 8 (4), 369-386. Lungwitz, R. (1998). Manager als Konstrukteure organisatorischer Modernisierungs- prozesse in der Industrie Ostdeutschland

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Conventional Direction to Unconventional Measures: Using Quantitative Easing to shape Eurozone Fiscal Capacity

, 2015, ‘Introduction: The economic policy debate on investment’, in BMfWFW, (op. cit.). • Mazzucato Mariana, 2013, The Entrepreneurial State: Debunking the Public vs. Private Myth in Risk and Innovation , Anthem Press, London • Micossi Stefano, 2015, The Monetary Policy of the European Central Bank (2002-2015) , CEPS Special Report No. 109, May. • Musgrave Richard A., 1961, The Theory of Public Finance. A Study in Public Economic , McGraw-Hill, New York. • OFCE/IMK/ECLM (2016), independent Annual Growth Survey 2015. • Panico Carlo and

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Regional Economie Resilienee: A Sehumpeterian Perspective

when it began to decline slowly. Figure 3 also shows the distinctive long-term decline and subsequent economic growth of the London economy. This is associated with the decline of manufacturing in the early period and the rapid growth in financial and business services following the deregulation of financial markets in 1986 colloquially known as 'big bang'. Figure 3 also shows that the long-term trend line of the Schumpeterian four phase cycle is unlikely to be horizontal as shown diagrammatically in Fig. 1 above. In southern regions the long-term trend in

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Corporate Governance in Banks and its Impact on Risk and Performance: Review of Literature on the Selected Governance Mechanisms

-2374. 83. Hasan, I . and Marton, K . (2003). Development and efficiency of the banking sector in a transitional economy. Journal of Banking and Finance, 27, 2249-2271. 84. Hau, H . and M. Thum. (2009). Subprime crisis and Board (In-) Competence: Private vs. Public banks in Germany. Economic Policy 24 (60), 701-51. 85. Heremans, D. (2007). Corporate governance issue for banks: A financial stability perspective. SSRN Working Paper, Center for Economic Studies, Catholic University of Leuven. 86. Hermalin, E . and Weisbach

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Finding oneself abroad
Au pairs’ strategies of self-positioning in hosting societies

program provides an avenue for various modes of consequential migration through different types of labour, education and training, marriage and also tourist activities ( Rohde 2014 ; Tkach 2014 ). The employment of female migrants in private households to cover domestic and care work of the family has been widely discussed in literature (e.g., Morokvasic 1991 ; Anthias & Lazaridis 2000 ; Hochschild 2000 ; Anderson 2006 ; Lutz 2008 ). The need for domestic and care workers in private households arose from the increasing labour market participation of women

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Economics of Artificial Intelligence: Implications for the Future of Work

. Private Sector Myths. London: Anthem Press. Mazzucato M. 2013 The Entrepreneurial State: Debunking Public vs. Private Sector Myths London Anthem Press Méda, D. (2016): The Future of Work: The Meaning and Value of Work in Europe. ILO Research Paper No. 18. Geneva: International Labour Office. Méda D. 2016 The Future of Work: The Meaning and Value of Work in Europe. ILO Research Paper No. 18 Geneva International Labour Office MGI (2015): A Labor Market that Works: Connecting Talent with Opportunity in the Digital Age. Washington DC: McKinsey

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Up or Down the Value Chain? A Comparative Analysis of the GVC Position of the Economies of the New EU Member States

were relatively industrialized in early 1990s and maintained relatively low wages as compared to the countries in western Europe. By 1995 the privatization and structural change was already advanced and many of the former state-owned enterprises restructured and regained some of their productive capacity, many of them through foreign direct investment. As Fig. 1 shows, in late 1990s, production of primary goods including agricultural products and mining has been gradually losing its importance in the economy of the NMS. Small private businesses were being

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