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Pore Size and Porosity of Modified Polyester/PVA Blended Spun Yarn. Fibers and Polymers.17(9): 1489-1496. [7] Park, Y. (2016). Study of moisture and thermal transfer properties as a function of the fiber material variation. Fibers & Polymers, 17(3), 477-483. [8] RChattopadhyay. (2005). Wicking behavior of compact and ring spun yarns and fabrics. Melliand-china.11, 25. [9] Schoenmaker, B. D., Schueren, L. V. D., Vrieze, S. D., Westbroek, P., Clerck, K. D. (2011). Wicking properties of various polyamide nanofibrous structures with an optimized method. Journal of

References Alcohol in the European Region - consumption, harm and policies. WHO 2001. Bortolotti F, De Paoli G, Tagliaro F. Carbohydrate-deficient transferrin (CDT) as a marker of alcohol abuse: a critical review of the literature 2001-2005. J Chromatogr B 2006; 841: 96-109. Bortolotti F, Tagliaro F, Cittadini F, Gottardo R, Trettene M, Marigo M. Determination of CDT, a marker of chronic alcohol abuse, for driving license issuing: immunoassay versus capillary electrophoresis. Forensic Sci Int 2002; 128: 53-8. Arndt T. Carbohydrate-deficient transferrin as a

:2006P. Concrete. Specification, performance, production and conformity. Warszawa: Polish Committee for Standardization; 2006. . [39] Polish Standard PN-EN 1936:2010. Natural stone test methods. Determination of real density and apparent density, and of total and open porosity. Warszawa, Poland: Polish Committee for Standardization; 2010. . [40] Vidana Gamage DN, Biswas A, Strachan IB. Soil Till Res. 2019;193:50-58. DOI: 10.1016/j.still.2019.05.012. [41] Černý R. Measurement

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with a rise in glucose levels and was significant at elevated glucose levels. Concordance correlation coefficient (CCC) analysis showed strong agreement (CCC = 0.95) between PVBG and GCBG; moderate agreement (CCC = 0.94) was seen between GCBG and GVBG; and poor agreement (CCC = 0.81) was present with GVBG and PVBG. Intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC), 0.947 at 95% CI (0.864, 0.974) showed positive correlation and more consistency between capillary and venous glucose levels ( Table 1 ). For most of the cases a Bland and Altman plot presented excellent agreement

’ equation for nonuniform porous media, Water Resources Research, 34, 2599-2610, 1998. 12. A. Szymkiewicz, Approximation of internodal conductivities in numerical simulation of 1D infiltration, drainage and capillary rise in unsaturated soils, Water Resources Research, 45, doi:10.1029/2008WR007654, 2009. 13. A.W. Warrick, Numerical approximation of Darcian flow through unsaturated soil, Water Resources Research 27, 1215-1222, 1991. 14. H. Zaradny, Mathematical methods for description and solutions of water flow problems in saturated and unsaturated grounds and soils. [In

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