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Radon permeability of insulating building materials

environment and moisture control (Reference No. P301547 B). Report prepared to Icopal A/S postboks 55 NO-1472 Fjellhamar Norge Sweden SP Swedish National Testing and Research Institute 14. Narula, A. K., Chauhan, R. P., & Chakarvarti, S. K. (2010). Testing permeability of building materials for radon diffusion. Indian J. Pure Appl. Phys. , 48 , 505–507. Narula A. K. Chauhan R. P. Chakarvarti S. K. 2010 Testing permeability of building materials for radon diffusion Indian J. Pure Appl. Phys. 48 505 507

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Remote Sensing to Estimate Saturation Differences of Chosen Building Materials Using Terrestrial Laser Scanner

Terrestrial Laser Scanner in Cliff Shores Monitoring. Rocznik Ochrona Środowiska 2009, Vol 11, pp. 715-725. Suchocki, C., & Katzer, J., (2016). An example of harnessing Terrestrial Laser Scanner for remote sensing of saturation of chosen building materials. Construction and Building Materials, 122, pp. 400-405. DOI: 10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2016.06.091. Suchocki, C. Wasilewski & A. Aksamitauskas C. (2008). Aplication of scanning technology in cliff shores monitoring. The 7th International Conference Environmental Engineering, Volume 3. May 22

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The dose of gamma radiation from building materials and soil

, N. (2000). Estimation of the indoor exposure to external radiation from natural radionuclides in building materials in Vojvodina. In Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium and Exhibition on Environmental Contamination in Central and Eastern Europe. Prague. 7. Popović, D., & Todorović, D. (2006). Radon indoor concentrations and activity of radionuclides in building materials in Serbia. Facta Universitatis, Series: Physics, Chemistry and Technology, 4, 11-20. 8. Krstić, D., Nikezić, D., Stevanović, N., & Vučić, D. (2007

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Natural Radioactivity in Clay and Building Materials Used in Latvia

References 1. UNSCEAR. (2000). Sources and Effects of Ionizing Radiation. Report to General Assembly, Vol.1, Annex B. New York: United Nations. 2. NEA-OECD. (1979). Nuclear Energy Agency. Exposure to radiation from natural radioactivity in building materials. Report by NEA Group Experts. Paris: OECD. 3. European Commission. (1999). Radiological Protection Principles Concerning the Natural Radioactivity of Building Materials. Radiation Protection 112. Luxembourg: EC. 4. European Commission. (1996

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Implementation of Energy-Saving Innovations as the Main Direction of Development of the Building Materials Industry

References Basic directions of activity of the Russian Federation Government for the period until 2018: Decree of the Russian Federation Government (2013, Jan. 31). Kuzina O. (2014, April). Building materials industry as the basis of formation of the construction industry products. In materials of IVth international scientific-practical conference “Modern problems of project management in investment and construction sphere and environmental management”, (pp. 93-99). Moscow, Russian Federation

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Radioactivity of some building and raw materials used in Croatia

References Okuno, N., Ishikawa, Y., Shimizu, A. & Yoshida, M. (2004). Utilization of sludge in building material. Water Sci. Technol. 49 (10), 225-232. Almeida, N., Branco, F. & Santos, J.R. (2007). Recycling of stone slurry in industrial activities: Application to concrete mixtures. Build. Environ. 42 (2), 810-819. DOI: 10.1016/j.buildenv.2005.09.018. Chateau, L. (2007). Environmental acceptability of beneficial use of waste as construction material-State of knowledge, current

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Development of The Experimental Stand With Centrally Located Specimen For The Investigation of Heat and Moisture Phenomena in Porous Building Materials

buildings TL ages. Measurement 118 , 289–297. 10. Janssen, H, Scheffler, GA and Plagge, R 2016. Experimental study of dynamic effects in moisture transfer in building materials. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 98 , 141–149. 11. Junqueira, JRdJ, Corrêa, JLG, de Oliveira, HM, Ivo Soares Avelar, R and Salles Pio, LA 2017. Convective drying of cape gooseberry fruits: Effect of pretreatments on kinetics and quality parameters. LWT - Food Science and Technology 82 , 404–410. 12. Karagiannis, N, Karoglou, M, Bakolas, A, Krokida, M and

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Review of international normatives for natural radioactivity determination in building materials

References 1. UNSCEAR. (2000). Sources, effects and risks of ionizing radiation. United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation. Report to the General Assembly. New York: United Nations. 2. IAEA. (1990). The use of gamma-ray data to define the natural radiation environment. Vienna: International Atomic Energy Agency. (Technical Document no. 566). 3. NEA-OECD. (1979). Exposure to radiation from natural radioactivity in building materials. Report by Nuclear Energy Agency Group of Experts

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Impact of Different Building Materials on Summer Comfort in Low-Energy Buildings

References 1. Council Directive 2010/31/EU of 19 May 2010 on the energy performance of buildings (recast). (2010). Official Journal of the European Union, L 153/13, 13-35. 2. Schnieders, J. (2005). A first-guess passive home in southern France: Passiv- On. Retrieved on 1 March 2015, from 3. Schnieders, J. (2009). Passive houses in South West Europe. Darmstadt: Passivhaus Institut. 4. Beizaee, A., Lomas, K., & Firth, S. (2013

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Thermal Renovation of Buildings with the Use of Straw - European Experience

REFERENCES 1. Anink D., Boonstra C., Mak J.: Handbook of Sustainable Building, James and James, Londyn 1996. 2. Backiel-Brzozowska B.: Budownictwo z gliny i słomy - wstępna ocena wybranych aspektów trwałości Inżynieria Ekologiczna Vol. 40 (2014), 208-216. 3. Berge B.: The Ecology of Building Materials , Oxford Architectural Press 2001. 4. Golański M., Potencjał zastosowania produktów organicznych w budownictwie , Przegląd Budowlany 5 (2011) 80-87. 5. Górzyński J.: Obciążenia środowiska w produkcji wyrobów budowlanych . Prace

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