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Abdur Razzaque, Pavla Tesinova and Lubos Hes

References [1] Ahmad, S., Ahmad, F., Afzal, A., Rasheed, A., Mohsin, M. & Ahmad, N. (2015). Effect of weave structure on thermo-physiological properties of cotton fabrics. AUTEX Research Journal, Vol. 19, No 1, March 2019, 15(1), 30–34. [2] Ahn, H. W., Park, C. H. & Chung, S.E. (2010). Waterproof and breathable properties of nanoweb applied clothing. Textile Research Journal, 81, 1438–1447. [3] Boguslawska-Baczek, M. & Hes, L. (2013). Effective water vapour permeability of wet wool fabric and blended fabrics. Fibers and Textiles in Eastern

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Andreja Jurič, Andrija Fijačko, Lana Bakulić, Tanja Orešić and Ines Gmajnički

K, Rabl W. Elimination rates of breath alcohol. Forensic Sci Int 2007;171:16-21. doi: 10.1016/j.forsciint.2006.09.008 5. Lindberg L, Brauer S, Wollmer P, Goldberg L, Jones AW, Olsson SG. Breath alcohol concentration determined with a new analyzer using free exhalation predicts almost precisely the arterial blood alcohol concentration. Forensic Sci Int 2007;168:200-7. doi: 10.1016/j.forsciint.2006.07.018 6. Jachau K, Wittig H, Heres F, Krause D. Concurrent Measurements of Arterial and Venous Blood Alcohol Concentrations and Breath

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Janusz Mikołajczyk, Jacek Wojtas, Zbigniew Bielecki, Tadeusz Stacewicz, Dariusz Szabra, Paweł Magryta, Artur Prokopiuk, Arkadiusz Tkacz and Małgorzata Panek

References [1] Wang, Ch., Sahay, P. (2009). Breath analysis using laser spectroscopic techniques: breath biomarkers, spectra fingerprints, detection limit. Sensors, 9, 8230−8262. [2] Buszewski, B., Grzywinski, T., Ligor, T., Stacewicz, T., Bielecki, Z., Wojtas, J. (2013). Detection of volatile organic compounds as biomarkers in breath analysis by different analytical techniques. Bioanalysis, 5(18), 2287-306. [3] Amann, A., Ligor, M., Ligor, T., Bajtarevic, A., Ager, C., Pienz, M., Denz, H., Fiegl, M., Hilbe, W

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Teresa Alentejano, Gordon Bell and Dru Marshall

References Alentejano, T. Marshall, D. and Bell, G. A time-motion analysis of elite solo synchronized swimming Int J Sports Physiol Perform, 2008; 3(1) 31-40. Alentejano, T. Marshall, D. and Bell, G., Breath holding with water immersion in synchronized swimming and untrained women Res Sports Med 2010; 18 (2) 97 - 114. Andersson, J., Liner, M., Fredsteed, A. and Schagatay, E. Cardiovascular and respiratory responses to apnoeas with and without face immersion in exercising humans J of

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Michal Greguš, Pavlo Ďurč, Julia Lačná, František Foreti and Peter Kubáň

-0241.2006.00630.x [3] Johnston, N.; Ondrey, F.; Rosen, R.; Hurley, B. P.; Gould, J.; Allen, J.; DelGaudio, J.; Altman, K. W.: Airway reflux, Ann. NY. Acad. Sci., 2016 1381, 5-13 DOI: 10.1111/nyas.13080 [4] Emilsson, O. I.; Gislason, P.; Olin, A. C.; Janson, C.; Olafsson, I.: Biomarkers for Gastroesophageal Reflux in Respiratory Diseases, Gastroenterol. Res. Pract., 2013 2013 148086 DOI: 10.1155/2013/148086 [5] Shimizu, Y.; Dobashi, K.; Mori, M.: Exhaled breath marker in asthma patients with Gastroesophageal reflux disease, J. Clin

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K. Cimermanová

References Amann, A., Smith, D. (2005). Breath Analysis for Clinical Diagnosis and Therapeutic Monitoring. Singapore: World Scientific. Billingley, P. (1968). Convergence of Probability Measure. New York: John Wiley & Sons. Fluss, R., Faraggi, D., Reiser, B. (2005). Estimation of the Youden index and its associated cutoff point. Biometric Journal , 47, 45-72. Hall, P.G., Hyndman, R.J., Fan, Y. (2004). Nonparametric confidence intervals for receiver

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Harold I. Zeliger, Yaqin Pan and William J. Rea

, Butler JR. (1983). Chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides in environmentally sensitive patients. Clinical Ecology 2 : 3-12. Monosson E. (2010). Biotransformation. The Encyclopedia of Earth. www. Pan Y, Johnson AR, Rea WJ. (1991). Aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents in chemically sensitive patients. Bol Asoc Med P R 83 (7): 316-20. Pauling L, Robinson AB, Teranishi R, Cary P. (1971). Quantitative analysis of urine vapor and breath by gas-liquid partition chromatography. Proc

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Peter Kubáň, Pavol Ďurč, Julia Lačná, Michal Greguš, František Foret, Jiří Dolina, Štefan Konečny, Martina Doubková, Dagmar Kindlová, Eva Pokojová and Jana Skřičková

References [1] Sidorenko, G.I.; Zborovskii, E.I.; Levina, D.I.: Surface-active properties of the exhaled air condensates (a new method of studying lung function), Ter. Arkh., 1980 52, 65-68 [2] Kubáň, P.; Foret, F.: Exhaled breath condensate: Determination of non-volatile compounds and their potential for clinical diagnosis and monitoring. A review, Anal. Chim. Acta, 2013 805, 1-18 DOI: 10.1016/j.aca.2013.07.049 [3] Hayes, S.A.; Haefliger, S.; Harris, B.; Pavlakis, N.; Clarke, S.J.; Molloy, M.P.; Howell, W

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Duangporn Thong-Ngam, Maneerat Chayanupatkul and Thirada Thongbai

pharmacokinetics. Acid suppression and efficacy of proton pump inhibitors. Aliment Pharmacol Ther. 2000; 14:963-78. 6. John H. The proton pump inhibitors: similarities and differences. Clinical Therapeutics. 2000; 22:266-79. 7. Chey WD, Spybrook M, Carpenter S, Nostrant TT, Elta GH, Scheiman JM. Prolonged effect of omeprazole on the 14C-urea breath test. Am J Gastroenterol. 1996; 91:89-92. 8. Connor SJ, Seow F, Ngu MC, Katelaris PH. The effect of dosing with omeprazole on the accuracy of 13C-urea breath test in Helicobacter pylori

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Barbara Stankiewicz, Krzysztof Zieliński, Marek Darowski and Marcin Michnikowski

., Zielinski K., Darowski M., Adamczyk B. (2006), Visual feedback based on expired CO2 as a therapy method for respiratory disturbances in stuttering, Archives of Acoustics, 31, 4, 439-444. 22. Stankiewicz B., Adamczyk B., Zieliński K., Darowski M. (2007), Diagnosis of respiratory disturbances associated with stuttering [in Polish], patent No 214066. 23. Stankiewicz B., Zielinski K., Darowski M. (2012), The method and device for breath regulation [in Polish], patent pending, No 401795. 24. Zocchi L., Marc Estenne M., Johnston S