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Hoard of Bohemian and Meissen bracteates found in Natternberg (local part of Deggendorf, Lower Bavaria)


Around 1950, during the forestry works near Natternberg (local part of Deggendorf, Lower Bavaria), some 26 bracteates were found. Only in 2012, the grandson of the finder reported the hoard and passed it for documentation to the Staatliche Münzsammlung München. Later on, the coins were returned to the owner and then sold in the numismatic auction. The Bohemian part is represented by three large bracteates struck under King Ottokar I of Bohemia (1192–1193, 1197–1230) during the last decade of his rule (cat. nos. 1–3). The Meissen coins are represented by 23 large bracteates struck (cat. nos. 4–26) under Margrave Henry III the Illustrious (1221/1230–1288) during the first decade of his rule. The hoard was buried in Natternberg very likely sometimes around 1230. Appearance of the Bohemian and Meissen bracteates is quite rare in Lower Bavaria, the twosided pfennigs from Regensburg and Passau circulated there predominantly. But it is still possible to think about their transfer from Bohemia, most likely from the Sušice surroundings, which was, as a possession of the Bavarian Counts of Bogen at that time (from the 12th century until 1242), connected through Gunther’s path with Deggendorf surroundings. The hoard could represent a separated part of a larger cash of a tradesman, which was possibly intended for hiding because of the forced exchange in the local markets.

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