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G. Szabó

. Szabó, V. Mertinger, Technological investigation of plated aluminium sheets, Mater. Sci. F. 729 , 482 (2013). [10] G. Szabó, V. Mertinger, Investigation of typical bonding faults of plated Al sheets developed during rolling, Mater. Sci. F. 812 , 387 (2015).

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J.M. Kościelny and M. Syfert

, “Functional causal graphs. Yet anpther model for diagnostic reasoning”, 3th IFAC Symp. on Fault Detection, Supervision and Safety for Technical Process - SAFEPROCESS’ 2000 2, 1102-1107 (1997). [35] A. Ligęza, “Abduction diagnostic inference for the model in the form of function causal-effect graphs”, 3rd National Scientific- Technical Conf. Diagnostics of Industrial Processes 1, 67-72 (1998), (in Polish). [36] M. Khemliche, B.O. Bouamama, and H. Haffaf, “Sensor placement for component diagnosability using bond-graph”, Sensors and Actuators A

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Marian Cichy, Zbigniew Kneba and Jacek Kropiwnicki

coefficient in flow boiling in conventional and small diameter tubes. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer Volume 50, Issues 19-20, (2007), pp. 3949-3956. 19. Mishra C., Samantaray A.K., Chakraborty G.: Bond graph modeling and experimental verification of a novel scheme for fault diagnosis of rolling element bearings in special operating conditions. Journal of Sound and Vibration 377 (2016), pp. 302-330. 20. Paynter H.M.: Analysis and Design of Engineering Systems. The MIT Press Cambridge, Massachusetts (1961). 21

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Abdelaziz Zaidi, Belkacem Ould Bouamama and Moncef Tagina

Intelligent Mechatronics, Montreal, Canada , pp. 790-795. Zhang, X. and Hoo, K. A. (2011). Effective fault detection and isolation using bond graph-based domain decomposition, Computers and Chemical Engineering 35 (1): 132-148.

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Leszek Chybowski, Katarzyna Gawdzińska and Bogusz Wiśnicki

-533. [10] C. Ericson II. „Fault Tree Analysis - A History”, in Proc.of The 17th International System Safety Conference, Unionville, Canada, 1999, pp. 1-9. [11] J.F. Espiritu, D.W. Coit and U. Prakash. „Componentcriticality importance measures for the power industry”, in Electric Power Systems Research, vol. 77(5-6), 2007, pp. 407-420. [12] K. Gawdzińska, L. Chybowski and W. Przetakiewicz. „Proper matrix-reinforcement bonding in cast metal matrix composites as a factor of their good quality”, in Archives of Civil and Mechanical

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Reihaneh Kardehi Moghaddam and Navid Moshtaghi Yazdan

reduced in the presence of defects and flaws. Although delamination and fiber defects are the normal consequences of hitting, the composites can also experience degradation because of inclusions. Non-detection of such defects may be caused by the point that the defects are not sensitive enough to conventional features of time domain such as peak amplitude and signal amplitude. Furthermore, there would be some problems when the properties of the substrate and bonding material have similar acoustic impedance. In this section, to diagnose faults and classify the composite

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Adam Glowacz

References 1. Bienias J., Jakubczak P., Majerski K., Ostapiuk M., Surowska B. (2013), Methods of ultrasonic testing, as an effective way of estimating durability and diagnosing operational capability of composite laminates used in aerospace industry, Eksploatacja i Niezawodnosc - Maintenance and Reliability, 15, 3, 284-289. 2. Bogucka J. (2014), Influence of Temperature of Accumulative Roll Bonding on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of AA5251 Aluminum Alloy, Archives of Metallurgy and Materials, 59, 1, 127-131. 3. Bozkurt E., Erzin E

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J. Margielewicz, J. Wojnarowski and S. Zawiślak

of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, vol.44, No.1, pp.139-151. [24] Drewniak J. and Zawiślak S. (2010): Linear-graph and contour-graph-based models of planetary gear . – Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, vol.48, No.2, pp.415-433. [25] Luo Y. and Tam D. (2011): Dynamics Modeling of Planetary gear set considering meshing stiffness based on bond graph . – Procedia Engineering, vol.24, pp.850-855. [26] Guo Y., Liu D., Yang S., Li X. and Chen J. (2016): Hydraulic-mechanical coupling modeling by bond graph for impact system of a high

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Krzysztof Skrzypkowski, Waldemar Korzeniowski, Krzysztof Zagórski and Piotr Dudek

REFERENCES [1] B iliński J., K osior A., M alik D., R zepecki W., Niektóre zagadnienia związane z korozją obudowy kotwiowej zabezpieczającej wyrobiska drążone w II i III stopniu zagrożenia wodnego w ZG „POLKOWICE” . Materiały konferencyjne „Obudowa kotwiowa jako skuteczny sposób zabezpieczenia wyrobisk w kopalniach rud miedzi” , Lubiatów 1996, Wydawnictwo Centrum Badawczo-Projektowe Miedzi „Cuprum” Sp. z o.o. Wrocław, 119–125. [2] B urtan Z., Z orychta A., C ieślik J., C hlebowski D., Influence of mining operating conditions on fault

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W. Neumann, H. Kirmse, I. Häusler, A. Mogilatenko, Ch. Zheng and W. Hetaba

, "Large-angle convergent-beam electron diffraction", J. Electron Microsc. 29, 408-412 (1980). J. P. Morniroli, "CBED and LACBED characterization of crystal defects", J. Microsc. 223, 240-245 (2006). D. A. Muller, L. F. Kourkoutis, M. Murfitt, J. H. Song, H. Y. Hwong, J. Silcox, N. Dellby, and O. L. Krivanek, "Atomic-scale chemical imaging of composition and bonding by aberration-corrected microscopy", Science 319, 1073-1076 (2008). A. K. Petford-Long and J. M. Chapman, "Lorentz