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Enikő Demény

References ANDERSON, J. & HONNETH, A. (2005): Autonomy, Vulnerability, Recognition and Justice. In: J. Christman & J. Anderson (eds.): Autonomy and the Challenge to Liberalism: New Essays . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 127–149. CALLAHAN, D (2003): Individual Good and Common Good: a Communitarian Approach to Bioethics’. In: Perspectives in Biology and Medicine , 46, pp. 496–507. CAPLAN, A. (1985): Our Brothers’ Keepers (book review). Robert Goodin, Protecting the Vulnerable: A Reanalysis of Our Social Responsibilities. Chicago

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Petr Jemelka and Martin Gluchman

Patrick Bateson obituary. In: The Guardian , 14.8. 2017 [online] [Retrieved September 20, 2017]. Available at: . MÜLLEROVÁ. H., ČERNÝ, D., DOLEŽAL, A. et al. (2016): Kapitoly o právech zvířat. „My a oni“ z pohledu filosofie, etiky, biologie a práva [ Chapters on animal rights. „we and they” form perspective of philosophy, ethics, biology and law ]. Prague: Academia. POST, S. G. (ed.) (2004): Encyclopedia of Bioethics , 3rd ed. New York: Thomson & Macmillan. REGAN, T

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Silviya S. Aleksandrova-Yankulovska

References 1. Jonsen A. The Birth of Bioethics. Part I: Bioethical Beginnings: The people and places. New York, Oxford: Oxford University Press; 1998:3-34. 2. Post SG. Bioethics. In: Encyclopedia of Bioethics. 3d edition. USA: Macmillan Reference; 2004:278-87. 3. Aulisio MP. Ethics consultation: Is it enough to mean well? Healthcare Ethics Committee Forum 1999;11(3):208-17. 4. Aleksandrova-Yankulovska S. Clinical ethics consultation - attitude towards the introduction, training in ethical

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Josef Kuře

, M. J. (2012): Conscience Clauses, the Refusal to Treat, and Civil Disobedience – Practicing Medicine as a Christian in a Hostile Secular Moral Space. In: Christian Bioethics , 18(1), pp. 1–14. CHURCHILL, R. P. (1996): Conscientious Objection. In: D. K. Wells (ed.): An Encyclopedia of War and Ethics . Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, pp. 99–102. COHEN, C. (1968): Conscientious Objection. In: Ethics, 78(4), pp. 269–279. COWLEY, C. (2016): Conscientious Objection and Healthcare in the UK: Why Tribunals are not the Answer. In: Journal of Medical

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Piotr Grzegorz Nowak

consequences. In: Neurology , 51(6), pp. 1538–1545. SILVER, D. (2003): Lethal injection, autonomy and the proper ends of medicine. In: Bioethics , 17(2), pp. 205–211. SINGER, P. (1994): Rethinking life and death: The collapse of our traditional ethics . New York: St. Martin’s Press. SINGER, P. (2018): The challenge of brain death for the sanctity of life ethic. In: Ethics & Bioethics (in Central Europe) , 8(3–4), pp. 153–165. TRUOG, R. (2016): The price of our illusions and myths about the dead donor rule. In: Journal of Medical Ethics , 42

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V.I. Popa, I. Lascar, M. Valcu, Ioana Teona Sebe, B. Caraban and Arina Cristiana Margina


Animal experiments are used on a large scale worldwide in order to develop or to refine new medicines, medicinal products or surgical procedures. It is morally wrong to cause animals to suffer, this is why animal experimentation causes serious moral problems.

We must realize that we have moral and legal obligations when dealing with animals in our care, and this should become our high priority before any experiment. We have to take responsibility for the life of the animals and we have to act honorably regarding this issue because we have been given a trust by society in general which is not to be taken lightly.

There is an ongoing societal debate about ethical issues of animal use in science. This paper is addressed to current and future researchers and is an appeal for them to (re)consider their personal views concerning the issue under scrutiny and their responsibility in ensuring that results would make the sacrifice worthwhile.

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Ethics & Bioethics

(in Central Europe)