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Biting midges of the genus Dasyhelea Kieffer (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) in Poland

-294. MAYER K. 1934c. XCIII. Ceratopogoniden - Metamorphosen (C. Intermediae und C. Vermiformes) der Deutschen Limnologischen Sunda-Expediton, pp.: 166-202. MAYER K. 1937. Beitrag zur Kenntnis der deutschen Ceratopogoniden (Dipt.) IX. Stettiner Entomologische Zeitung 98 : 301-304. MAYER K. 1959. Zwei Dasyhelea -Arten aus spanischen Salzgärten (Dipt. Heleidae). Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift 6 : 96-99. MCLACHLAN A.J., LADLE R. 2001. Life in the puddle: behavioural and life-cycle adaptations in the Diptera of tropical

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A critical review of integrated grass weed management in Ireland

the Irish grower is an understanding of the nature of resistant weeds in this country and developing links between certain behaviours and the onset of the different types of herbicide resistance. Common grass weeds of arable systems in Ireland Ireland has a favourable climate for growing cereals, with 750 to 1,250 mm of rain/year (Met Eireann, 2017) and average sunshine hours ranging between 1,100 and 1,600 hours/year (Met Eireann, 2017). This provides enough moisture and solar radiation to ensure that cereal yields in Ireland are consistently high in

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Cross-Sectional Relations Between Slim Cigarettes and Smoking Prevalence

; TNS Opinion & Social, May 2012. Available at: (Accessed September 28, 2015). 10. Webb, T.L. and P. Sheeran: Does Changing Behavioral Intentions Engender Behavior Change? A Meta- Analysis of the Experimental Evidence; Psychol. Bull. 132 (2006) 249-268. 11. Ng, M., M.K. Freeman, T.D. Fleming, M. Robinson, L. Dwyer-Lindgren, B. Thomson, A. Wollum, E. Sanman, S. Wulf, A.D. Lopez, C.J.L. Murray, and E. Gakidou: Smoking Prevalence and Cigarette

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Some Studies of the Effects of Additives on Cigarette Mainstream Smoke Properties. I. Flavorants

, pp. 21-22. 3. Wynder, E.L.: Statement on lung cancer-cigarette smoking controversy: Chemical fractionation of cigarette smoke condensate; in: False and misleading advertising (Filter-tip cigarettes), Wynder reported on the studies of G.F Wright at the Hearing before Subcommittee on Government Operations (the Blat-nik Hearings on Filtered Cigarettes), July, 1957, pp. 63-114. 4. Wynder, E.L. and D. Hoffmann: Tobacco and tobacco smoke: Studies in experimental carcinogenesis; Academic Press, New York, N.Y., 1967, pp

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Cigarette Mainstream Smoke: The Evolution of Methods and Devices for Generation, Exposure and Collection

Capacity and Proposed Protocols for the Initiation of Tobacco Product Testing; WHO, Geneva, Switzerland, 2004. 213. Pickworth, W., P. Houlgate, M. Schorp, M. Dixon, M. Borgerding, and G. Zaatari: Report of the ad hoc WG9 Smoking Behaviour Review Team to ISO/TC 126 WG9: A Review of Human Smoking Behaviour Data and Recommendations for a New ISO Standard for the Machine Smoking of Cigarettes (2005). Available at: This document was subsequently released as: International Organization for

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