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References [1] Frydrych, I. (2008). Study of clothing materials - raw materials for protective clothing, Part I Clothing for fire protection. (In Polish) Przegląd Włókienniczy-Włókno Odzież Skóra, Issue.6, pp.29-33, 2008. [2] Miśkiewicz, P., Frydrych, I. (2017). Considerations on modifying basalt fabrics protecting against the thermal radiation. In World Scientific News An International Scientific Journal, vol 76, pp. 85-90. [3] Majchrzycka, K., Pościk, A.. (2007). Selection of individual protection means. (In polish), Warsaw, pp.244-250. [4] Hrynyk, R., Frydrych

textiles, the use of aerogels has also been noticed. So far, attempts have been made to exploit the excellent insulating properties of aerogels, and attempts have been made to apply them to materials that protect people against hot or cold environments. The vast majority of research on the introduction of aerogels into textiles was carried out for applications in nonwovens [ 1 , 2 , 5 , 6 , 7 ] and less frequently for woven fabrics [ 7 , 8 , 9 ]. Basalt is a volcanic solid rock, mainly of fine-grained, gray, green, or black color, and can be used for the production of

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of surface of basalt fabric on protecting against high temperatures by the method of magnetron sputtering. Autex Research Journal, 19(1), 36-43. [45] Miśkiewicz, P., Frydrych, I., Pawlak, W. (2019). The influence of basalt fabrics modifications on their resistance to contact heat and comfort properties. International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology, 31(6), 874-886. [46] Miśkiewicz, P., Frydrych, I. Tokarska, M., Pawlak, W. (2019). Study on some thermal and electrical properties of basalt fabric modified with metal and ceramics as a result of magnetron

fabric is an array of fiber bundles or yarns, put together in such a way that the final product has stability and is locked together to give a one-piece structure [ 9 ]. During the knitting process, the proportion of fiber damage for basalt filament yarn is lower than that of glass fiber yarn as it has a higher value of the frictional coefficient. He further suggests that for suitable cam-setting, the yarn damage can be minimized for both basalt and glass filament yarns. For the similar cam setting, with the higher value of the frictional coefficient, the yarn has

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