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Pamela Miśkiewicz, Iwona Frydrych, Wojciech Pawlak and Agnieszka Cichocka

References [1] Frydrych, I. (2008). Study of clothing materials - raw materials for protective clothing, Part I Clothing for fire protection. (In Polish) Przegląd Włókienniczy-Włókno Odzież Skóra, Issue.6, pp.29-33, 2008. [2] Miśkiewicz, P., Frydrych, I. (2017). Considerations on modifying basalt fabrics protecting against the thermal radiation. In World Scientific News An International Scientific Journal, vol 76, pp. 85-90. [3] Majchrzycka, K., Pościk, A.. (2007). Selection of individual protection means. (In polish), Warsaw, pp.244

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D. Mikučionienė, L. Milašiūtė and R. Milašius

References [1] Ertugrul, S., Ucar, N. (2000) Predicting Bursting Strength of Cotton Plain Knitted Fabrics using Intelligent Techniques. Textile Research Journal, 70 (10), 845-851. [2] Das, A., Alagirusamy, R., Kumar, P. (2011) Study of Heat Transfer through Multilayer Clothing Assemblies: A Theoretical Prediction. AUTEX Research Journal, 11 (2), 54-60. [3] Gilewicz, P. et al. (2013) Change in Structural and Thermal Properties of Textile Fabrics Packages Containing Basalt Fibres after Fatique Bending Loading

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Xiaoying Li, Gaoming Jiang, Xiaolin Nie, Pibo Ma and Zhe Gao

References [1] Abounaim MD and Chokri C. Flat-knitted innovative three-dimensional spacer fabrics: a competitive solution for lightweight composite applications. Textile Research Journal, 2012: 82(3): 288-298. [2] Abounaim MD, Olaf D, Gerald H and Chokri C. Thermoplastic composites from curvilinear 3D multi-layer spacer fabrics. Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, 2010: 29(24): 3554-3565. [3] Abounaim MD, Gerald H, Olaf D and Chokri C. Thermoplastic composites from curvilinear flat-knitted 3D multi-layer spacer fabric using hybrid

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Vladimír Cajz, Petr Schnabl, Zoltan Pécskay, Zuzana Skácelová, Daniela Venhodová, Stanislav Šlechta and Kristýna Čížková

, 133-144. Vahle C. & Kontny A. 2005: The use of field dependence of AC susceptibility for the interpretation of magnetic mineralogy and magnetic fabrics in the HSDP-2 basalts, Hawaii. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 238, 110-129. Vokurka K. & Bendl J. 1992: Sr isotope geochemistry of Cenozoic Basalts from Bohemia and Moravia. Chem. d. Erde 52, 3, 179-187. Vokurka K. & Bendl J. 1993: Nd Isotopes of Cenozoic Basalts from Northern Moravia. Chem. d. Erde 53, 4, 307-313.

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Vladislav Sviatskii, Pavol Božek and Mikhail Sokolov

. – MANDAL, B. B. 2016. Biomaterials based on natural and synthetic polymer fibers. In Trends in Biomaterials, pp. 217–174. LESTYÁNSZKA ŠKŮRKOVÁ, K. – KUDIČOVÁ, J. 2015. Study of injection process capability in production of plastic boxes. In Acta Technologica Agriculturae, vol. 18, no. 2, pp. 54–56. PAN, Y. – ZHAO, H. A. 2018. Novel blowing agent polyelectrolyte for fabricating intumescent multilayer coating that retards fire on cotton fabric. In Journal of Applied Polymer Science, vol. 135, no. 32, DOI: August 20, 2018. PAPKOV, S. P. 1988. Theoretical

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Neven Georgiev, Bernard Henry, Neli Jordanova, Nikolaus Froitzheim, Diana Jordanova, Zivko Ivanov and Dimo Dimov

-567. Knight M.D. & Walker G.P.L. 1988: Magma flow directions in dikes of the Koolau complex, Oahu, dterminated from magnetic fabric studies. J. Geophys. Res. 93, 4301-4319. Kruhl J.H. 1996: Prism- and basal-plane parallel subgrain boundaries in quartz: a microstructural geothermobarometer. J. Metamorph. Geology 14, 581-589. Michael P. 1991: Intrusion of basaltic magma into a crystallizing granitic magma chamber: The Cordillera del Paine pluton in southern Chile. Contr. Mineral. Petrology 108, 396

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Christopher V. Jeans, Dee Long, Xiu-Fang Hu and Rory N. Mortimore

England. Memoir of the Geological Survey of the United Kingdom, London. HMSO, 568 pp. Jukes-Browne, A.J. and Hill, W. 1904. The Cretaceous rocks of Britain, Vol. III - the Upper Chalk of England. Memoir of the Geological Survey of the United Kingdom, London. HMSO, 566 pp. Lamplugh, G.W. 1895. Notes on the White Chalk of Yorkshire. Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society, 13, 65-87. Maliva, R.G. and Dickson, J.A.D. 1997. Ulster White Limestone Formation (Upper Cretaceous) of Northern Ireland: effects of basalt

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Azam Entezari Harsini, Seyed A Mazaheri, Saeed Saadat and José F Santos

Iran have average andesitic composite but other types of the volcanic rocks such as rhyolite, dacite, trachyte, basalt, are also seen ( Pazirandeh, 1973 ). This paper presents a constructive set of new U-Pb geochronology data combined with Sr-Nd isotope and geochemical data for sample of volcanic rocks from the Gandab area in northeastern Iran, and an analysis of the tectonic factors involved in their petrogenesis. It is a contribution to the understanding of magmatic activity in this part of the Alpine-Himalayan collision belt. The study area is located at 220 km

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Rastislav Vojtko, Silvia Králiková, Paul Andriessen, Roberta Prokešová, Jozef Minár and Petr Jeřábek

References Andrusov D. 1965: Geology of Czechoslovak Carpathians. Zv. III. Monograph, Veda, SAV , Bratislava, 1–392 (in Slovak). Árkai P., Faryad S.W., Vidal O. & Balogh K. 2003: Very low-grade metamorphism of sedimentary rocks of the Meliata unit, Western Carpathians, Slovakia: implications of phyllosilicate characteristics. Int. J. Earth Sci. 92, 68–85. Balogh K., Mihaliková A. & Vass D. 1981: Radiometric dating of basalts in Southern and Central Slovakia. Západ. Karpaty, Sér. Geol. 7, 113–126. Bezák V., Jacko S., Janák M., Ledru P

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Xiufang Hu, Christopher Jeans and Tony Dickson

controls of porosity in Cretaceous/Tertiary chalks, Eldfisk Field, Norwegian North Sea. AAPG Bulletin , 76 , 1825-1838. Maliva, R.G. and Dickson, J.A.D. 1994. Origin and environment of formation of late diagenetic dolomite in Cretaceous/Tertiary chalk, North Sea Central Graben. Geological Magazine , 131 , 609-617. Maliva, R.G. and Dickson, J.A.D. 1997. Ulster White Limestone Formation (Upper Cretaceous) of Northern Ireland: effects of basalt loading on chalk diagenesis. Sedimentology , 44 , 105-112. Maliva, R