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Mirjana Đerić, Sunčica Kojić-Damjanov, Velibor Čabarkapa and Nevena Eremić

disease prevention in clinical practice. Third Joint Task Force of European and Other Societies on Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in Clinical Practice. Eur Heart J 2003; 24: 1601-10. Das B, Daga MK, Gupta SK. Lipid Pentad Index: A novel bioindex for evaluation of lipid risk factors for atherosclerosis in young adolescents and children of premature coronary artery disease patients in India. Clin Bioch 2007; 40 (1-2): 18-24. Bogavac-Stanojević N, Jelić-Ivanović Z, Spasojević-Kalimanovska V, Spasić S, Kalimanovska

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Lachezar Grozdinski, Mario Stankev and Kocho Dimitrovski

References Ives DG, Fitzpatrick AL, Bild DE, et al. Surveillance and ascertainment of cardiovascular events: the Cardiovascular Health Study. Ann Epidemiol. 1995;5:278-285. doi:10.1016/1047-2797(94)00093-9 PMID:8520709 Kuller L, Borhani N, Furberg C, et al. Prevalence of subclinical atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease and association with risk factors in the Cardiovascular Health Study. Am J Epidemiol. 1994;139(12):1164-1179. PMID:8209875 Ballotta E, Da Giau G, Renon L

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Theodora Benedek

References 1. Slocum C, Kramer C, Genco A. Immune dysregulation mediated by the oral microbiome: potential link to chronic inflammation and atherosclerosis. J Int Med. 2016;280:114-128. 2. Chukkapalli SS, Easwaran M, Rivera-Kweh MF, et al. Sequential Colonization of Periodontal Pathogens in Induction of Periodontal Disease and Atherosclerosis in LDLRnull Mice. Pathog Dis. 2017; pii: ftx003. 3. Lu Q, Jin L. Human gingiva is another site of C-reactive protein formation. J Clin Periodontol. 2010

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E Grbić, A Peterlin, T Kunej and D Petrovič

Introduction Atherosclerosis is a long-term process characterized by plaque formation in middle and large arterial blood vessels [ 1 ]. Atherosclerosis is one of the leading causes of stroke, heart attack and peripheral arterial disease [ 2 , 3 ]. The prevalence and degree of atherosclerosis increases with increasing age, body mass index (BMI), increased blood pressure (BP), and serum total cholesterol (TC) and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) [ 4 ]. An elevated level of LDL is directly associated with development of atherosclerotic cardiovascular

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Nalinee Pattrakornkul, Patamakom Pruangprasert, Prakul Chanthong, Ratana Chawanasuntorapoj and Anirut Pattaragarn

increase compared with age-matched controls [ 3 ]. In juvenile-onset SLE, the patients have a 100–300-fold increased risk of death from CVD during early adulthood, compared with age-matched controls [ 4 ]. Hersh et al. [ 5 ] reported that patients with juvenile-onset SLE developed their first myocardial infarct at a much earlier mean age than subjects with adult-onset disease (32 years vs 48.1 years). Atherosclerosis, which is predictive of CVD, has been found in patients with SLE with approximately 2–4-fold increase compared with controls [ 6 ]. Although the prevalence

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Dorota Formanowicz, Adam Kozak and Piotr Formanowicz

References [1] Bertalanffy L., General System Theory. Foundations, Development, Applications, George Braziller, Inc., New York, 1969. [2] Formanowicz D., Do changes in iron metabolism contribute to the acceleration of the atherosclerosis process?, Biotechnologia, 92 , 2011, 180-192. [3] Klipp E., Liebermeister W., Wierling C., Kowald A., Lehrach H., Herwig R., Systems Biology. A Textbook, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2009. [4] Lehrke M., Greif M., Broedl U.C., Lebherz C., Laubender R.P., Becker A

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Violeta Dinesch, Mihail Dinesch, Ileana Voichita Sirbu, Cosmin Macarie, Bogdan Vasile Halatiu and Mircea Buruian

predictors for progression of nonintervened nonculprit coronary lesions. Am J Cardiol. 2009;104:648-652. 4. Sipahi I, Tuzcu EM, Schoenhagen P, et al. - Effects of normal, prehypertensive, and hypertensive blood pressure levels on progression of coronary atherosclerosis. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2006;48:833-838. 5. Borges JC, Lopes N, Soares PR, et al. - Five-year follow-up of angiographic disease progression after medicine, angioplasty, or surgery. J Cardiothorac Surg. 2010;5:91. 6. Boden WE, O’Rourke RA, Teo KK, et al. - Optimal

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Aleksejs Zavorins, Jūlija Voicehovska, Jānis Ķīsis and Aivars Lejnieks

REFERENCES Akin Belli, A., Altun, I. (2017). Assessment of Framingham Risk Score and systemic coronary risk evaluation in rosacea patients, Dermatologica Sinica . Available from: (accessed 17 May 2017). Alikhan, A., Kurek, L., Feldman, S. R. (2010). The role of tetracyclines in rosacea. Amer. J. Clin. Dermatol., 11 (2), 79–87. Badimon, L., Padró, T., Vilahur, G. (2012). Atherosclerosis, platelets and thrombosis in acute ischaemic heart disease. Eur. Heart J. Acute Cardiovasc. Care, 1 (1), 60

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Andreea Dragomir, Emila Rusu, Mihaela Posea and Gabriela Radulian

1482, 2006. 5. Harris WS. Fish oils and plasma lipid and lipoprotein metabolism in humans: a critical review. J Lipid Res 30: 785-807, 1989. 6. Harris WS. N-3 fatty acids and serum lipoproteins: human studies. Am J Clin Nutr 65[5 Suppl.]: S1645-S1654, 1997. 7. Nakamura YK, Flintoff-Dye N, Omaye ST. Conjugated linoleic acid modulation of risk factors associated with atherosclerosis. Nutr Metab (Lond) 5: 22, 2008. 8. Assman G, Schulte H, von Eckardstein A. Hypertriglyceridemia and elevated lipoprotein(a) are risk factors for major coronary events in

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Zhe An

cholesterol transport (RCT) [ 3 ]. SR-BI also mediates the two-way flow of unesterified cholesterol and phospholipids between lipoproteins and cells [ 4 ]. In the liver, it regulates HDL particle size and composition [ 5 ]. Numerous studies have shown that SR-BI plays a crucial role in the prevention of atherosclerosis (As). SR-BI is associated with the development of malignancies and infectious diseases. This article summarizes the role of SR-BI and its potential therapeutic targets in As, malignancies, and infectious diseases. 1 Physiological function of SR-BI 1