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Luminiţa-Cristina Alil

References 1. R. Zaera, S. Sánchez-Sáeza, J.L. Pérez-Castellanos, and C. Navarro, “Modelling of the adhesive layer in mixed ceramic/metal armours subjected to impact”, Composites, 31, Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing (2000): 823-833. 2. National Research Council, Opportunities in Protection Materials Science and Technology for Future Army Applications, (Washington D.C.: The National Academies Press, 2011). 3. G.F. Freeguard, and D. Marshall, “Bullet-resistant glass: A review of product and process

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S. Stanislawek, A. Morka and T. Niezgoda

. [4] P. Chabera, A. Boczkowska, A. Morka, P. Kędzierski, T. Niezgoda, A. Oziębło, and A. Witek, “Comparison of numerical and experimental study of armour system based on alumina and silicon carbide ceramics”, Bull. Pol. Ac.: Tech. 63 (2), 363-367 (2015). [5] E. Medvedovski, “Ballistic performance of armour ceramics: Influence of design and structure. Part 2”, Ceramics Int. 36, 2117-2127 (2010). [6] P. Kędzierski, A. Morka, G. Sławiński, and T. Niezgoda, “Optimization of two-component armour”, Bull. Pol. Ac.: Tech. 63 (1), 173

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P. Chabera, A. Boczkowska, A. Morka, P. Kędzierski, T. Niezgoda, A. Oziębło and A. Witek

References [1] E.S. Greenhalgh, V.M. Bloodworth, L. Iannucci, and D. Pope, “Fractographic observations on Dyneemar composites under ballistic impast”, Composites: Part A 44, 51-62 (2013). [2] L. Iannucci and D. Pope, “High velocity impact and armour design”, Express Polym Lett. 5 (3), 262-72 (2011). [3] M.J.N. Jacobs and J.L.J. Van Dingenen, “Ballistic protection mechanisms in personal armour”, J Mater Sci. 36, 3137-3142 (2001). [4] A.M.S Hamuda and M.S. Risby, Modeling Impact, Lighweight

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D. Janicki, J. Górka, W. Kwaśny, K. Gołombek, M. Kondracki and M. Żuk

REFERENCES [1] M.K. Aghajanian, A.L. McCormick, A.L. Marshall, W.M. Waggoner, P.K. Karandikar, in: J.J. Swab (Ed.), Advances in Ceramic Armor VI, A John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New Jersey 2010. [2] H. Chang, J. Binner, R. Higginson, in: J.J. Swab (Ed.), Advances in Ceramic Armor VI, A John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New Jersey 2010. [3] M. Garcia-Avila, M. Portanova, A. Rabiei, Procedia Materials Science 4 , 151-156 (2014). [4] T. Borvik, S. Dey, A.H. Clausen, Int. J. of Impact Eng. 36 , 948-964 (2009). [5] I. Barényi, O. Híreš, P. Lip

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Regula Schmid

V. BIBLIOGRAPHY V.1. Primary Sources V.1.1. Unprinted Sources Bern, Staatsarchiv [StaBE]: AV 1379 (UP 22), Nr. 8 (Inventory of distributed crossbows, 1497). AV 1380 (UP 22bis), Nr. 98 ( Harnischrödel Stadt und Amt Aarburg, 1393, 22. Januar) F. Burgdorf, 23.04.1444 (Receipt for Anna von Krauchthal for acquisition and delivery of six suits of armour). Brugg, Stadtarchiv [StadtA Brugg] A 156.a ( Harnischrödel 1437) A 156.b ( Harnischrödel 1442) Luzern, Staatsarchiv [StaLU] URK 226/3133 ( Harnischrödel

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D. Janicki

of five different high strength steel plates subjected to small arm projectiles. Int J of Impact Eng 36, 948-964 (2009). [4] S.J. Alkemade, The Weld Cracking Susceptibility of High Hardness Armour Steel. Australia: Defence Science and Technology Organization, 1996. [5] D. Wojnowski, Y.K. Oh, J.E. Indacochea, Metallurgical Assessment of the Softened HAZ Region During Multipass Welding Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering 122(2), 310 (2000). [6] G. Madhusudhan, et al., Effect ofWelding Process on the

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Claudiu Lăzăroaie, Teodora Zecheru, Mihaela Lăzăroaie and Doina Toma

References [1] Niculescu C., Filipescu E., Avadanei M., 2010, General aspects concerning the development of a female dimensional typology using 3D body scanning measurements, Industria Textila nr. 6, vol.61, pages 271-275, Ed. CERTEX-Bucharest, ISSN 1222- 5347 [2] D. Yang, Design, Performance and Fit of Fabrics for Female Body Armour, A thesis submitted to the University of Manchester, 2011 [3] N. James, Body Armor for Law Enforcement Officers: In Brief, Congressional Research Service, 2016 [4

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P. Kędzierski, A. Morka, G. Sławiński and T. Niezgoda

] P.J. Hazell, Ceramic Armour: Design and Defeat Mechanisms, Argos Press, Canberra, 2006. [5] E. Lach and W.G. Pround, “Lightweight materials for passive light armour systems”, LWAG e- J. 1, 1-14 (2006). [6] A.L. Florence, Interaction of Projectiles and Composite Armor. Part 2. Report No. AMMRC-CR-69-15, Stanford Research Institute, Stanford, 1969. [7] J.G. Hetherington, “Optimization of two-component composite armours”, Int. J. Impact Eng. 12 (3), 409-414 (1992). [8] B. Wang and G. Lu, “On the

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Guru Dutta Satyarthee and Luis Rafael Moscote-Salazar


Vertebral body may get displaced anterior or posteror with elements of rotation. However, burst cervical spine vertebral fracture may migrate anteriorly and posteriorly simultaneously. However anterior displaced fragment forming armor like mass is very rare. Similarly, the posteriorly propelled fragments migrating caudally and posterolaterally producing a large osseous mass inside spinal canal mimicking bony tumour causing severe cervical canal stenosis and presenting with marked myelopathy is extremely rare. To the best knowledge of authors, association of such traumatic dual pathology represents first of its kind in western literature, who was neglected early medical advice and presenting with marked compressive cervical myelopathy. She underwent successful surgical decompression with gradual recovery of spastic limb weakness and recovery of sensation. Authors also highlights the importance of early resuscitation and adequate maintainace of mean arterial pressure following acute spinal cord injury. Pertinent literature is briefly reviewed.

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P. Chabera, A. Boczkowska, A. Morka, T. Niezgoda, A. Oziębło and A. Witek

References [1] E. Medvedovski, “Lightweight ceramic composite armour system”, Adv. Appl. Ceram. 105 (5), 241-245 (2006). [2] Z.D. Ma, H. Wang, Y. Cui, D. Rose, A. Socks, and D. Ostberg, “Designing an Innovative Composite Armor System for Affordable Ballistic Protection”, Proc. 25th ASC 1, 1-8 (2006). [3] S. Yadav and G. Ravichandran, “Penetration resistance of laminated ceramic/polymer structures”, Int. J. Impact Eng. 28 (1), 557-574 (2003). [4] E. Medvedovski, “Ballistic performance of armour