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Soline Anthore Baptiste and Nicolas P. Baptiste

V. BIBLIOGRAPHY V.1. Primary sources Didier Erasme, Savoir-vivre à l'usage des enfants , 1530. Edited by Alcide Bonneau (Paris: Éditions Arléa, 1999). p. 29. Domenico Angelo, L'école des armes avec l'explication générale des principales attitudes et positions concernant l'escrime (London: S. Hooper, 1763). Etienne Doffémont, Avis tres-important au public. Sur différentes especes de corps & de ceintures, d'une nouvelle invention (Paris: Imprimerie de D.C. Couturier père aux Galeries du Louvre, 1775). François-Alexandre-Pierre de

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Antonela Curteza, Viorica Cretu, Laura Macovei and Marian Poboroniuc

References [1] Burridge, J., Taylor, P., Hagan, S., Swain, I., (1997). Experience of clinical use of the Odstock dropped foot stimulator, Artif. Organs, vol. 21, 254-260. [2] Cirstea, M.C., Ptito, A., Levin, M.F., (2003). Arm reaching improvements with short-term practice depend on the severity of the motor deficit in stroke, Experimental Brain Research, vol. 152, 476-488. [3] Curteza, A., Cretu, V., Macovei, L., Poboroniuc, M., (2014). Designing functional clothes for persons with locomotor disabilities, AUTEX Research Journal, vol. 14(4), 281

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Slavica Bogović, Zoran Stjepanovič, Andrej Cupar, Simona Jevšnik, Beti Rogina-Car and Andreja Rudolf

). Research overview on apparel fit. Computing in information communication technology. AISC 161. Spring-Verlag (Berlin Heidelberg). pp. 39-44. [11] Gill, S. (2011). Improving garment fit and function through ease quantification. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 15(2), 228-241. [12] Ng, R., Cheung, L. F., Yu, W. (2008). Dynamic ease allowance in arm raising of functional garments. Sen’i Gakkaishi, 64(9), 236-243. [13] Huck, J., Maganga, O., Kim, Y. (1997). Protective overalls: evaluation of garment design and fit. International Journal of

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Erika Loucanova, Jan Parobek and Martina Kalamarova

), Quantitative Methods in Project management. USA: J. Ross Publishing. 9. Grapentine T. (2015), Why the Kano model wears no clothes, Quirks Marketing Research Media, 34 (online) 10. Helus Z. (2015), Socialni psychologie pro pedagogy. Praha: Grada. 11. Ipate N., David K.G., Ipate I., Bogdan A. (2015), The bioeconomy model in future sustainable development, Studia Universitatis “Vasile Goldis” Arad Economics Series 25, 2/2015. 12. Kacenak I. (1996), Balenie tovaru

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Rui-Fang Zhu and Shi-Fan Han

unplugged by the elderly patient before waking up from anesthesia. In addition, the length of the drainage tube should be appropriate. If it is too long, then it will be easy for it to distort and increase the dead space, thus affecting drainage; if it is too short, then it will not be conducive to the activities of the elderly patient, such as flipping in the bed and getting out of the bed. Elderly patients should try to wear clothes with a front opening and be careful not to take out the tubing when putting clothes on, taking clothes off, or changing clothes. For the

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Paulo E. Redkva, Mauro R. Paes, Ricardo Fernandez and Sergio G. da-Silva

the test, the players were weighed, wearing clothes, to determine total body weight. These variables were utilized to calculate power. P o w e r ( W ) = [ w e i g h t ( k g ) x d i s t a n c e 2 ( m ) ] / t i m e 3 ( s ) $$\begin{array}{} \displaystyle {\boldsymbol{\rm Power(W)=[weight(kg)xdistance^2(m)]/time^3(s)}} \end{array} $$ (1) Thus, the peak power (PP, the highest power value of the six efforts of 35 m), mean power (MP, the mean power value of the six efforts of 35 m) and minimum power (MinP, the smallest power value of the six efforts of 35 m) were

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M Irfan, M Ismail, M Azhar Beg, A Shabbir, A Rashid Kayani and G Kaukab Raja

, deficiency in folate intake or polymorphism(s) in the enzymes of the folate pathway may result in aberrant DNA synthesis and methylation, especially in rapidly dividing cells such as bone marrow and spermatogonia [ 10 ]. The MTHFR gene is composed of 11 exons and is located on the short arm of chromosome 1 at 1p36.22 [ 8 , 11 ]. Being an important enzyme of folate metabolism, the MTHFR gene product has been studied and found in a total of 65 polymorphisms. The C677T (rs1801133) polymorphism in the MTHFR gene reduces the enzyme activity by 35.0% [ 11 ] resulting in