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Zoltán Elekes


Efficiency and cost effectiveness of human resources implied in social services in general and in child protections services specifically is a taboo subject in Romanian social policy. On the following pages, I will make a general analysis of human resources included in the Romanian social services sector, starting from the topic of territorial coverage with professionalized social workers. After a regional- and county-level analysis of this, linked to the social and economic situation of the regions, I look at the specific field of child protection to see if there exists any cost effectiveness in the volume of human resources implied in these services. In the final part of my study, I will make considerations about the quality of the personnel within child protection services.

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X. D. Wang, J. J. Liu and F. S. Sheng

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Jozef Martinek, P. Klco, M. Vrabec, T. Zatko, M. Tatar and M. Javorka

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Patrik Sleziak, Kamila Hlavčová and Ján Szolgay

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K. Puszyński, P. Lachor, M. Kardyńska and J. Śmieja

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Maciej Major, Izabela Minda and Izabela Major

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Sangamesh Gondegaon and Hari K. Voruganti

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Dorota Stadnicka

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Firas T. Al-Maliky and Mohamed J. AlBermani

REFERENCES [1] Mohammed Chessab Mahdi, “ORBIT DESIGN AND SIMULATION FOR KUFASAT NANOSATELLITE”, ARTIFICIAL SATELLITES, Vol. 50, No. 4, 2015. [2] Mohammed Chessab Mahdi 1 , Mohammed Jaafar AL-Bermani 2 , “LQR Controller for Kufasat”, Technical Institute of Kufa Computer Center 1 , University of Kufa-College of Science Department of physics 2 , JOURNAL OF KUFA – PHYSICS, Vol.6/No.1, 2014. [3] H.R.Chiranjeeve, K.Kalaichelvan and A.Rajadurai, “Design and Vibration Analysis of a 2U-Cubsat Structure Using AA-6061 for AUNSAT – II”, IOSR Journal of

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K. Cimermanová

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