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T. Szymczak

References Pietrowski S., Szymczak T. (2008). The structure of the alphinizing coat on alloy steels. Archives of Foundry Engineering. 8 (4), 229-235. Pietrowski S., Szymczak T. (2010). Alfinated coating structure on HS6-5-2 (SW7M) high speed steel. Archives of Foundry Engineering. 10 (4), 191-198. Malkiewicz T. (1976). Metal science of iron-base alloy. Warszawa-Kraków: PWN. (in Polish). Dobrzański L. (2006). Engineering materials and material

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J. Szajnar, A. Dulska, T. Wróbel and C. Baron

REFERENCES [1] J. Szajnar, A. Walasek, C. Baron, The temperature of the beginning of alloy layer forming process on the steel cast, Archives of Foundry Engineering 13 , Issue special 1, 185-188 (2013). [2] J. Szajnar, A. Walasek, C. Baron, Tribological and corrosive properties of the parts of machines with surface alloy layer, Archives of Metallurgy and Materials 58 , 3, 931-936 (2013). [3] A. Walasek, J. Szajnar, The mechanism of the surface alloy layer creation for cast steel, Archives of Foundry Engineering 12, 1, 115-118 (2012). [4

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M. Gwóźdź

). 10. Kosiorek M., Fire safety of buildings. General Construction. Volume 2.: Building Physics, Chapter 9. Arkady, Warsaw 2005 (in Polish). 11. McGrattan K., Hostikka S., McDermott R., Floyd J., Weinschenk C., Overholt K.: Fire Dynamics Symulator User’s Guide. NIST. Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA 2013. 12. Maślak M., Fire durability of steel bar structures. Printing office of Cracow University of Technology, Monograph No. 370, Cracow 2008 (in Polish). 13. Mazzolani F.M.: Aluminium alloy structures. Second edition E&FN SPON

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Z. Łapiński, A. Dziedzic, W. Bochnowski, S. Adamiak and S. Sandomierski

References Balasubramaniana V., Guhab B. (2004). Effect of welding processes on toe cracking behaviour of pressure vessel grade steel. Engineering Failure Analysis. 11 (4), 575-587. Balasubramanian T. S., Balakrishnan M., Balasubramanian V., Muthu M. A. (2011). Influence of welding processes on microstructure, tensile and impact properties of Ti-6Al-4V alloy joints. Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China. 21 (6), 1253-1262. Shaogang W., Xinqiang W. (2012

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A. Cwudziński

REFERENCES [1] W. Derda, J. Wiedermann, Archiv. of Metall. and Mater. 57 , 303-310 (2012). [2] A. Sorek, Z. Kudliński, Archiv. of Metall. and Mater. 57 , 371-377 (2012). [3] A. Burbelko, J. Falkus, W. Kapturkiewicz, K. Sołek, P. Drożdż, M. Wróbel, Archiv. of Metall. and Mater. 57 , 379-384 (2012). [4] M. Rywotycki, K. Miłkowska-Piszczek, L. Trębacz, Archiv. of Metall. and Mater. 57 , 385-393 (2012). [5] D. Mazumdar, R.I.L. Guthrie, ISIJ Int. 35 , 1-20 (1995). [6] M. Chen, N. Wang, Y. Yao, J. Geng, K. Xiong, Steel Res. Int

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M. Hebda, H. Dębecka, K. Miernik and J. Kazior

References [1] M. Teimouri, M. Ahmadi, N. Pirayesh, M. Aliofkhazraei, M. Mousavi Khoee, H. Khorsand, S. Mirzamohammadi, J. Alloys Compd. 477, 591-595 (2009). [2] T. Pieczonka, M. Sułowski, A. Ciaś, Archives of Metallurgy and Materials 57(4), 1001-1009 (2012). [3] M. Hebda, Sz. Gądek, J. Kazior, Thermal characteristics and analysis of pyrolysis effects during the mechanical alloying process of Astaloy CrM powders, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. 108, 453-460 (2012). [4] A. Ciaś, M

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W. Derda, P. Lawenda and P. Pardela

References [1] L. Zhang, B.G. Thomas, 85 th Steelmaking Conference Proceedings, ISS-AIME, Warrendale, PA, 431 (2002). [2] Z. Xue, Y. Weng, Z. Li, Steel Research International 76 , 10, 735 (2005). [3] W. Tiekink, B. Santillana, R. Kooter, F. Mensonides, B. Deo, R. Boom, AISTech Conference Proceedings 2 , May 1-4, Cleve-land, Ohio, USA, 395 (2006). [4] P. Migas, M. Karbowniczek, Archives of Metallurgy and Materials 55 , 1147 (2010). [5] M. Karbowniczek, E. Kawecka-Cebula, K. Pytel, Steel Research International 74 , 10, 610 (2003). [6] K. Mukai

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A. Zieliński, J. Dobrzański, H. Purzyńska, R. Sikora, M. Dziuba-Kałuża and Z. Kania

REFERENCES [1] J. Brózda, Institute of Welding Bulletin 1 , 41 (2004). [2] J. Dobrzański, Open Access Library, Materials science interpretation of the life of steels for power plants, Gliwice 2011. [3] A. Hernas, J. Dobrzański, J. Pasternak, S. Fudali, Characteristics of the new-generation materials for the power industry, Publishing House of the Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice 2015. [4] A. Zieliński, J. Dobrzański, H. Purzyńska, G. Golański, Mater. Test. 57 , 859-865 (2015). [5] A. Zieliński, G. Golański, M. Sroka

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W. Mocko


The results of energy absorbing analysis of VP159 austenitic steel and LH556 cast alloy were presented in this article. The assessment was carried out on the basis of drop-weight tower perforation test at impact energy equal to 500J and striker velocity equal to 12,5 m/s. Moreover, the basic mechanical properties of both tested materials were estimated in order to calibrate coefficients of the Johnson-Cook visco-plasticity model and Johnson-Cook damage initialization criterion as well. Subsequently, both models were applied for the finite element method simulation of perforation process. The reasonable agreement between measured and calculated shape of energy absorption curves were obtained for steel and cast alloy as well.

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Marcin Chybiński and Łukasz Polus

design of stainless steel concrete filled columns , Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 64 (2008) 1275-1282. 8. Gardner L., Insausti A., Ng K. T., Ashraf M.: Elevated temperature material properties of stainless steel alloys, Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 66 , 5 (2010) 634-647. 9. Ellobody E.: Composite slim floor stainless steel beam construction exposed to different fires , Engineering Structures, 36 (2012) 1-13. 10. Gardner L., Cruise R. B., Sok C. P., Krishnan K., Ministro dos Santos J.: Life cycle costing of metallic