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Ineta Salmane and Voldemārs Spuņģis

. Flora Fenn., 86 , 59–82. Huhta, V., Hänninen, S.-M. (2001). Effects of temperature and moisture fluctuations on an experimental soil microarthropod community. Pedobiologia , 45 , 279–286. Kagainis, U., Spuņģis, V. (2011). First data on moss mite (Acari, Oribatida) communities in the alkaline fen Apšuciems, Latvia. Acta Biol. Univ. Daugavpiliensis , 11 , 248–258. Kaluž, S. (1997). Soil mites (Acarina) during hydrological changes in floodplain forest of Danube. Ekológia (Bratislava), 16 (4), 345–357. Kaluž, S., Fenda, P. (2005). Mites

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Elisa Pellegrini, Valentino Casolo, Duilio Iamonico, Giuseppe Oriolo, Nicola Rovere and Massimo Vischi


Senecio fontanicola is endemic to black-bog-rush fens of southern Austria, northwestern Slovenia and north-eastern Italy. It is characterized by oblanceolate leaves, a low number of supplementary bracts and glabrous achenes and it grows in marshy spring areas, fens and reed beds, between elevations from 20 to 850 m. The species was never described with molecular traits and during the last decades, S. fontanicola showed a dramatic decline due to land reclamation for agriculture. Therefore, the present study aims to characterize S. fontanicola using the molecular barcoding technique and to updated its distribution to propose a global risk category for the species, based on IUCN criteria. The three molecular markers used in this study (trnH-psbA, rbcL, and ITS) clearly distinguished S. fontanicola from S. doria. s.s. and the revised distribution allowed the definition of the conservation status of the species, that is Endangered-EN B2ab(i, ii, iii, iv) following the B criterion of the IUCN guidelines.

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Anna Zagórowicz

. Wykorzystanie wczesnowiosennych zobrazowań satelity LANDSAT-ETM w monitoringu zbiorowisk z udziałem trzciny pospolitej. Woda-Środowisko-Obszary wiejskie t. 11 z. 2(34): 125-133. RAMSAR CONVENTION BUREAU, 2001 Wetlands values and functions. Ramsar Convention Bureau. Gland, Switzerland ROBROEK B.J.M., LIMPENS J., BREEUWER A., SCHOUTEN M.G.C. 2007. Effect of water level and temperature on performance of four Sphagnum mosses. Plant Ecol 190: 97-107. SEER F.K., SCHRAUTZER J. 2014. Status, future prospects, and management recommendations for alkaline fens in a

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Ewa Wiśniowska and Maria Włodarczyk-Makuła

irradiation on the anaerobic digestion of activated sludge, World Applied Sciences Journal, 6, 2, 234 - 237 (2009). 20. Davidsson A., La Cour Jansen J., Pre-treatment of wastewater sludge before anaerobic digestion - hygenisation, ultrasonic treatment and enzyme dosing, Vatten, 62, 4, 335 -340 (2006). 21. Zafar S., Ultrasonic pretreatment in anaerobic digestion, 22. Topal M., Arskan E., Thermal conditioning of sludges, Erciyes Üniversitesi Fen Bilimleri

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Jelena Krizmanić, Marija Ilić, Danijela Vidaković, Gordana Subakov-Simić, Jelena Petrović and Katarina Cvetanović

. Brazilian Journal of Biology 70, 493-502. BUCZKÓ, K., 2006: Bryophytic diatoms from Hungary. Proceedings of the 18th International Diatom Symposium, 2-7 September 2004, Miedzyzdroje, Poland, 1-15. BUCZKÓ, K., WOJTAL, A., 2005: Moss inhabiting siliceous algae from Hungarian peat bogs. Studia Botanica Hungarica 36, 21-42. CANTONATI, M., LANGE-BERTALOT, H., 2011: Diatom monitors of close-to-pristine, very-low alkalinity habitats: three new Eunotia species from springs in Nature Parks of the southeastern Alps Journal of

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Jeremi Kołodziejek and Jacek Patykowski

. Cambridge University Press. G iménez -B enavides L, E scudero A, and P érez -G arcía F. 2005. Seed germination of high mountain Mediterranean species: altitudinal, interpopulation and interannual variability. Ecological Research 20: 433–444. G rabe DF. 1970. Tetrazolium testing handbook for agricultural seeds. Association of Official Seed Analysts. Seed Testing Contribution 29: 1–62. G uan B, Z hou D, Z hang H, T ian Y, J aphet W, and W ang P. 2009. Germination responses of Medicago ruthenica seeds to salinity, alkalinity, and temperature

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A. S. Fouda, M. A. Elmorsi and B. S. Abou-Elmagd

corrosion in hydrochloric acid solution by exudate gum from Raphia hooker. Desalination 247(1-3), 561-572. DOI: 10.1016/j.desal.2008.09.005. 14. Xianghong, Li & Shuduan Deng (2012). Inhibition effect of Dendrocalamus randisii leaves extract on aluminum in HCl, H3PO4 solutions. Corros. Sci. 65, 299-308. 15. Oguzie, E.E. (2007). Corrosion inhibition of Al in acidic and alkaline media by Sansevieria trifasciata extract. Corros. Sci. 49(3), 1527-1539. DOI: 10.1016/j.corsci.2006.08.009. 16. Mei Fen Shih & Jong Yuh Cherng (2012

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Jasmina Kamberović, Anđelka Plenković-Moraj, Koraljka Kralj Borojević, Marija Gligora Udovič, Petar Žutinić, Dubravka Hafner and Marco Cantonati

National Park (northern Alps, Germany), with the ecological and morphological characterization of two species new to science. Diatom Research 25, 251–280. Cantonati, M., Lange-Bertalot, H., 2011: Diatom monitors of close-to-pristine, very-low alkalinity habitats: three new Eunotia species from springs in Nature Parks of the south-eastern Alps. Journal of Limnology 70, 209–221. Cantonati, M., Rott, E., Pipp, E., 1996: Ecology of cyanophytes in mountain springs of the River Sarca catchment (Adamello-Brenta Regional Park, Trentino, Northern Italy). Algological

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Mert Gürkan, Ayşe Çetin and Sibel Hayretdaĝ

and chronic sensitivity of fish and amphibians: A critical review of data. Environ Toxicol Chem 2013;32:984-94. doi: 10.1002/etc.2149 25. Gay F, Laforgia V, Caputo I, Esposito C, Lepretti M, Capaldo A. Chronic exposure to cadmium disrupts the adrenal gland activity of the newt Triturus carnifex (Amphibia, Urodela). BioMed Res Int 2013;1-6. doi: 10.1155/2013/424358 26. Spry DJ, Wiener JG. Metal bioavailability and toxicity to fish in low-alkalinity lakes; A critical review. Environ Pollut 1991;71:243-304. doi: 10.1016/0269-7491(91)90034-T 27. Ricard AC

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Jadwiga Anna Barga-Więcławska and Anna Świercz

northwestern Ontario, Forestry Chronicle , 73, pp. 91–98. Horsak, M. & Hajek, M. (2003). Composition and species richness of molluscan communities in relation to vegetation and water chemistry in the western Carpathian spring fens: the poovrich gradient, Journal of Molluscan studies , 69, pp. 349–357. Horsak, M., Hajek, M., Tichy, L. & Juričova, L. (2007). Plant indicator values as a tool for land mollusc autecology assessment, Acta Oecologica, 3, pp. 161–171. Hylander, K. (2011). The response of land snails assemblages below aspens to forest fire and