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Jasmina Curić, Bahrija Kačar and Selma Ikić

.2,5 Sustainable Development Solutions Network Thematic Group on Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems (2013b): Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, Technical Report for the Post-2015 Development legenda, Sustainable Development Solution Network, Njujork Thrupp, L.A.(1998): Cultivating diversity: Agrobiodiversity and food security . World Resources Institute, Washington, DC. UN DEPARTMENT OF EKONOMIC AND SOCIAL AFFAIRS POPULATION DIVISION, (2013): “World Population Prospects: The 2012 Revision”, http

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Andrzej Borusiewicz, Krzysztof Kapela, Paulina Drożyner and Tomasz Marczuk

). Postęp i nowe koncepcje w rolnictwie precyzyjnym. Inżynieria Rolnicza, 9 (107), 19-21. Gaultney, L. (2008). Economic and environmental benefits of precision agriculture in fruit and vegetable production . Book of Abstracts: International Symposium – Precision Agriculture for Fruits and Vegetables. Orlando. 6-9.01.2008. Gozdowski, D., Samborski, S., Sioma, S. (2007). Rolnictwo precyzyjne . Wydawnictwo SGGW. Warszawa. ISBN 978-83-7244-858-3. Jadczyszyn, T. (1998). System Rolnictwa Precyzyjnego. III. Nawożenie w rolnictwie precyzyjnym. Frag. Agron

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Anka Popović-Vranješ, Snežana Paskaš, Zsolt Becskei, Marija Jevtić and Saša Krstović

Diversity and Biodiversity. International Social Science Journal, 187:109-116, 2006. CHLLIARD, Y., FERLAY, A., DOREAU, M.: Effect of different types of forages, animal fat or marine oils in cow’s diet on milk fat secretion and composition, especially conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Livestock Production Science, 70: 31–48, 2001. DECANTE, F.: Perception of the organic farming of livestock from the point of the view of veterinary. C. R. Academia of Agriculture France. 88(3): 25-34, 2002. DE MARCHI, M., DAL ZOTTO, R

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Mariana Sandu and Virgil Moise

References [1] Binswanger, H. P., and M. R. Rosenzweig, Behavioural and material determinants of production relations in agriculture, The Journal of Development Studies, 1986; 22: 503-539. [2] Chambers, R., and G. R. Conway, Sustainable rural livelihoods: practical concepts for the 21st century, Institute for Development Studies Discussion Paper, 1991; 296. [3] Chavas, J. P., and K. Kim, Economies of diversification: A generalization and decomposition of economies of scope, International Journal of Production

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Catalina Bordun, Argentina Teodora Nertan and Sorin Mihai Cimpeanu

References (2018). Retrieved from ADR-SE, A. p.-E. (2017). Strategia de specializare inteligenta a regiunii de dezvoltare Sud - Est. Bordun, C. C. (2017). Remote sensing for desertification monitoring in Braila County. Scientific Papers. Series E. Land Reclamation, Earth Observation & Surveying, Environmental Engineering. Vol. VI. Brown, M. E. (2008). Famine Early Warning Ststems and Remote Sensing Data. Berlin Hidelberg:Springer-Verlag. Burghila, C

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Nicoleta Aurora Popescu

REFERENCES [1] Anghel, P., (2003) Efficient strategies of Communication, California, Pasadena: ASLA Publishing House [2] Austin, T. Andrew, The Metaphors of Movement . Training Workshop Manual [3] Boteanu, M., (2010) “Communication and Social Environment” in Social Work Review , No 1 [4] Rădulescu, E. (2011) Alimentația inteligentă , Bucharest: Viață și Sănatate Publishing House [5] Saussure, de, F. (1998) Curs de lingvistică generală , Iași: Polirom Publishing House [6] Agricultural Land

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Iulia Nitu

. 54, 2004; [7] Maenhaut W. – “Application of Ion Beam Analysis in Biology and Medicine, a Review, in Nuclear Instruments and Methods, in Physics Research B 35”, pg. 388-403, North-Holland, Amsterdam, 1998; [8] Maenhaut W., L. De Reu, Vandenhaute J. – “Comparison of Different Sample and Target Preparation Procedures for PIXE Analisis of Biological Materials, in Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 3”, pg. 135-140, North-Holland, Amsterdam, 1984; [9] Mateiaş M. C. – “Romanian agricultural research”, No. 1, 1993; [10] Moga I

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Miodrag Dimitrijević, Sofija Petrović, Borislav Banjac, Goran Barać and Velimir Mladenov

, KNEŽEVIĆ D, PETROVIĆ S, ZEČEVIĆ V: Variability and stability of harvest index in wheat. Kragujevac J. Sci., 91-96, 2002. DIMITRIJEVIĆ, M., PETROVIĆ S: GMO - products of novel technology questions and dilemmas. ESNA European society for new methods in agricultural research, Novi Sad, 29. 08. – 2. 09. 2004. Proceedings 29 – 36, 2004. DIMITRIJEVIĆ M, PETROVIĆ S: GMO - Evolution Under Control or Frankengene Technology. Contemporary Agriculture, 1-2, 287-291, 2005. DIMITRIJEVIĆ, M. and PETROVIĆ S: Genetic modification in function of ecologically justified

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Gabriela Barančíková, Jarmila Makovníková, Rastislav Skalský, Zuzana Tarasovičová, Martina Nováková, Ján Halás, Štefan Koco and Monika Gutteková

References Barančíková , G. 2007. Validácia modelu RothC na vybraných monitorovacích lokalitách [Validation of RothC model on selected soil monitoring localities]. In Vedecké práce Výskumného ústavu pôdoznalectva a ochrany pôdy , vol. 29 , Brati-slava : VÚPOP, pp. 9-22. ISBN 978-80-89128-40-2 Barančíková , G. - Šoltýsová , B. - Koco , Š. 2010a. Prediction of soil organic carbon stock in conditions of Easter Slovak Lowland. In Agriculture (Poľnohospodárstvo) , vol. 56 , 2010, no. 2, pp. 35

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Christoph Husemann, Vesna Rodić and Jovana Husemann

wastewater and its future use as fertilizer (1997-2003). Water Research, 38(19) 4222–4246, 2004. DÉRY P. & ANDERSON B.: Peak phosphor. Energy Bulletin, 2007. (Available at: ). ELSNER H.: Stand der Phosphat-Reserven weltweit. In Braunschweiger Nährstofftage 2008. Braunschweig: Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe, 2008. GENSCH R.: Urine as liquid fertilizer in agricultural production in the Philippines. A practical field guide. Cagayan de Oro City: Xavier University Press, 2011. HARRIS J