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Francisco Ríos, Magdalena Olak-Kucharczyk, Marta Gmurek and Stanisław Ledakowicz

, Journal of Surfactants and Detergents, 17, 6, pp. 1161–1168. Ferrara, F., Fabietti, F., Delise, M. & Funari, E. (2005). Alkylphenols and alkylphenol ethoxylates contamination of crustaceans and fishes from the Adriatic Sea (Italy), Chemosphere, 59, 8, pp. 1145–1150. Hoigne, J. (1998). Chemistry of aqueous ozone and transformation of pollutants by ozonation and advanced oxidation processes, In: Quality and treatment of drinking water II, Hrubec, J. (Eds.). Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, Germany 1998. Human and Environmental Risk Assessments

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Majid Muneer, Muhammad Saeed, Ijaz Ahmad Bhatti, Atta-ul Haq, Muhammad Kaleem Khosa, Muhammad Asghar Jamal and Saddaqat Ali

), 1275–1278. 7. Prevot, A. B., Baiocchi, C., Brussino, M. C., Pramauro, E., Savarino, P., Augugliaro, V., Marci, G., & Palmisano, L. (2001). Photocatalytic degradation of Acid Blue 80 in aqueous solutions containing TiO 2 suspensions. Environ. Sci. Technol ., 35 (5), 971–976. 8. Sugiarto, A. T., Ito, S., Ohshima, T., & Skalny, J. D. (2003). Oxidative decolouration of dyes by pulsed discharge plasma in water. J. Electrostat ., 58 (1/2), 135–145. 9. Kalra, S. S., Mohan, S., Sinha, A., & Singh, G. (2011). Advanced oxidation processes for treatment

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Maciej Thomas, Barbara Białecka and Dariusz Zdebik

, London 1999. Parson, S. (2004). Advanced Oxidation Processes for Water and Wastewater Treatment, IWA Publishing, London 2004. PN-EN ISO 10523:2012 Water Quality. Determination of pH. PN-EN ISO 7027-1:2016-09 Water Quality. Determination of turbidity. PN-ISO 15705:2005 Water Quality. Determination of the Chemical Oxygen Demand Index. Small-scale. Sealed-tube Method. PN-EN 1484:1999 Water Analysis. Guidelines for the determination of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Dissolved Organic Carbon

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Barbara Pieczykolan, Izabela Płonka, Krzysztof Barbusiński and Magdalena Amalio-Kosel

References [1] Bergendahl, J., & O’Shaughnessy, J. (2004). Applications of advanced oxidation for wastewater treatment, International Business and Education Conference “A Focus on Water Management”, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2004. [2] Gau, S.H., & Chang, F.S. (1996). Improved Fenton method to remove recalcitrant organics in landfill leachate, Wat. Sci. Techn. , 34. [3] Lopes do Morais J., & Zamora, P.P. (2005). Use of advanced oxidation processes to improve the biodegradability of mature landfill

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Tünde Alapi, Gergő Simon, Gábor Veréb, Krisztina Kovács, Eszter Arany, Krisztina Schrantz, András Dombi and Klára Hernádi

photocatalytic degradation of pesticides and phenolic contaminants in wastewater: A short review, J. Environ. Mgnt., 2011 92, 311-330 10.1016/j.jenvman.2010.08.028 [6] Bobu, M.; Wilson, S.; Greibrokk, T.; Lundaes, E.; Siminiceanu, I.: Comparison of advanced oxidation processes and identification of monuron photodegradation products in aqueous solution, Chemosphere, 2006 63, 1718-1727 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2005.09.034 [7] Oturan, M.A.; Edelahi, M.C; Oturan, N.; El Kacemi, K.; Araon, J.-J.: Kinetics of oxidative degradation/mineralization pathways

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Maja Plahuta, Tatjana Tišler, Mihael Jožef Toman and Albin Pintar

. Photocatalytic degradation and mineralization of bisphenol A by TiO2 and platinized TiO2. Appl Catal A Gen 2004;261:225-37. doi: 10.1016/j.apcata.2003.11.004 17. Huang YQ, Wong CKC, Zheng JS, Bouwman H, Barra R, Wahlström B, Neretin L, Wong MH. Bisphenol A (BPA) in China: A review of sources, environmental levels, and potential human health impacts. Environ Int 2012;42:91-9. doi: 10.1016/j.envint.2011.04.010 18. Klavarioti M, Mantzavinos D, Kassinos D. Removal of residual pharmaceuticals from aqueous systems by advanced oxidation processes

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Murat Torun, Dinara Abbasova, Dilek Şolpan and Olgun Güven

several drinking water contaminants. Water Res., 25(7), 761-773. 24. Hart, E. J., Sehested, K., Bjergbakke, E., & Holcman, J. (1987). Gamma-ray initiated decomposition of aqueous ozone solution. Radiat. Phys. Chem., 29, 399-403. 25. Hoigné, J. (1998). Chemistry of aqueous ozone and transformation of pollutants by ozonation and advanced oxidation processes. In The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry (Vol. 5, Part C, pp. 83-141). Berlin: Springer. 26. Sehested, K., Holcman, J., & Hart, E. J. (1983). Rate constants and

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Haiming Zou, Wanzheng Ma and Yan Wang

References Chen, C., Wu, P. & Chung, Y. (2009). Coupled biological and photo-Fenton pretreatment system for the removal of di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) from water, Bioresource Technology , 100, 19, pp. 4531–4534. Chen, S., Sun, D. & Chung, J. (2007). Treatment of pesticide wastewater by moving-bed biofilm reactor combined with Fenton-coagulation pretreatment, Journal of Hazardous Materials , 144, 1, pp. 577–584. Chu, L., Wang, J., Dong, J., Liu, H. & Sun, X. (2012). Treatment of coking wastewater by an advanced Fenton oxidation process

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Anna Kwarciak-Kozłowska and Aleksandra Krzywicka

/chemical treatment of coke plant wastewater. U.S. EPA, Research and Development, Industrial Environmental Research Laboratory, Research Triangle Park, NC 27211. PERA-TITUS M., GARCÍA-MOLINA V., BAÑOS M.A., GIMÉNEZ J., ESPLUGAS S. 2004. Degradation of chlorophenols by means of advanced oxidation processes: a general review. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 47: 219–256. PERSOONE G., MARSALEK B., BLINOVA I., TÖRÖKNE A., ZARINA D., MANUSADZIANAS L., NALECZ-JAWECKI G., TOFAN L., STEPANOVA N., TOTHOVA L., KOLAR B. 2003. A practical and user-friendly toxicity classification

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Jyoti Tolia, Mousumi Chakraborty and Z. Murthy

References Parshetti, G., Kalme, S., Saratale, G. & Govindwar, S. (2006). Biodegradation of malachite green by Kocuria rosea MTCC 1532. Acta Chim. Slov. 53, 492-498. Oturan, M. A., Guivarch, E., Oturan, N. & Sires, I. (2008). Oxidation pathways of malachite green by Fe 3+ -catalyzed electro-Fenton process. Appl. Catal. B: Environ. 82, 244-254. DOI: 10.1016/j.apcatb.2008.01.016. Kansal, S. K., Singh, M. & Sud, D. (2007). Studies on photodegradation of two commercial dyes in