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Wojciech Batko and Renata Bal

index M, Acta Physica Polonica A, 121, 1-A: Acoustic and biomedical engineering, 156-159. 5. Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty Measurement. International Organization for Standardization, ISBN 92-67-10188-9, (1995), Polish Edition: Wyrażanie niepewności pomiaru - Przewodnik. 6. Jarque C.M., Bera A.K. (1987), Tests of Observations and Regression Regression Residualed, International Statistical Review, 55, 163-172.

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Bartłomiej Borkowski and Marek Pluta

., K amisiński T. (2014), The Application of Double-layer Curtains for Shaping Acoustics of Concert Halls , Acta Physica Polonica A., 125 , 4-A, Acoustic and Biomedical Engineering 2014, pp. A-113–A-116. 20. R udno -R udziński K. (2004), The Conception of Aerostand For Noise Measurements Outdoors , OSA 2004, Gdańsk-Sobieszewo. 21. S owiński A. (1976), Digital measurement technology , [in Polish: Cyfrowa technika pomiarowa ], WKIŁ, Warszawa.

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Long Wei, Min Li, Qiang Fu, Yue Fan and Debin Yang

.-Y., KIM M.-S., LEE S.-K. (2011), Identification of the Impact Location in a Gas Duct System Based on Acoustic Wave Theory and the Time Frequency , Experimental Mechanics, 51, 6, 947-958. [6] KONLE H.J., PASCHEREIT C.O., RÖHLE I. (2011), Application of Fiber-Optical Microphone for Thermo-Acoustic Measurements , Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, 133, 1, doi: 10.1115/1.4001983. [7] KINSLER L.E. et al. (1999), Fundamentals of acoustics , Wiley, New York. [8] MARKOVIC D., ANTONACCI F., SARTI A., TUBARO S. (2013), Soundfield Imaging in the Ray

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Józef Kotus, Maciej Szczodrak, Andrzej Czyżewski and Bożena Kostek

-N-01307 (1994), Permissible sound level values in work-places and general requirements concerning taking measurements [in Polish]. Rogowski P., Rościszewska T., Jaroszewski A. (2001), Sound reproduction levels in portable players used by pupils in Warsaw secondary schools , Archives of Acoustics, 26 , 1, 3-10. Rudno-Rudzińska B., Czajkowska K. (2010), Analysis of acoustic environment on premises of nursery schools in Wrocław , Archives of Acoustics, 35 , 2, 245-252. Shield B. M

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Maciej Szczodrak, Adam Kurowski, Józef Kotus, Andrzej Czyżewski and Bożena Kostek

References [1] Weyna, S. (2012). Visualization method of acoustic wave propagation based on the sound intensity measurement. Acoustical Imaging, 31, Nowicki A., Litniewski J., Kujawska T. (eds.), 243−252. [2] Weyna, S. (2010). Acoustic Intensity Imaging Methods for in-situ Wave Propagation. Archives of Acoustics, 35(2), 265-273. [3] Weyna, S. (2005). Microflown based identification of vortex shaddind in the space of real acoustic flow fields. Twelfth International Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICSV), Lisbon

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Z. Opilski, G. Konieczny, T. Pustelny, A. Gacek, R. Kustosz and M. Gawlikowski

). M. Gawlikowski, M. Darłak, T. Pustelny, and R. Kustosz, "Preliminary investigations regarding the possibility of acoustic resonant application for blood volume measurement in pneumatic ventricular assist device", Molecular and Quantum Acoustics 27, 89-96 (2006). M. Darlak, Z. Opilski, M. Gawlikowski, R. Kustosz, and T. Pustelny, "Acoustic method of noninvasive blood volume monitoring in POLVAD pump", Artificial Organs 31 (10), A50 (2007). G. Konieczny, Z. Opilski, T. Pustelny, and E. Maciak, "State of the

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Józef Kotus, Andrzej Czyżewski and Bożena Kostek

Measurement and Applications , Acoustic Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering Technical University of Denmark. 13. K otus J. (2015), Multiple Sound Sources Localization in Free Field Using Acoustic Vector Sensor , Multimedia Tools and Applications, 74 , 12, 4235–4251, DOI: 10.1007/s11042-013-1549-y. 14. K otus J., K ostek B. (2015), Measurements and Visualization of Sound Intensity Around the Human Head in Free Field Using Acoustic Vector Sensor , J. Audio Eng. Soc., 63 , 1/2, 99–109, DOI: 10.17743/jaes.2015.0009. 15. K otus J., O dya P

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Dejan Ćirić and Aleksandar Pantić

by the atmosphere , New York. Bass H. E., Bauer H.-J. (1972), Atmospheric absorption of sound: Analytic expressions , Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 52 , 3B, 821-825. Boone M. M., Braat-Eggen E. (1994), Room acoustic parameters in a physical scale model of the new music centre in Eindhoven: Measurement method and results , Applied Acoustics, 42 , 1, 13-28. Bork I. (2005), Report on the 3rd round robin on room acoustical computer simulations - part II: Calculations

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Joanna Szczucka, Emilia Trudnowska, Łukasz Hoppe and Katarzyna Błachowiak-Samołyk

avis R.E., H erman A.W., J ackson G.A., B eanlands B. and R egier L.A. 2008. Assessing plankton and other particles in situ with the SOLOPC. Limnology and Oceanography 53: 2123–2136. C hu D. and W iebe P. H. 2005. Measurement of sound-speed and density contrasts of zooplankton in Antarctic waters. ICES Journal of Marine Science 62: 818–831. F ielding S., G riffiths G. and R oe H.S. J. 2004. The biological validation of ADCP acoustic backscatter through direct comparison with net samples and model predictions based on acoustic

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Miroslav Mahdal, Josef Dobeš and Milada Kozubková

REFERENCES [1] Sun, Z., Song, J., An, Y. (2012). Numerical simulation of aerodynamic noise generated by high speed trains. Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics , 6 (2), 173-185. [2] Détry, S., Manera, J., Detandt, Y., d’Udekem, D. (2010). Aero-acoustic predictions of industrial dashboard HVAC systems. In 24th National Conference on Noise Control Engineering 2010 (Noise-Con 10). Ashland, Ohio: Noise Control Foundation, 870-881. [3] Manera, J., Detandt, Y., d’Udekem, D., Détry, S. (2009). Aero-acoustic predictions of