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On Accurate Domination in Graphs

R eferences [1] G. Chartrand, L. Lesniak and P. Zhang, Graphs and Digraphs (CRC Press, Boca Raton, 2016). [2] M. Dettlaff, M. Lemańska, J. Topp and P. Żyliński, Coronas and domination subdivision number of a graph , Bull. Malays. Math. Sci. Soc. 41 (2018) 1717–1724. doi:10.1007/s40840-016-0417-0 [3] K. Dhanalakshmi and B. Maheswari, Accurate and total accurate dominating sets of interval graphs , Int. J. Comput. Eng. Tech. 5 (2014) 85–93. [4] M. Fischermann, Block graphs with unique minimum dominating sets , Discrete Math. 240

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Economic resilience. The Case Study of Pomorskie Region

of industrial production to GDP (also to gross added value), which constitutes over a quarter of entire GDP ( Central Intelligence Agency 2013 ); diversified export destinations (two-thirds of goods are exported to EU countries, but one-third to other countries); and a large internal market ( Marshal's Office of the Pomorskie Voivodeship 2008 : 65 f.). A healthy banking system is also of great importance for the local economy, including the relatively low number of foreign currency loans. A very high level of consumption in the whole country and in the region also

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The planner's subjective destitution: towards a hysterical-analytical triad of planning theory-research-practice

made out of an infinite number of other knots. Furthermore, such an undertaking is anything but simplistic: it must be prompted, as I mentioned above, by hysteria; that is, by confronting the inner discomfort with what we are (doing or being a part of). Eventually, it is possible to realise that we were riding the ox-cart all along and that we need to get off, as it were, to theorise, research and practice planning 'outside the box'. Anti-essentialist Lacanian theory, in such an account, represents an 'untying path' as well as a means to take a 'hysterical jump

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Should income be taken for granted as a sole driver of welfare? Bayesian insight on the relevance of non-income drivers of welfare

publications with abstracts and comprising word ‘measure’), more than 56% Result of 66 instances out of 117 records in JSTOR. of publications included the word ‘poverty’. The corresponding results for ScienceDirect database suggested weaker (but still) dominance of poverty considerations with results of 43% and 45%, respectively Result of 136 instances out of 319 records and 126 instances out of 282 records in Science Direct, respectively. , whereas a ProQuest database sample showed an extensive domination of poverty issues with more than 57% and 85% results, respectively

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Leader Power, Conflict Handling Styles, and Subordinate Compliance: A Study on Information Technology Professionals in Turkey

effectively. Former studies indicate that leaders’ styles of handling conflict can influence a number of important employee outcomes, such as satisfaction with supervision and work [ Richmond et al., 1983 ], job performance [ Rahim et al., 2001 ], turnover intention [ Chan et al., 2008 ], and anxiety/depression [ Way et al., 2016 ]. Moreover, because of their work roles, employees may have different goals and behaviors, which can also lead to conflict. In such an environment, power is a vital instrument for leaders to influence others in getting things done and

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Fascism-lite in America (or The Social Ideal of Donald Trump)

democrats seeks to increase the number of fields in life, and particularly the number of social institutions, where power is in the hands of the many, not the few. This ideal sees people as having the capacity to fulfill their potential, and “lend a helping hand” to each other by organizing a just society devoted to human development. See Benedict de Spinoza, On the Improvement of the Understanding §§13-14 (1677); Sidney Webb & Beatrice Webb, Industrial Democracy, 847-49 (9 th ed., 1926); Amartya Sen, The Idea of Justice 228-30 (2010). After the fall of the Berlin

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“To Promote the General Welfare”: Addressing Political Corruption in America

. Madison addressed the problem of “faction” (interest groups) in The Federalist No. 10. He recognized that powerful factions could influence political outcomes in unhealthy ways, including repression of the interests of less powerful or less well organized, but possibly more numerous, citizens. He argued that a strong central government would be better able to control such factions (as compared to individual states) because the number of competing interests would be greater at the national level. Madison also held that the separation of powers, the ability of citizens to

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