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Klaus M. Miller, Reto Hofstetter, Harley Krohmer and Z. John Zhang

References Anders Gustaffsson, Andreas Herrmann, and Frank Huber, eds (2003): Conjoint Measurement. Methods and Applications, Berlin: Springer Orme, Bryan K. (2003), “Which Conjoint Method Should I Use?” Sawtooth Software, ResearchPaper Series. Voelckner, Franziska (2006), “An Empirical Comparison of Methods for Measuring Consumers ’Willingness to Pay“, Marketing Letters, 17 (2), 137 - 149. Wertenbroch, Klaus and Bernd Skiera (2002), “Measuring Consumers’ Willingness to Pay at the Point of

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Sylwia Żakowska-Biemans, Marta Sajdakowska and Sylvie Issanchou

F., Braghieri A., Piasentier E., Favotto S., Naspetti S., Zanoli R., Effect of information about organic production on beef liking and consumer willingness to pay. Food Qual. Prefer., 2010, 21, 2, 207–212. 17. Newson R.S., Elmadfa I., Biro Gy., Cheng Y., Prakash V., Rust P., Barna M., Lion R.,. Meijer G.W., Neufingerl N., Szabolcs I., van Zweden I., Yang R. Y., Feunekes G.I.J., Barriers for progress in salt reduction in the general population”. Appetite, 2013, 71, 22–31. 18. Official Journal of the European Union Commission implementing regulation [EU

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Anatolii Kucher, Maria Heldak, Lesia Kucher, Olha Fedorchenko and Yuliia Yurchenko

References 66% of consumers willing to pay more for sustainable goods , Nielsen report reveals. [ ] site visited on 1/02/2019. Akeju T.J., Adeyinka S.A., Oladehinde G.J., Fatusin A.F. 2018. Regression analysis of residents’ perception on willingness to pay (WTP) for improved water supply: a case from Nigeria. Agricultural and Resource Economics: International Scientific E-Journal , 4, 2: 5–18. Badu-Gyan F., Owusu V. 2017. Consumer

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Hristo P. Dobrev, Nikolay G. Atanasov and Donka D. Dimitrova

patients’ willingness to pay for dermatological and dental treatment. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Economy & Business 2013;7(2):219-28. 10. Drummond MF, O’Brien BJ, Stoddart GL, et al. [Methods for the economic evaluation of health care programs.] 2nd ed. Sofia: MF; 2007:289-94 (in Bulgarian). 11. McIntosh E, Clarke PM, Frew EJ, et al, eds. Applied methods of cost-benefit analysis in health care. Oxford: Oxford University Press; 2010:127-38. 12. Edejer TT, Baltussen R, Adam T, et al, editors. Making choices in health: WHO Guide to

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Lucio Cappelli, Fabrizio D’ascenzo, Roberto Ruggieri, Francesca Rossetti and Alessandra Scalingi

References Anholt, S. (2007), Competitive identity: The new brand management for nations, cities and regions, Palgrave Macmillan, New York. Ankamah-Yeboah, I., Nielsen, M. and Nielsen, R. (2016). Price premium of organic salmon in Danish retail sale. Ecological Economics, 122, 54-60 Becattini, G. (2000), Dal distretto industriale allo sviluppo locale, Bollati Boringhieri, Torino. Bernard, Y. and Zarrouk-Karoui, S. (2014). Reinforcing willingness to buy and to pay due to consumer affinity towards a foreign country. International Management

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TV Sports Viewers – Who Are They?

A Norwegian Case Study

Harry Arne Solberg and Randi Hammervold

Programmes - Who is Willing to Pay to Watch?’, Journal of Media Economics, 19, pp. 147-162 Hirt, E.R., Zillmann, D., Erickson, G.A. & Kennedy, C. (1992) ‘Costs and Benefits of Allegiance: Changes in Fan’s Self-ascribed Competencies after Team Victory Versus Defeat’, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 63, pp. 724-738. Hoehn, T. & Szymanski, S. (1999) ‘The Americanisation of European Football’, Economic Policy, 28, pp. 205-240. Kenyon, G.S. (1969) ‘Sport Involvement: A Conceptual Go and Some Consequences Thereof’, in

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Jasia Tahzeeda, Mizan R. Khan and Raisa Bashar

References Ajzen I., Driver B.L. 1992. Contingent Value Measurement. On the Nature and Meaning of Willingness to Pay. Journal of Consumer Psychology , 1, 4: 297–316. Bateman I.J., Langford I.H., Turner R.K, Willis K.G., Garrod, G.D. 1995. Elicitation and truncation effects in contingent valuation studies. Ecological Economics , 12: 161–179. Bharali A., Mazumder R. 2012. Application of travel cost method to assess the pricing policy of public parks: The case of Kaziranga National Park. Journal of Regional Development and Planning , 1(1): 41

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Abiodun Elijah Obayelu, Aisha Olusola Arowolo and Hidemison Medesimide Poji

REFERENCES Akhter S., Yew T. S. (2015): Tourists’ Willingness to Pay for Marine Resource Conservation at Pulau Perhentian Marine Park, MalaysiaGreener Journal of Economics and Accountancy 4: 029–041. Doi. org/10.15580/GJEA.2015.2.012315012 Akinbode S. O. (2005): Consumption patterns, safety perception and willingness to pay for safety of street food in Ogun State. An unpublished thesis submitted to the Department of Agricultural Economics and Farm Management, FUNAAB, Ogun State. Nigeria. Antle J. M. (2001): Economic Analysis of Food Safety. In

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Krystian Zawadzki

References Aabo, S. (2005). Are Public Libraries Worth Their Price? A Contingent Valuation Study of Norwegian Public Libraries. New Library World 2005, 11-12, 487-495. Arrow, K., Solow, R., Portney, P. R., Leamer, E. E., Radner, R., Schuman, H. (1993). Report of the NOAA Panel on Contingent Valuation. Atkinson, G., Mourato, S., Szymanski, S. (2008). Are We Willing to Pay Enough to ‘‘Back the Bid’? Valuing the Intangible Impacts of London’s Bid to Host the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Urban Studies, 2, 419

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Hilary Ndambiri, Eric Mungatana and Roy Brouwer

estimation of non-market resource values with payment card interval data. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 17(3), 230-246. doi:10.1016/0095-0696(89)90018-1. Carlsson, F., & Johansson-Stenman, O. (2000). Willingness to pay for improved air quality in Sweden. Journal of Applied Economics, 32(6), 661-669. doi:10.1080/000368400322273. Carson, R.T. (2000). Contingent valuation: a user’s guide. Environmental Science and Technology, 34(8), 1413-1418. doi:10.1021/es990728j. Central Bureau of Statistics - CBS. (2009