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Yuzheng Lu, Yang Wang and Weidong Gao

References [1] Chandrasekaran, V., Senthilkumar, P., Karthik,T.(2016). Optimization of spinning parameters influencing the characteristics of structurally modified viscose yarn. The Journal of The Textile Insititue. 107(1), 50-63. [2] Das, B., Das, A., Kothari,V.K., Fangueiro, R. (2011). Development of mathematical model to predict vertical wicking behaviour. part i: flow through yarn. Journal of the Textile Institute, 102(11), 957-970. [3] Erdumlu, N., Saricam, C.(2013). Wicking and drying properties of conventional ring- and vortex-spun cotton

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Sajid Hussain, Viera Glombikova, Nasrullah Akhtar, Adnan Mazari, Tariq Mansoor and Kanwar Ali Haider Khan

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Hyun Ah Kim and Seung Jin Kim

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Yan Wang, Jakub Wiener, Jiri Militky, Rajesh Mishra and Guocheng Zhu

References [1] Bazhenov, S., (1997), Dissipation of energy by bulletproof aramid fabric. Journal of Materials Science, 32(15), 4167-4173. [2] Fink, J.K., ed. (2014) High Performance Polymers. 2nd ed., William Andrew Inc.: Norwich, 301-316. [3] Park, S.J., et al., (2002), Effect of chemical treatment of Kevlar fibers on mechanical interfacial properties of composites. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 252(1), 249-255. [4] Liu, L., et al., (2008), Ultrasonic treatment of aramid fiber

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Renata Nemcokova, Viera Glombikova and Petra Komarkova

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Muhammad Maqsood, Yasir Nawab, Khubab Shaker, Muhammad Umair, Munir Ashraf, Danish Mahmood Baitab, Syed Talha Ali Hamdani and Salma Shahid

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K. Gawdzińska, J. Grabian, M. Szweycer and W. Przetakiewicz

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Zhi-Cai Yu, Jian-Fei Zhang, Ching-Wen Lou, Hua-Ling He, An-Pang Chen and Jia-Horng Lin

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Qing Chen, Xuhong Miao, Haiwen Mao, Pibo Ma and Gaoming Jiang

References [1] Ozturk, M. K., Nergis, B., Candan, C. (2011) A study of wicking properties of cotton-acrylic yarns and knitted fabrics. Textile Research Journal, 81(3), 324–328. [2] Afzal, A., Hussain, T., Malik, M. H., Rasheed, A., Ahmad, S., Basit A., Nazir, A. (2014) Investigation and modeling of air permeability of Cotton/Polyester blended double layer interlock knitted fabrics. Fibers and Polymers,15(7),1539-1547. [3] Moghassem, A. R., Fakhrali, A.(2013) Comparative study on the effect of blend ratio on tensile properties of ring and rotor

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Ahsan Nazir, Tanveer Hussain, Faheem Ahmad and Sajid Faheem

Conference on Information and Computing Science, 129-131. [6] Fangueiro, R., Filgueiras, A., Soutinho, F., and Meidi, X. (2010). Wicking Behavior and Drying Capability of Functional Knitted Fabrics. Textile Research Journal, 80(15), 1522-1530. [7] Advansa. (2010, August,) Advansa adds UPF to ThermoCool. Apparel Magazine. 1. [8] Onofrei, E., Rocha, A. M., and Catarino, A. (2011). The influence of knitted fabrics’ structure on the thermal and moisture management properties. Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics, 6(4), 10-22. [9] Nida, O. and Arzu, M. (2007