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Laurent André, Christomir Christov, Arnault Lassin and Mohamed Azaroual

.; Christov C.; Lassin A., Azaroual, M., Water Rock Interaction [WRI14],Thermodynamic behavior of FeCl 3 -H 2 O and HCl-FeCl 3 -H 2 O systems - A Pitzer Model at 25°C, Procedia Earth and Planetary Science , 2013 , 7 , 14-18. [17]. André L.; Christov, C.; Lassin A.; Azaroual, M., Thermodynamic model for solution behavior and solid-liquid equilibrium in Na-Al(III)-Fe(III)-Cr(III)-Cl-H 2 O system at 25°C, Acta Scientifica Naturalis , 2018 , 5 , 6-16. [18]. Lach, A.; André, L.; Guignot, S.; Christov, C.; Henocq, P.; Lassin, A., A Pitzer parameterization to

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Barbara Uliasz-Misiak and Katarzyna Chruszcz-Lipska

T echnology S ubgroup of the Operations & Environment T ask Group, P aper #2-17, S eptember 15, 2011, 32 s. [Online] Dostępne w: [Dostęp: 30.01.2017]. Paces, T . 1972. Chemical characteristic and equilibration in natural water-felsic rock-CO2 system. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 37, s. 217-240. Parkhurst, D.L. i Appelo, C.A.J. 2013, Description of input and examples for P HREEQC version 3-A computer program for speciation, batch

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Lamine Sayad, Larbi Djabri, Saad Bouhsina, Catherine Bertrand, Azzedine Hani and Hicham Chaffai

NE. PhD thesis. Franche-Comte University pp. 200. DJABRI L., BOUHSINA S., HANI A., BOSCH A.P., MUDRY J., DJOUAMAA M.C. 2014. Impacts of drought on water quality: The case of aquifers in eastern Algeria. Evolving Water Resources Systems: Understanding, Predicting and Managing Water-Society Interactions Proceedings of ICWRS2014, Bologna, Italy, IAHS Publ. pp. 364. Proceedings of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences. Vol. 364 p. 357-362. DJABRI L. 2013. Mechanism of Seybouse water pollution and venerability

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Fatha Chelih, Chemseddine Fehdi and Shuhaib Khan

REFERENCES A raguas L.J., D iaz T eijeiro M.F. 2005. Isotope composition of precipitation and water vapour in the Iberian Peninsula: first results of the Spanish network of isotopes in precipitation. In: International atomic energy agency – isotopic composition of precipitation in the Mediterranean Basin in relation to air circulation patterns and climate. Vienna. IAEA-TECDOC-1453 p. 173–190. B aghdadi M., M eddah R., R ais J., N adem S., A fdali M. 2013. Evaluation of water quality in open channels flowing through Beni-Mellal City (Morocco

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Radoslav Bujnovský, Peter Malík and Jaromír Švasta

vulnerable zones in Slovakia. Report within Contract for Outsourcing of technical and administrative assistance: 2007/474674/MAR/B1. Wageningen: ALTERRA . Berkhoff, K. (2008). Spatially explicit groundwater vulnerability assessment to support the implementation of the Water Framework Directive - a practical approach with stakeholders. Hydrology and Earth Systems Science, 12, 111−122. doi: 10.5194/hess-12-111-2008. Buczko, U. & Kuchenbuch R.O. (2010). Environmental indicators to assess the risk of diffuse nitrogen loses from agriculture

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J. Jakubowski, J.B. Stypulkowski and F.G. Bernardeau

., Oreste P., 2015. Prediction of penetration per revolution in TBM tunneling as a function of intact rock and rock mass characteristics. Int. J. Rock Mech. Min. Sci. 74, 119-127. Bieniawski Z.T., Celada B., Galera J.M., 2007. TBM excavability: prediction and machine-rock interaction. In: Proceedings, Rapid Excavation and Tunneling Conference, pp. 1118-1130. Breiman L., Friedman, J.H., Olshen, R.A., Stone, C.J., 1984. Classification and Regression Trees. Chapman & Hall/CRC. Bruland A., 1998. Prediction model for performance

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Tadeusz Majcherczyk, Zenon Pilecki, Zbigniew Niedbalski, Elżbieta Pilecka, Mateusz Blajer and Joanna Pszonka

References Bieniaski Z. T., 1989 - Engineering Rock Mass Classifications: a Complete Manual. John Wiley and Sons, New York. Borio L., Peila D., 2011 - Laboratory test for EPB tunnelling assessment: results of test campaign on two different granular soils. Gospodarka Surowcami Minieralnymi, Rok 27, Zeszyt 1. s. 85-100. Butovič i in. 2010 - Butovič A., Kvas J., Padevet M., 2010 - The Kralovska Obora Tunnel - reasons of emergency occurrence and their liquidation methods. Transport and

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Hana Hlaváčiková, Viliam Novák and Ladislav Holko

.C., 1984. Hydraulic properties of stony vadose zones. Ground Water, 22, 6, 696-705. Brakensiek, D.L., Rawls, W.J., Stephenson, G.R., 1986. Determining the saturated hydraulic conductivity of a soil containing rock fragments. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J., 50, 834-835. Buchter, B., Hinz, C., Flűhler, H., 1994. Sample size for determination of coarse fragment content in a stony soil. Geoderma, 63, 265−275. Childs, S.W., Flint, A.L., 1990. Physical properties of forest soils containing rock fragments. In: Gessel, S.P., Lacate, D

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Sopio Vepkhvadze, George Melikadze, Mariam Todadze, Peter Malík and Aleksandre Gventsadze

. Karstification and Groundwater Flow. Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers. In: Gabrovšek, F. (ed.), Evolution of karst: from prekarst to cessation. Karst Research Institute; Zalozba ZRC, Postojna - Ljubljana, pp. 155–190. Marques, J., Graca, H., Eggenkamp, H., Orquídia, N., M. Carreira, P., Matias, M., Mayer, B., Nunes, D., Trancoso, V., 2012. Isotopic and hydrochemical data as indicators of recharge areas, flow paths and water-rock interaction in the Caldas da Rainha-Quinta das Janelas thermomineral carbonate rock aquifer (Central Portugal). Journal of

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Ylo Systra

., Orlova, K., Pirrus, E., Rousseau, R. M., Ruzicka, J., Sandstrom, H., Willis, J. P. 2000. Seven sedimentary rock reference samples from Estonia. - Oil Shale, 17(3), 215-223. Kiipli, T. 2003. Database of the Chemical Quality of Carbonate Rocks. Report. Tallinn: Geological Survey of Estonia, Estonian Geological Fund, No 7541. 75 pp. (In Estonian). Kiipli, T. 2005. Database of the Chemical Quality of Deposits. - Kukk, M. (ed.). Annual of the Geological Survey of Estonia. Tallinn, Geological Survey of Estonia, 34-37. (In