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A. Zyska, Z. Konopka, M. Łągiewka and M. Nadolski

). [5] Dańko, J., Dańko, R. & Stojek, J. (2008). Cognisable effects of model investigations of die casting processes. Archives of Foundry Engineering. 8, 57-62. [6] Białobrzeski, A. (2002). Special die casting technologies. Foundry Research Institute. Krakow. (in Polish). [7] Niu, X.P., Hua, B.H., Pinwilla, I. & Lib, H. (2000). Vacuum assisted high pressure die casting of aluminium alloys. Journal of Materials Processing Technology. 105, 119-127 [8] Bielecka, A., Konopka, Z., Zyska, A. & Łągiewka, M. (2007

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M. Łągiewka, Z. Konopka, M. Nadolski and A. Zyska

die casting of metals and injection forming of plastics, WN Akapit (in Polish) [6] A. Białobrzeski, P. Słowik & A. Wojtarowicz, (1984). Experimental works determining the purposefulness of pressure die casting in vacuum. Commissioned program work 7087/I, II, Foundry Institute, Cracow (in Polish) [7] A. Bielecka, Z. Konopka, A. Zyska & M. Łągiewka, (2007). Investigation of pressure die casting of the aluminium alloy matrix composites with SiC particles, Archives of Metallurgy and Materials, vol. 52 No. 3, 497-502. [8] M

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S. Gaspar and J. Pasko

Metallurgica Slovaca . 7, 456-458. [9] Zyska, A., Konopka, Z. Lagievska, M. & Nadolski, M. (2015). The Influence of Technological Parameters on the Properties of Castings Produced by the Vacuum Assisted Pressure Die Casting Method. Archives of Foundry Engineering. 15(1), 164-168. [10] GME 60007, Aluminiumteile für Treibwerklagerung und Aluminiumnenkerne von Dämpfungsblocken, Conti Tech Vegum VC. [11] GME 60156, Test Method for Determinig the Compression Properties of centre Tubes, Vauxhall Motors LTD, 2001.

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Z. Ignaszak and J. Hajkowski

Polish). [9] Ignaszak, Z., Hajkowski, J., Popielarski, P. (2013). Mechanical properties gradient existing in real castings taken into account during design of cast components. Defect and Diffusion Forum, 334-335, 314-321. doi: 10.4028/ [10] NovaFlow&Solid ver.4.5.5. system. Calibrate module. [11] [12] Niu, X.P., Hu, B.,Pinwill, I. & Li, H. (2000). Vacuum assisted high pressure die casting of aluminium alloys. Journal