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Susan E. McGregor, Franziska Roesner and Kelly Caine

of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. ACM, 2006, pp. 591-600. [30] G. Norcie, J. Blythe, K. Caine, and L. J. Camp, “Why Johnny Can’t Blow the Whistle: Identifying and Reducing Usability Issues in Anonymity Systems,” in Workshop on Usable Security (USEC), 2014. [31] A. Whitten and J. D. Tygar, “Why Johnny Can’t Encrypt: A Usability Evaluation of PGP 5.0,” in Proceedings of the 8th USENIX Security Symposium, 1999. [32] N. Diakopoulos, M. De Choudhury, and M. Naaman, “Finding and assessing

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A. Bulanovs and R. Bakanas

Teteris, J. (2011). Investigations of As-S-Se thin films for use as inorganic photoresist for digital image-matrix holography. Central European Journal of Physics , DOI: 10.2478/s11534-010-0133-6. 4. Firsov, An., Firsov, A., Loechel, B., Erko, A., Svintsov, A., and Zaitsev, S. (2014). Fabrication of digital rainbow holograms and 3-D imaging using SEM based e-beam lithography. Optics Express, 22 (23) , 28756–28770, DOI: 10.1364/OE.22.028756. 5. Bulanovs, A., and Gerbreders, S. (2013). Advanced concept for creation of security holograms. Latvian Journal of

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Linda Lee, David Fifield, Nathan Malkin, Ganesh Iyer, Serge Egelman and David Wagner

References [1] A. Adams and M. A. Sasse. Users are not the enemy. Communications of the ACM , 42(12):40–46, 1999. [2] D. Akhawe and A. P. Felt. Alice in warningland: A large-scale field study of browser security warning effectiveness. In Presented as part of the 22nd USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security 13) , pages 257–272, 2013. [3] W. Albert and T. Tullis. Measuring the user experience: collecting, analyzing, and presenting usability metrics . Newnes, 2013. [4] Alexa: The top 500 sites on the web. http

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Ireneusz J. Jóźwiak and Artur Szleszyński

collected and proceeded in the server's operation system , Pomiary, Automatyka, Kontrola, PAK Publishing, Warszawa 2011, pp.1075-1078. (in polish). [5] Jóźwiak I.J, Szleszyński A., Use of the Utility Tree Technique in Process of Threats Analysis for Information Security in Information and Communication Systems , Journal of KONBiN No 2,3(14,15)2010, Warszawa 2010, pp. 297-306. [6] Kazman R., Klein M., Clements P., ATAM: Method for Architecture Evaluation, Technical report, CMU/SEI-2000-TR004,ESC-TR-2000-004 , Carnegie Mellon Software

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Mirosław Nowakowski, Dariusz Rykaczewski and Ryszard Sabak

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Used for Security Over the Baltic Sea

The paper presents new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) design for Regional and The Local Marine Fishery Inspectorates. Its specific design and maintenance specification allows to increase control abilities and will be the reason for increasing security of the sea sailing.

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Eugeniusz J. Sobczyk, Aldona Wota, Michał Kopacz and Jarosław Frączek

References Gasification World Database, 2015. Department of Energy U SA, National Energy T echnology L aboratory. Golden et al. 1989 - G olden, B .L., Wasil, E.A. and Harker, P.T. 1989. The Analytic Hierarchy Process; Applications and Studies, Springer-Verlang, Berlin-Heidelber. Heo et al. 2012 - Heo, E., K im, J. and C ho, S. 2012. Selecting hydrogen production methods using fuzzy analytic hierarchy process with opportunities, costs, and risk. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy Volume 37, Issue 23, pp

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Dmytro Kyslenko

REFERENCES 1. Collis, B. (2013). Information technologies for education and training. In H. H. Adelsberger, B. Collis, J. M. Pawlowski (Eds.), Handbook on information technologies for education and training (pp. 1–20). Berlin: Springer-Verlag. 2. Davis, N. (2003). Technology in teacher education in the USA: what makes for sustainable good practice? Technology, pedagogy and education , 12 (1), 59–84. 3. Denning, D. (1998). Information security and welfare . New York, NY: Addison-Wesley. 4. EC-Council CISO Programme. (2017). CCISO

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Ireneusz Jóźwiak and Artur Szleszyński

References Białas A.: Bezpieczeństwo informacji i usług we współczesnej firmie i instytucji , WNT, Warszawa 2006. Hayakin S.: Systemy telekomunikacyjne t.1 , Wydawnictwa Komunikacji i Łączności, Warszawa 2004. International Standard ISO/IEC TR 13335-1 Information technology - guidelines for management of IT security - Part 1: Concept and models for IT security - International Standard Organization, Geneva 1996. International Standard ISO/IEC 15408

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Mihai Andronie


All types of economic institutions have the potential to gather large data volumes related to the activities they are performing. Usually it is possible for the management of such an institution to take advantage of the volume of data that is available and to take informed decisions, based on the knowledge gathered over extended periods of time, instead of taking decisions only by the experience of the management team. In such a way, success on the long term can be attained and the institutions can further improve the quality of their offer to the customers.

Decision support data is usually stored in specialized databases or data warehouses that are hosted on specialized servers. These servers must be secured against all types of events that can impede their correct functioning.

The present paper is focused on modelling and describing a work frame with the requirements that ensure the security of data used by economic organizations. Among these requirements can be mentioned: the existence of business continuation and disaster recovery plans, the existence of escalation paths for solving problems in a timely manner, preserving the uniformity of data in order to make analysis processes more straightforward, in a shorter period of time.

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Inside War

Understanding the Evolution of Organised Violence in the Global Era

Fabio Armao