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Preliminary Studies to Use Textile Fibers Obtained from Recycled Tires to Reinforce Asphalt Mixtures

from recycled tire as reinforcement in hot mix asphalt” . Texas Transportation Institute, report SWUTC/06/167453-1, 2006 . [7] EN 12697-12:2009, Bituminous mixtures - Test methods for hot mix asphalt. Part 12: Determination of the water sensitivity of bituminous specimens . 2009 . [8] EN 12697-23:2003, Bituminous mixtures - Test methods for hot mix asphalt. Part 23: Determination of the indirect tensile strength of bituminous specimens . 2003 . [9] LEE, S.J., RUST, J.P.; HAMOUDA, H.; KIM, R.; BORDEN, R.H. “ Fatigue Cracking Resistance of Fiber

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Use of short fibers as a filler in rubber compounds

of Fiber Length, Orientation, and Loading; Alkali Treatment; and Bonding Agent; Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 103, 2007, 1640-1650. [11] Martins M.A. et al., Tire Rubber-Sisal Composites: Effect of Mercerization and Acetylation on Reinforcement, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 89, 2003, 2507-2515. [12] Hanafi I. et al, Bamboo fibre filled natural rubber composites: the effect of filler loading and bonding agent, Polymer Testing, 21, 2002, 139-144. [13] Hanafi I. et al., The effects of a silane coupling agent on curing characteristics and

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Strength and Deformation of Sand-Tire Rubber Mixtures (STRM): An Experimental Study

. Gunaydin, “Geotechnical properties of tire-cohesive clayey soil mixtures as a fill material,” Eng. Geol 88(1-2), 110–120 (2006). 10.1016/j.enggeo.2006.09.002 Cetin H. Fener M. Gunaydin O. “Geotechnical properties of tire-cohesive clayey soil mixtures as a fill material,” Eng. Geol 88 1-2 110 120 2006 [18] S. Akbulut, S. Arasan, and E. Kalkan, “Modification of clayey soils using scrap tire rubber and synthetic fibers,” Appl. Clay Sci 38 (1-2), 23–32 (2007). 10.1016/j.clay.2007.02.001 Akbulut S. Arasan S. Kalkan E. “Modification

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Sound absorption property of nonwoven based composites

-1409. [4] Krucińska, I., Klata, E., Ankudowicz, W., Dopierała, H. (2001). Influence of the structure of hybrid yarns on the mechanical properties of thermoplastic composites. Fibres and Textiles in Eastern Europe, Vol. 9, No. 2(33), 38-41. [5] Liu, Y., Hu, H. (2010). Sound absorption behaviour of knitted spacer fabrics. Textile Research Journal, Vol. 80, No. 18, 1949-1957. [6] Parikh, D.V., Chen, Y., Sun, L. (2006). Reducing automotive interior noise with natural fiber nonwoven floor covering systems. Textile Research Journal, Vol. 76

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Some Approaches to the Rolling Wheels’ Dynamics Modelling in the Weight-in-Motion Problem

) 15. Fernando, E. G., Musani, D., Dae-Wook, P., and Liu, W. (2006). Evaluation of Effects of Tire Sizeand Inflation Pressure on Tire Contact Stresses and Pavement Response. Project 0-4361. Texas, USA: Transportation Institute, College Station. 16. Smith, N. D. (2004). Understanding Parameters Influencing Tire Modelling . Colorado, USA: Colorado State University. Formula SAE Platform. 17. Batenko, A., Grakovski, A., Kabashkin, I., Petersons, E., Sikerzhicki, Y. (2011). Weight-in-Motion (WIM) Measurements by Fiber Optic Sensor

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Investigation Of Sound Absorption Properties Of Bark Cloth Nonwoven Fabric And Composites

., Ayub, M., & Jailani Mohd Nor, M. (2011). Analysis of coir fiber acoustical characteristics. Applied Acoustics, 72(1), 35-42. [18] Khedari, J., Nankongnab, N., Hirunlabh, J., Teekasap, S. (2004). New low-cost insulation particleboards from mixture of durian peel and coconut coir. Building and environment, 39(1), 59-65. [19] Mahzan, S., M Ahmad Zaidi, A., Arsat, N., NM Hatta, M., I Ghazali, M., RasoolMohideen, S. (2010). Study on sound absorption properties of coconut coir fibre reinforced composite with added recycled rubber. International Journal of

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A Performance Study on Partial Replacement of Polymer Industries Waste (PIW) as Fine Aggregate in Concrete

Plastic as Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate in Fibre Reinforced Concrete, IOSR Journal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering, Volume 14, Issue 3 Ver. III (May. - June. 2017), PP 71-74. 8.B.Harini&K.V.Ramana, Use of Recycled Plastic Waste as Partial Replacement for Fine Aggregate in Concrete, International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology, Vol. 4, Issue 9, September 2015, 8596-8603. 9.Neil N. Eldin, Member, Rubber- Tire Particles as Concrete Aggregate, Vol. 5, Issue 4 November 1993. 10.Amalu.R.G, Azeef Ashraf

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The Use of Steel Cord Scrap in Concrete

strength of mortal in the aric climates by valorization of dune sand and pneumatic waste metal fibres,” Construction and Building Materials , vol. 40, pp. 847–853, 2013. [9] M. Bentalha and H. Houari, “Etude du comportement des matrices cimentaires renforcees de fibres metalliques sous chargement monote croissant,” Sci. Technol., vol. 25, pp. 51–58, 2007. [10] K. Neocleous, H. Tlemat and K. Pilakoutas, “Design issues for concrete reinforced with steel fibers recovered from waste tires,” Journal of

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Numerical Study Of The Heat Transfer Phenomenon Of A Rectangular Plate Including Void, Notch Using Finite Difference Technique

. Soc., vol.46, pp.634-641. Deb Nath S.K. (2002): A study of wear of tire treads . – MSc. Thesis, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Deb Nath S.K. (2008): Displacement potential approach to solution of stiffened composite cantilever beams under combined loading . – International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering, vol.13, No.1, pp.21–41. Deb Nath S.K. (2013): Effects of fiber orientation and material isotropy on the analytical elastic solution of a stiffened

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Effects of Crumb Rubber on Compressive Strength of Cement-Treated Soil

furnace cement mixtures, Soils Foundations, 53, 1, 155-165, 2013. 4. R. N. Yong and V. R. Ouhadi, Experimental study on instability of bases on natural and lime/cement-stabilized clayey soils’, Appl.Clay Sci, 35, 3, 238-249, 2007. 5. C. Tang,B. Shi, W. Gao, F. Chen and Y. Cai., Strength and mechanical behavior of short polypropylene fiber reinforced and cement stabilized clayey soil, Geotextiles and Geomembranes, 25, 3, 194-202, 2007. 6. E. A. Basha, R. Hashim, H. B. Mahmud and A. S. Muntohar, Stabilization of residual

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