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Irena Kikerkova, Elena Naumovska, Katerina Toshevska-Trpchevska and Elena Makrevska Disoska

Multinational Corporations in the 1980’s. Cambridge: MIT Press. Machlup, F. (1965). International Trade and the National Income Multiplier. New York: Augustus M. Kelley bookseller. Mohamed, S. E., & Sidiropoulos, M. G. (2010). Another look at the determinants of foreign direct investment in MENA countries: an empirical investigation. Journal of economic development, 35(2), 75. Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia No. 82/08, Skopje, 2008. Porter, M. (2000). The Competitive Advantage of Nations. The Free

Open access

Ivo Gulbis

References Akkermans, D. H. M. (2017). Net Profit Flow per Country From 1980 to 2009: The Long-Term Effects of Foreign Direct Investment. PLoS ONE, 12(6), e0179244. Andonova, V. G., Nikolov, M., Dimovska, G., & Mitevski, I. (2016). Benefits and Costs From Foreign Direct Investments in the Technological Industrial Development Zones Case: Macedonia in the Period 2007-2014 Center for Economic Analyses - C ЕА Skopje, 1-42. Retrieved from