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M. Ayaz, N. Banimostafa Arab and D. Mirahmadi Khaki

, 269 (2012). [8] A.J. De Ardo, in: M. Korchynsky, A.J. DeArdo, P. Repas, G. Tither (Ed.), Microalloying ’ 95 , Iron and Steel Society Inc., Pittsburg 1995. [9] M.C. Zhao, K. Yang, Y. Shan, Mater. Sci. Eng. A 335 , 14 (2002). [10] H. Tamura, H. Sekine, T. Tanaka, C. Ouchi, Ther-momechanical Processing of High-Strength Low-Alloy Steels, Butterworth &Co. Ltd., London 1988. [11] G.S. Peace, Taguchi method, A hands-on approach, Addision–Wesley Publishing Company, USA 1992. [12] J.Z. Zhang, J.C. Chen, E.D. Kirby, J. Mater. Process. Technol. 184 , 233 (2007

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M. Pourbaghi-Masouleh and H. Asgharzadeh

. [17] Taguchi G., Tables of orthogonal arrays and linear graphs, Maruzen, Tokyo, 1962. [18] Antony J., Antony F.J., Work Study Manag. Services, 50 (2001), 141. [19] Roy R.K., A primer on the Taguchi method, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Michigan, 1990. [20] Tofighy M.A., Mohammadi T., Mater Res. Bull., 47 (2012), 2389. [21] Jose S., Fangueiro J.F., Smitha J

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Reza Ahmadi and Hamid Hosseini


In this study, some stabilized magnetite based ferrofluids were synthesized using Dextran as a stabilizing agent. In order to achieve optimum experimental conditions for synthesizing ferrofluids as MRI contrast agents, the Taguchi method was used. This approach was employed to design and minimize the number of required experiments. By using the Taguchi orthogonal (L16) array, four parameters including solution temperature and alkalinity, reaction temperature and stirring rate were selected at four predetermined levels for 16 experiments. Synthesizing processes established based on this set of experimental conditions were carried out and the obtained ferrofluids were characterized using PCS, VSM, TEM and FT-IR techniques. The obtained results were used and analyzed through the Qualitek-4 software and the proposed optimum experimental conditions were used for synthesizing the desired sample. Finally, this sample was used as a potential MRI contrast agent for imaging lymph nodes.

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Tanveer Hussain, Farooq Ahmed Arain and Zulfiqar Ali Malik

stitch length of open-end spun cotton yarn on properties of rib knitted fabric, Textile Research Journal, V.55, p. 73-81, 1987. [14] Xu, D.: Research on Improving the Quality of Rotor Spinning Yarn”, Progress in Text Science & Technology, V. p. 6-13, 2010. [15] Kumar, A. Ishtiaque, S. M. and Salhotra, K. R.: Analysis of spinning process using the Taguchi method. Part IV: Effect of spinning process variables on tensile properties of ring, rotor and air-jet yarns, Journal of Textile Institute., V. 97, p. 38, 2006 [16] Kumar, A. Ishtiaque, S. M. and

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R Maheswaran and V Srinivasan

Salhotra, K. R. (2006). Study of effect of spinning process variables on the packing density of ring, rotor and air-jet yarns using the Taguchi method, AUTEX Research Journal, Vol. 19, No 1, March 2019, 6(3), 122-135. [17] Akshay Kumar, Ishtiaque, S. M. and Salhotra, K. R. (2006). Analysis of Spinning Process Using Taguchi Method Part IV: Effect of Spinning Process Variables on Tensile Properties of Ring, Rotor and Air-Jet Yarns, Journal of Text Institute, 97(5), 385-390. [18] Akshay Kumar, Ishtiaque, S. M. and Salhotra, K. R. (2006). Analysis of Spinning

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N.L. Bhirud and R.R. Gawande

-response optimization of hard milling process: RSM coupled with grey relational analysis. International Journal of Engineering and Technology , 5(6):4901–4913, 2014. [10] A. Tamilarasan and K. Marimuthu. Multi-response optimisation of hard milling process parameters based on integrated Box-Behnken design with desirability function approach. International Journal of Machining and Machinability of Materials , 15(3–4):300–320, 2014. [11] M.S. Sukumar, B.V.S. Reddy, and P. Venkataramaiah. Analysis on multi responses in face milling of AMMC using Fuzzy-Taguchi method

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Prasad Lalta and Khantwal Rahul

. Jančo, L. Écsi, P. Élesztős. FSW Numerical Simulation of Aluminium Plates by Sysweld - Part II. Journal of Mechanical Engineering - Strojnícky časopis 2016 (66), No. 2, 29 - 36. [19] N. Beri, S. Maheshwari, C. Sharma, A. Kumar. Performance Evaluation of Powder Metallurgy Electrode in Electrical Discharge Machining of AISI D2 Steel Using Taguchi Method World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology 2008 (14) [20] J.L. Lin, K.S. Wang, B.H. Yan, Y.S. Tarng. Optimization of electrical discharge machining process based on Taguchi

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B. Chokkalingam, V. Raja, J. Anburaj, R. Immanual and M. Dhineshkumar

., Fang, A. & Cheng, L. (2006). Microstructure Evolution in a Low Carbon Nb-Ti Microalloyed Steel. ISIJ International. 46 (1), 161- 165. [10] Ross, P.J. (2005). Taguchi Techniques for Quality Engineering. (2nded.). NewDelhi: Tata McGraw hill Publishing Company Ltd. [11] Roy, R.K. (1990). A Primer on The Taguchi Method. Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Dearbon. Michigan. [12] Amitava Mitra, (1998). Fundamentals of Quality Control and Improvement. (2nd ed.). Prentice Hall. New Jersy. [13] Bendel, A

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S.C. Ng, N. Ismail, Aidy Ali, Barkawi Sahari and J.M. Yusof

Non-Linear mechanics, 43(2007), 217-30. Meo, M., Polimeno, U. and Zumpano, G.: Detecting damage in composite material using nonlinear elastic wave spectroscopy methods. Applied Composite Materials 15(2008), 115-126. Wooh, S.C. and Wei, C.A.: High-fidelity ultrasonic pulse-echo scheme for detecting delaminations in composite laminates. Composites Part B: Engineering 30(1999), 433-441. Kilickap, E.: Optimization of cutting parameters on delamination based on Taguchi method during drilling

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Andrzej Borawski

tests, Tribology International, 70, 52-62. 4. Fildes J.M.; Mayers S.J.; Kilaparti R.; Schlepp E. (2012), Improved ball crater micro-abrasion test based on a ball on three disc configuration, Wear , 274-275, 414-422. 5. Kamiński Z. (2013), Experimental and numerical studies of mechanical subsystem for simulation of agricultural trailer air braking systems, International Journal of Heavy Vehicle Systems , 20(4), 289-311. 6. Osuch-Słomka E.; Ruta R.; Słomka Z. (2013), The use of a modern method of designing experiments in ball