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Andung Bayu Sekaranom, Emilya Nurjani, M. Pramono Hadi and Muh Aris Marfai

. Journal of Hydrology 230(1–2): 55–69. As-Syakur A.R., Osawa T., Miura F., Nuarsa I., Ekayanti N.W., Dharma I.B.S., Tanaka T.2016. Maritime Continent rainfall variability during the TRMM era: the role of monsoon, topography and El Niño Modoki. Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans 75: 58–77 As-Syakur A.R., Tanaka T., Prasetia R., Swardika I.K., Kasa I.W., 2011. Comparison of TRMM multisatellite precipitation analysis (TMPA) products and daily-monthly gauge data over Bali. International journal of Remote Sensing 32(24): 8969–8982. Berg W., L’Ecuyer T

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Vu Thi Thom, Dao Nguyen Khoi and Do Quang Linh

., Haile, A.T., Sazib, N., Zhang, Y., Rientjes, T., 2014. Effect of bias correction of satellite-rainfall estimates on runoff simulations at the source of the Upper Blue Nile. Remote Sensing, 6, 6688-6708. Huffman, G.J., Adler, R.F., Bolvin, D.T., Gu, G., Nelkin, E.J., Bowman, K.P., Hong Yang, Sticker, E.F., Wolff, D.B., 2007. The TRMM multisatellite precipitation analysis: Quasi- global, multiyear, combined-sensor precipitation estimates at fine scale. Journal of Hydrometeorology, 8, 38-55. Hughes, D.A., 2006. Comparison of satellite

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Ibrahim Alkhalaf, Tatiana Solakova, Martina Zelenakova and Ibrahim Gargar

: 10.1002/joc.3446. [4] Almazouri, M. (2011). Calibration of TRMM rainfall climatology over Saudi Arabia during 1998-2009. Atmos. Res. 99, 400-414. [5] Ragab, R. & Prudhomme, C. (2000). Climate change and water resources management in the southern Mediterranean and Middle East countries. The Second World Water Forum, 17-22. [6] Ragab, R. & Prudhomme C. (2002). Climate Change and Water Resources Management in Arid and Semi-arid Regions: Prospective and Challenges for the 21st Century, Biosystems Engineering. 81, 3

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Dounia Mrad, Yassine Djebbar and Yahia Hammar

REFERENCES A dler R.F., H uffman G.J., B olvin D.T., C urtis S., N elkin E.J. 2000. Tropical rainfall distributions determined using TRMM combined with other satellite and rain gauge information. Journal of Applied Meteorology. Vol. 39 p. 2007–2023. B alah B., A marchi H. 2016. Variabilité des séries pluviométriques du bassin versant de la Seybouse du Nord Est-Algérien [Variability of rainfall series of Seybouse watershed of North-East of Algeria]. Revue Sciences Technologies, Synthèse. Vol. 32 p. 86–97. B enkhaled A., B ouziane M.T., A

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Shwan O. Hussein, Ferenc Kovács and Zalán Tobak

., Schaaf, C. 2006. Global vegetation phenology from moderate resolution imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS): evaluation of global patterns and composition with in situ measurements. Journal of Geophysical Research 111(G04017), 1-14. DOI: 10.1016/j.rse.2006.09.003 Zhang, X., Friedl, M., Schaaf, C., Strahler, A. 2005. Monitoring the response of the vegetation phenology to precipitation in Africa by coupling MODIS and TRMM instruments. Journal of Geophysical Research 110(D12), 1-14. DOI: 10.1029/2004jd005263

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Razieh Barzin, Amin Shirvani and Hossein Lotfi

and TRMM products. Applied Energy, 88, 2480-2489. Qu J.J., Gao W., Kafatos M., Murphy R.E., and Salomonson V.V., 2006. Earth Science Satellite Remote Sensing. Science Instruments, 1, 408. Rahimikhoob A., 2010. Estimating global solar radiation using artificial neural network and air temperature data in a semi-arid environment. Renewable Energy, 35, 2131-2135. Samani Z., Bawazir A.S., Bleiweiss M., Skaggs R., and Tran V.D., 2007. Estimating daily net radiation over vegetation canopy through remote sensing and climatic data. J. Irrigation Drainage

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Ahmad K. Hegazy, Abdelrahman A. Alatar, Jon Lovett-Doust and Hosam A. El-Adawy

-73. STONE, G. N.,WILLMER, P.,ROWE, J. A., 1998: Partitioning of pollinators during flowering in an African Acacia community. Ecology 79, 2808-2827. TRMM 2007: Tropical rainfall data. Giovanni/tovas/. Retrieved February 28, 2012. TER BRAAK, C. J. F., [MILAUER, P., 2002: CANOCO reference manual and CanoDraw for Windows. User's guide: software for canonical community ordination. Version 4.5. - Microcomputer Power, Ithaca, NY, USA. VITASSE, Y.,DELZON, S.,BRESSON, C. C.,MICHALET, R.,KREMER, A

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Syuhei Ohgo, Maki Mishima, Minoru Endo, Kiyotaka Ninagawa and Hirotsugu Nishido

., 1994 ), where the most likely impact angle is 45° ( Shoemaker, 1962 ). According to Sears (1975) , the time to flash heating of meteorite (luminous flight time) is a few tens of seconds. When thermal conductivity equation proposed by Melcher (1979) is simplified case of ∂ T /∂ t = 0 (steady-state as T : temperature (K) at depth d (μm) and t : the time) assumed, the following equation may be obtained: (3.1) T = T m + T 0  exp { − ( v w / k ) d } $$T = {T_{\rm{m}}} + {T_0}{\rm{ exp}}\left\{ { - ({v_{\rm{w}}}/k)} \right.d\} $$ where T m is the