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Piotr Serafin, Adam Kawalec, Czesław Leśnik, Michał Pyć and Jerzy Pietrasiński

, “Focusing Bistatic SAR Data in Airborne/ Stationary Configuration,” IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, vol. 48, pp. 451-465, 2010. [4] O. Loffeld, H. Nies, V. Peters, and S. Knedlik, “Models and Useful Relations for Bistatic SAR Processing,” IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, vol. 42, no. 10, pp. 2031-2038, October 2004. [5] H. Wuming and W. Jun, “Airborne SAR passive radar imaging algorithm based on external illuminator,” 1st Asian and Pacific Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar, pp. 642-645, 2007

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Cz. Leśnik, P. Serafin and A. Kawalec

References [1] B.C Wang, Digital Signal Processing Techniques and Applications in Radar Image processing, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New Jersey, 2008. [2] I.G. Cumming and F.H. Wong, Digital Processing of Synthetic Aperture Radar Data. Algorithms and Implementation, Artech House, Boston/London 2005. [3] B. Dawidowicz, A. Gados, A. Gorzelanczyk, A. Jarzebska, K.S. Kulpa, M. Mordzonek, P. Samczynski, and M. Smolarczyk, “First Polish SAR trials”, IEE Proc. Radar, Sonar and Navigation 153 (2), 135-143 (2006

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Łukasz Maślikowski and Jacek Misiurewicz

, "Preliminary Results of Ground-Bsed Noise SAR Experiments," in 8th European Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar (EuSAR) . Aachen, Germany: VDE Publishing House, 2010, pp. 596-599. Ł. Maślikowski and K. Kulpa, "Bistatic Quasi-Passive Noise SAR Experiment," in 11th International Radar Symposium (IRS) , June 2010, pp. 1-3. Ł. Maślikowski and M. Malanowski, "Sub-Band Phase Calibration in Stepped Frequency GB Noise SAR," in European Radar Conference (EuRAD) , October 2010, pp. 200-203. E. Candes

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Vasco Conde, Giovanni Nico, Pedro Mateus, João Catalão, Anna Kontu and Maria Gritsevich

Remote Sensing, 8, 8, 3773-3790. Leppänen, L., Kontu, A., Hannula, H.-R., Sjöblom, H., Pulliainen, J., 2016. Sodankylä manual snow survey program. Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data Systems, 5, 163-179. Longepe, N., Allain, S., Ferro-Famil, L., Pottier, E., Durand, Y., 2009. Snowpack characterization in mountainous regions using C-band SAR data and a meteorological model. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 47, 2, 406-418. Malnes, E., Guneriussen, T., 2002. Mapping of snow covered area with

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Krzysztof Kulpa, Mateusz Malanowski, Jacek Misiurewicz and Piotr Samczynski

. 1257-1260. O. Gungor and J. Shan, "An Optimal Fusion Approach for Optical and SAR Images," in Procedings of ISPRS Commision VII Mid-term Symposium "Remote Sensing: From Pixels to Processes ", Enschede, the Netherlands, 8-11 May 2006, pp. 111-116. G. Franceschetti and R. Lanari, Synthetic Aperture Radar Processing. CRC Press LLC, 1999. C. Oliver and S. Quegan, Understanding Synthetic Aperture Radar Images. Artech House INC, 1999. A. Gados, A. Gorzelanczyk, M

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Ievgen M. Gorovyi, Oleksandr O. Bezvesilniy and Dmytro M. Vavriv

-effective Ku band airborne SAR with Doppler centroid estimation, autofocusing and indication of moving targets”, Proc. 2 nd European Radar Conf. EuRAD2005, pp. 21-24, 2005. [6] V.C. Koo et al., “A new unmanned aerial vehicle synthetic aperture radar for environmental monitoring”, Progress in Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 122, pp. 245-268, 2012. [7] D.M. Vavriv et al., “X-band SAR system for light-weight aircrafts”, Proc. 15 th Int. Radar Symp. IRS-2014, Gdansk, Poland, pp. 501-505, 2014. [8] O.O. Bezvesilniy, I.M. Gorovyi and D.M. Vavriv, “Effects of local phase

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Elena V. Krek, Andrey G. Kostianoy, Alexander V. Krek and Aleksander V. Semenov

Telecommunication , 16 (4): 296–304. 6. Espedal, H.A. (1999) Satellite SAR oil spill detection using wind history information. International Journal of Remote Sensing , 20 (1): 49-65. DOI: 10.1080/014311699213596. 7. HELCOM 2018. HELCOM Maritime Assessment 2018. (2018) in: Baltic Sea Environment Proceedings, no. 152. Helsinki: Helsinki Commission. 8. Indregard, M., Solberg, A., and Clayton, P. (2004) D2-Report on Benchmarking Oil Spill Recognition Approaches and Best Practice . Technical Report. Oceanids Project, European Commission, Archive No. 04-10225-A

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Krzysztof Borowiec

References [1] K. Borowiec, “Real-time synthetic aperture radar imagery displaying application: Implementation and results,” in Signal Processing Symposium (SPSympo), 2015, June 2015, pp. 1-4. [2] M. Caris, S. Stanko, H. Essen, A. Leuther, A. Tessmann, R. Weber, M. Malanowski, P. Samczynski, K. Kulpa, G. Meszoly, C. Topping, G. E. Georgiou, A. C. Papanastasiou, R. Guraly, and Z. Bilacz, “Synthetic aperture radar for all weather penetrating uav application (sarape) - project presentation,” in Synthetic Aperture Radar, 2012

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Janusz S. Kulpa, Mateusz Malanowski, Damian Gromek, Piotr Samczyńsk, Krzysztof Kulpa and Artur Gromek

-time high-resolution SAR processor using CUDA technology,” in Proc. International Radar Symposium IRS 2013, 2013. [6] K. Kulpa, M. Purchla-Malanowska, and M. P. Malanowski, “Real-time unfocused synthetic aperture radar algorithm with motion compensation,” in Proc. International Radar Symposium IRS 2003, 2003, pp. 67-72. [7] M. Purchla-Malanowska and M. P. Malanowski, “Simple motion compensation algorithm for unfocused synthetic aperture radar,” in XII IEEESPIE Symposium on Photonics and Web Engineering, 2003, pp. CD- ROM proceedings

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Łukasz Maślikowski and Krzysztof Kulpa

Radar," in Radar Processing, Technology, and Applications IV , W. J. Miceli, Ed., vol. 3810, Denver, July 1999, pp. 223-230. K. Kulpa, "Space-borne Noise SAR-Performance Study," in Proceedings of 6th European Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar , Dresden, Germany, 16-18 May 2006, p. 4. M. Soumekh, "SAR-ECCM Using Phase-Perturbed LFM Chirp Signals and DRFM Repeat Jammer Penalization," in International Radar Conference , 9-12 May 2005, pp. 507-512. S. Serva, F. Colone, and P. Lombardo